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How to Easily Publish Great, Simple Problem-Solving Tips



How to Easily Publish Great, Simple Problem-Solving Tips

Publishing Farm Weeklies Episode 3

It’s easier to tell the world where to go when you now how.
Of course, it took two weeks to figure out all the details. Simple enough to tell you all about it in that last couple of podcasts.
What took time was grooving in the lines and sequences.
But last night, I finally got it all published down every line I could, and that was after a couple of weeks of writing, and graphics, and videos, and so on.
And now, we have:
  • A new Amazon book, also published through Lulu to everywhere else.
  • A new podcast with a long blog post, based on the content of that ebook.
  • A shorter Linked In article, with 8 images. (Posts on Tuesday.)
  • An even shorter audio file with those 8 images making a video.
  • And those 8 images then becoming an infographic.
  • And those 8 images also becoming a slide-deck.
The trick was to get all these created – which had been strictly an early-adopter scene.
Even though I’ve been talking about this literally for years – it’s only been recently where I’ve found content marketers like Brian Clark and Joe Pulizzi starting to mention “mining” their old content to create new materials.
Of course, I could just keep going on this, but most of you aren’t here to learn how to publish books – so I’ll save that for a different podcast.
The bottom line of Marketing is in how to help people improve their lives. To do this, you need to reach them where they are – with your solutions.
And that is the whole reason for taking one piece of data, one idea, and producing all these different formats – and on all these different platforms.
No two people use exactly the same social networks or visit the same book stores, or just like to listen as opposed to watching or reading – or some combination of these.
So marketing has become a bit of a shot-gun approach in this area. But the whole reason for inventing shotguns was to spread out a lot of little pellets toward a target – instead of sending one single bullet.
I wish I had a better analogy, since the end result of Marketing is improved lives and improved living.
It’s been used for a lot of different things, but that’s the core of it. When you get away from that, people distrust you – but when you use it for the reason it was invented, then you’ll succeed beyond your wildest dreams.
And so will the people you market to.
– – – –
What I’m here for is to help you improve your life.
Simple: I’m only here to help you.
The approach we are currently on is to bring these 6 books back to life as tools you can use. They’re all there in your free membership, so get them today if you don’t have them. And sign up if you’ve just got this podcast from somewhere.
These 6 books all interconnect with each other, and give you a collection of tools which help you Be and Have anything and everything you ever dreamed of.
I say that a lot, but it’s true. So I’ll repeat it as much as needed.
Right now, I’m working out how to get a bunch of small books up online that simply promote these larger works.
Along with that, we’re reproducing all these books as their own podcasts – so people can listen in and get the messages they want. These podcasts will repeat once they complete – so new listeners will be able to get the data they need.
Of course, we’ll go back through each of their episodes to add in the new material and even re-mix the audio to keep improving the quality.
You’ll also start seeing all the other materials in that list above start to show up. Imagine if you were studying a book and someone created an infographic for every single chapter, just so you could get the key points quickly. Or a video which you could either watch or simply listen to.
Our point in creating all these materials is to help you anyway we can, with materials we feel you can use as a starting point, or a basic tool. You’ll acquire other tools as you go, but these are a core set.
And as you and I go along, there are some other books I could recommend. Where an author mentions a certain book, I’ll be working to dig these up and make them available for you. If those other books are really popular, then I can run them through as above so you can listen or read or watch – however you want to get this data.
The object is – help you to help yourself better.
Just let me know what you’d like to see or hear or read – and about what problem or pain areas you would like more help with.
OK – that’s enough for this week.
I’ll leave you with the usual advice to opt-in, sign up, and study hard at whatever you’re interested in.
See you next week.
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