Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Zombies, Vampires, Publishers: How to Easily Know the Difference


This week was an interesting one.

Your new ebook is published. Get your copy from the Library, or from Amazon. (Leave a review if you do, OK?)

Meanwhile, the books I had on Google Play are gone – well, except for two zombies.

I had this all written, but a computer glitch took this down. Perhaps its due to the zombies and vampires I’ve been dealing with in self-publishing.

OK, sorry to leave you in mystery. A zombie book is one you didn’t publish, but shows up anyway. On Google Play, it also shows up with a 20% discount. Meaning I had to take quick steps to increase the price on Lulu before Amazon dropped theirs (price-match.) You know its a zombie book when it kills your royalties elsewhere.

For you self-publishing authors out there, I just uploaded an entire episode on Live Sensical. It explains my view on Sharecropping Vampires.

Otherwise, I’ve gotten our latest special report up in the Member’s Library. And there’s also audio, a video, and other media up there you may be able to use. Have fun with all these.

I have to apologize for being so late this week. Lots of things added up and now it’s Tuesday evening.

In addition to getting you a new special report, I also got the Manifesto through a round of editing. I’ll let you know when that’s ready. It won’t be the last change, but that sure made it read easier.

The next ebook should be wrapped by up this weekend. These are now going faster.

And also look forward to a the start of our “How to Completely Change Your Life in 30 Seconds” podcast. We’re getting these lined up to come out weekly. They’ll be based on the audiobook, so might be familiar. This is all to give you more tools to help you with improving your life.

On the side, I’ve been doing more research into Nightingale and may have some other material for you soon. Research takes it’s time, but when it comes through, the results can be exciting.

Do let me know how things are going with you. I appreciate your emails and answer each one.

If you can leave a review on Amazon for that special report, it would be appreciated. I want your honest review, though. Warts and all. That helps me make the next ones better – and also helps other people find these books.

The more you and I work to help others, the better our own lives will be.

Just the way things are. But you know that.

Thanks again, very much for being there and all the help you’re already giving.

It’s good to have you here.

Well, that’s about it.

See you next week.


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