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Meet the 5 Percent – Another Business Ebook, Plus Audio


Hello again,

Well, its been an interesting week, as usual.

A lot of soul-searching this week – along the lines of how can I help you better.

Of course, I’ve got a new ebook up this week. That’s in spite of the my own distractions. So we’ve got three up there now, and only about 60-some to go before we’re done. (Look in the show notes for a link if you aren’t getting this as an email.) Do go and check out that new ebook, and I’ll ask you to leave an honest review on Amazon to help other people find it, OK?

Now, I’ve got some additional surprises for you this week.

If you’re listening to this as a podcast, just keep going – after I get my spiel done, there’s a lecture by Earl Nightingale on “The Top 5%.” I think you’ll like this. And if you do, I’ll keep giving you some samples of stuff I find.

That would be a good reason to open these emails and come visit, wouldn’t it?

I also found nine Napoleon Hill lectures from 1954, which I’m going through. This was just after he and W. Clement Stone formed a partnership, his final Mastermind Alliance. These lectures seem to be a close fit to his “Master Key to Riches” which was first published in 1945.

What these lectures and the Master Key book do together is give you a post-graduate course after “Think and Grow Rich.”

It’s been fascinating to hear Hill coach people over 10 hours of lectures about how all these laws and principles fit together.

That is where all the material of Living Sensical is headed.

There is one set of natural laws, a system actually, which gives anyone who comes close to figuring out most of them the ability to succeed far beyond the capability of 95 percent of everyone else.

It’s just rare to find anyone with this ability, and now you can make yourself that person. The few books currently in the Member Library are those which can bring this to you. Even if you study nothing else. And you don’t really even need all of those, but the classics in that collection are the ones people keep buying in this area.

Within a few months we’ll have this site in pretty good shape. Within a year, it will be too big and easy to get lost in. Right now, I just wanted to tell you: that for all the help you can give me and others you know, you can now help yourself even better than ever before.

Yet as we build this Library, you’ll be able to grow your personal success system so that it has just those things you need, according to your needs.

I just got the manifesto back from its second round of editing and will shortly send it off for proofing. I learned a lot, but that manifesto is also getting yet another major revision. I’m adding three or four recordings to it. So you can both read it and listen to it.

Of course, this means I need to carve out some recording time so that you can hear my emphasis and understanding of it. When it’s done, you’ll be the first to know.

The new version will allow you to listen to lectures written by Earl Nightingale on a couple of topics, and another guy named Earl Shoaff. The reason for these are just a few:

1. Think and Grow Rich, along with The Strangest Secret, are the two most popular and requested books in all of self-improvement and personal development. Only the Bible has out-sold these two.

2. Hill never actually finished his work. He worked on variations of his success philosophy his entire life. He even finished writing a book just months before he died. But he never got it set up so that anyone and everyone could actually “think and grow rich.” Something was missing.

Along came a guy named J.B. Jones, who was a Napoleon Hill speaker, and took Hill’s research and testing the rest of the way. He, and the people who studied him, became known as “Millionaire Makers.” Shoaff was one of his students. Shoaff trained Jim Rohn, who trained a lot of other people who became big names on their own – like Tony Robbins.

Meanwhile, most of the guys who learned directly or indirectly from Jones became insanely rich as well – and rich in ways beyond just money.

3. There’s been a need to get all of these into one place, into a big thick book anyone can study, test, and work their own system out for themselves. This was done with “The Strangest Secret Library.”

The marketing is all that’s been missing. That’s the reason for this Living Sensical manifesto, and all these podcasts.

You’re also going to see every book in that Library having it’s own podcast. I think I’ve told you about that. The great part is that there’s no limit on how many podcasts can show up with a setup like this. I’m in talks with someone who’s going to authorize me to podcast some classics by Earl Nightingale. And maybe we’ll also see some Jim Rohn show up as well.

The great part about these podcasts is that people can find out more about these successful people, no matter what lecture they come in on. We’re going to simply restart the dozen or two-dozen lectures all over when they complete. Evergreen. Useful. And I’m almost surprised no one had an idea like this before.

The main reason here is to reach as many people as possible with all this. Not everyone likes to read as much as they like to listen.

The best way to learn by listening is repetition – over and over and over.

So here’s the way to learn how to become a success:

a. Find successful people and study what they do and what they say. Make sure they are really successful in every way that’s important to you.

b. Ignore anything anyone else tells you. If you listen to them at all, it’s just so you know to do the opposite. If they were successful, they’d be worth listening to.

c. Test everything to see if it works for you.

d. Boil those few datums down to a system, a collection of ideas that always work, always have worked, and always will work. Then study them over and over and over until they become second nature. They have to become your sole mental habit.

Yes, it’s just four points. Only four points. And if you do those four points, you’ll be and have everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

To speed your progress, I’d suggest you do this with the Strangest Secret Library. Not all of these books will suit you. You’ll probably want to add some different ones. It’s all your choice.

The point is, as I said before and often, you are going to have to work this all out for yourself. Once you do, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.

We’ll leave you on that note.

OK, I’m off to get some other work done.

If you’re listening to this by podcast, you’ve got some classic Earl Nightingale coming up. And if you’re reading by email, just come on over and get a nice download. It will probably make your day. Inspiring and all that.

So, until next week, take care.


PS. Sorry, no transcript for this Nightingale recording.


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