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Succeed and Live Better: How to Ignore Dumb Advice


Hello again,

As usual, and especially over this Thanksgiving week, I’m grateful you’re there and you opened yet another weekly email from me.

Because it’s you who I do all this for. Truly.

What happened this week?

Well, I didn’t get an ebook up. Sorry.


1) Some over-zealous lackie got one of my books pulled from Amazon in spite of Fair Use laws. Researching this, and then creating a rant fest about it took most of one day. The next day, I got enthused about a piece by Joe Pulizzi which actually lays out how authors can build their business. This was sent out instead of the other.

2) I had to get the house ready for guests. This meant finishing the plumbing in the new bathroom and getting all my construction tools out of the main hallway. This took two days.

3) Thanksgiving itself burned through another day. I chopped firewood in the morning, enjoyed (and over-eated) a huge meal. Then I went Wal-Mart Black Thursday shopping.

4) Those resulted in being burnt-out on Friday, and it rained all day long, which didn’t help. Couldn’t get a thing done.

5) Then I got the final edit done on the Living Sensical manifesto, which I sent back to the editor.

So that brings me to today’s work, which is summing up this week. And so we’re done.

Not quite.

Hold on to something. This is major.

In the middle of all this noise, I was able to keep studying on these podcasts I’ve been publishing for you. I was listening in the Wal-Mart line to a chapter from Dorothea Brande’s Wake Up and Live.

Actually, this was serendiptious – I’d listened to this earlier, but had lost my place, so had to listen to it all over (as the files are just by number, not subject.)

That chapter 8 of hers brought up a key point to this Living Sensical manifesto: Reject Conventional Wisdom.

And if you read between the lines, you’ll see that because 95% of what’s out there is non-sensical, then you are rejecting most of what you are surrounded by and what you’ve been trained on.

This doesn’t mean you don’t listen or observe, you just don’t take it seriously. You do test it to see if it works for you, and if it truly is as it was recommended. But you don’t quit listening. In fact, you start listening harder. Because you want to find the workable truths based on natural systems and principles.

You are working to build your own world-view based on what has always worked and has always been and always will be successful.

You are doing a study of successful people, actions, and ideas you’ve been introduced to in your life. The more you study success, the more you succeed.

This site is devoted to successful people.

It starts with the most successful spoken word album, “The Strangest Secret”. This became a Gold Record with no advertising or promotion of any kind.

We study the “Magic of Believing” which explains how the “mind stuff” helps you create the world around you just the way you want it.

We study Brande’s “Wake Up and Live!” where she details the discovery of her epiphany, “Act as if it’s impossible to fail.”

We study Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” which itself took twenty years of studying successful people (over 500 of them) to distill a 13-point Philosophy of Achievement.

And finally, we study “If You Can Count to Four…” which outlines how JB Jones took Hill’s philosophy further, and found the missing steps. He then tested this on himself and founded a company which made several people millionaires in just four years. (And later, some of his execs spun off a separate company which also made millions, also in just a few short years.)

The world-view of the successful depends on listening to and weeding out the chaff from the gems. You are given daily tons of fluffy worthless chaff through all your communication lines. All the media you listen to is filled with junk that helps people simply endure lives – which ultimately are lived without incident, very anonymously.

In the middle of all this junk and chaff are a rare few gems which can be used to inspire and develop your own success.

The reason for this manifesto and site are simply to give you the tools which you can use to improve your life any way you want to live it.

But there are some pieces of advice which might help:

1) Turn off and ignore both TV and radio. These channels were developed to simply bring you entertainment, interrupted by advertisements. That includes PBS, which has become more and more “sponsor” driven.

2) Instead, get any news you need from the Internet, where you can chose sources which are more accurate. At least, you can get news which suits your world-view.

3) You can get a feed reader which will deliver those trusted sources to your smartphone or computer. Collect the most useful articles and save them to something like Evernote or Flipboard so you can review them later.

4) Instead of being merely entertained, surround yourself with inspirational and motivational material which will help you achieve your goals.

5) Associate only with positive people. Leave critical relatives and “old friends” alone, or minimize your contact. Your time is too precious to waste on trivial pursuits. Every person you deal with should leave you feeling more positive and inspired.

This isn’t easy work. The next point you have to deal with is what other people think of you. Frankly, it doesn’t matter. When 95% of all humanity is going to wind up broke and unable to pay their own medical bills, you have to figure that what they think about you doesn’t matter.

Not that you don’t care what they think. You just don’t care what they think about you. There’s a big difference.

Your own speech should be weeded to become only positive and supportive – as much as you can, anyway. Repeating gossip or riding down a neighbor or relative doesn’t help either of you.

Just let it go.

Same for your own thinking. Let go of anything that doesn’t somehow contribute to the positive goals you want to achieve and are actively working for.

After you’ve done a few months of this, you’ll find your life has become easier and more enjoyable. It takes practice. You’ll need to practice this the rest of your life. Practice makes permanent. That is exactly what you want.

You want to be permanently successful in everything you do from here on out. You want to retire rich. You want to have perfect health and perfect relationships for the rest of your life.

All these things are attainable.

You start today, as Nightingale said, “…You have nothing to lose, but the whole world to gain.”

– – – –

And on that note, let me give you another of his recordings, which originally came out as a video. It’s the Strangest Secret – Updated.

Thanks again for listening and all you are doing to improve your life and those around you.

Until later, have fun with this.


P.S. If you’ve found this podcast on your own, please sign up for the free membership. Just scroll up and hit “login.” See you inside…

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