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Simpler, Healthier, Happier – How to Live Your Life Better


Simpler, Healthier, Happier – How to Live Your Life Better


Busy week, this last one.

And if it weren’t for all the distractions, I’d have gotten more done – of course, the distractions were welcome, because it means we can work smarter here instead of harder.

First, something I forgot last week:

How to simplify your life, improve your health, and get happier.

Like everything I recommend, don’t believe any of it – but take it for checking and test everything before you adopt it.

I found that this works fine for me. It’s a simple way to organize your life.

You can take your life and split it into four parts:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Value
  • Bliss – or Purpose.

To succeed in general, you need to get thoroughly clear in all areas.

To Clear your mind is to use the inspirational and motivational books you’ve always liked and keep listening to, watching, or reading these. What you want to quit watching is anything that makes you upset – like News or Politics. The ideal here is to live a calm, cheerful, expectant life.

To Clear your body, it’s just generally taking care of it. Everything in moderation. Eat as close to natural as possible, and know the farmer who produced that food as much as you can. That way you can know what goes into your body. As least processed as possible. Raw fruit is better than cooked, which is better than getting some pasteurized, canned apple sauce. Do you know what’s in that hamburger at a fast food emporium? At least buy your meat and make your own. Better than that would be to buy it from a butcher so you knew it came from one animal. Best would be to buy it from a farmer and know who is processing it for you.

Keep your coffee and other stimulents to a minimum. (You can tell what my vices are.) Rest when you need to. Get daily exercise in as part of your schedule.

To Clear your value – this is what you give, which determines your income. Golden Rule type of stuff. Essentially, if you feel you should be getting more, then work out how you can give more to others. You can only get as good as you give. This can mean real communication with those around you to see what they need, or could use from you.
Then deliver it in an openhanded fashion, not having to expect anything in return. Once you get that concept figured out and internalized, then all the world starts coming to you on your turns.

To clear your bliss (or purpose) you need to keep track of the things you really like to do, and start doing those things which help others and bring you that feeling. We are all connected. Selfish people are miserable – and usually highly critical. The more you follow your bliss, which aligns with the value you can give, the better you feel all the time.

These all seem to tie together in a system. When you improve any one of these, the rest improve as well. Try it for yourself. I’m sure you can think of examples how this works. But unless you can make it work for yourself – well, thanks for listening, anyway.

– – – –

What’s happening this week.

I’ll be posting another ebook this coming week, a short report with audio that gives you more tools to improve your life. It will be podcast and posted on LinkedIn, and have a short video and slide-deck – anyway you like it. Also an infographic.

I wanted to get it to you today, but enough distractions interfered.

Those distractions are learning how to reach people more. I’m taking a couple of courses now, one on digital commerce, another on Facebook ads for Writers. All in a way to be able to reach more people and give them greater value.

One thing to look for in the coming months is that I’m working up this basic series of books in the Strangest Secret Library – all as podcasts.

I’m working up all these books to make them more accessible.

All these are just to enable you to Be and Have anything and everything you ever dreamed of. The studies I’ve done have resulted in piecing together a set of books that actually make that possible. And our work right now is to get these out to you in these various formats to make your study of these easier.

When 97% of humanity doesn’t have a clue, and only 3% retire with enough to live on comfortably – you know something needs to be done. That’s why I wrote Living Sensical and why I made this site.

I’ll be posting all these special reports inside the members area, so look for them this coming week.

And until we meet again, take care of yourself.


– – – –

PS. Do visit the membership and sign up if you haven’t already. There’s my great library of books there, all available for no charge – and we’ll be adding more weekly.  All just for you. See you there!

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