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Achieving Success: How to Simply Get All You Want

Achieving Success: How to Simply Get All You Want

Hello there ,

Glad to be with you again, and very grateful you’ve opened this email and are doing what you’re doing.

Lots happened this week, lots of forward progress.

First, there’s a new ebook for you: The $25,000 Idea – Simple Ways to Effective Goal Achievement


This will tell you how to achieve your success in five simple steps.

And you’re invited to read it and leave your honest review on Amazon so others can find it and improve their lives.

These ebooks are now cranking out in under two days from start to finish. And of course, that makes me want to get other great material out to you even faster.

The object is, of course, to help you improve your life, and have tools to help others improve theirs.

Because, of course, we get help improving our own lives only to the degree we openhandedly help others improve their lives into they way they want it.

This week’s ebook should help you get even more efficient and effective in your own life, as well as your business.

There were two other podcast episodes posted this week: “Careers That Matter: How to Find Success by Throwing Out” (this was an original article which had been gnawing at me to publish) and “How to React to Stress“, which is another Earl Nightingale classic from the bestseller “How to Completely Change Your Life in 30 Seconds.”

All this means that the production lines are getting smoother, more efficient.

A Request and Some Gifts

There are a couple of projects I’m going to start, but I have to ask you this first:

Would you like to become part of the special reviewing team to get previews of all my books?

The reason I ask this is to get some honest feedback on each ebook and some extra eyes to look for errors. I need a team to do this, the more eyes, the better.

What you’ll get is a copy of my recent ebooks in your email, all as PDF. If you want, I’ll include the audio file as well (most of these will have them) so you can review both.

This means that every week, you’ll get one or several inspirational and motivational talks by Nightingale and the authors he recommends, like Napoleon Hill, Claude Bristol, and Dorothea Brande.

All critiques are welcome from cover to description to links, and of course typo’s and grammar errors.

The Broad View

What we are looking to do is to improve the world around us. Because that is how we improve our own world.

The most pitiful people I have ever met were simply out for themselves. They wanted money because it was Money, not because is was just a measure of the Value they had already given away. Those people are the critical, the snide, the bucket-crabs.

(I did explain bucket-crabs, didn’t I? Where you put a bunch of crabs in an open bucket, they will keep any of their fellow crabs from climbing out, even though the edge is easily in reach.)

Bucket-crabs are the people we are here to help. And the way we help them is by finding and supporting all the other people who don’t think like the majority. Bucket-crabs are kept that way by mutual distrust. The way you defuse distrust is by openhanded giving.

Yeah, I know that’s a weird concept – those type of stories are hardly ever covered in the news or all the years of schooling we’ve gone through. But that concept is just one step above the real bottom line of how this universe works.

That bottom line is called by many names, but the authors we are covering tell it quite simply:

  • Earl Nightingale: “We become what we think about.”
  • Napoleon Hill: “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”
  • Dorothea Brande: “Act as if it were impossible to fail.”
  • Claude Bristol: “I know it, I believe it and it’s so. “
  • And I’ve often traced this back to the ancient Polynesians: “The world is what you think it is.”

The only people who really accept this concept are open to these type of thoughts. People who are constantly critical of anyone getting better, and only want to be entertained, have their own long row to hoe.

You should work to maintain the peace with relatives, associates, and the average person you meet on the street. But don’t expect them to understand what you are doing, to appreciate what you’ve discovered, or to support your activities. The advice here is, “When in doubt: say nothing, just smile and nod.”

Surround yourself with people who have gotten this figured out and who manifest this in their own lives. This is why you turn off the TV and radio. This is why you start re-reading classics which make sense to you, inspire you, and motivate you. When you get them all read, then you start again.

If you need another form of inspiration, it will show up. Look for coincidence and serendipity.

Associate with people in your social networks who believe this way. Work out how to build your own Master Mind connections.

I’ve been studying just the audio files from these four authors above and they keep repeating the same concepts. One of these is to ignore what passes for Conventional Wisdom. More than once, I’ve been told to do the exact opposite and you’ll be much better off.

But you’ll need to test this for yourself, like everything I say. No datum is any good unless and until you’ve shown to yourself that it will actually improve your own quality of living.

What’s New and Upcoming

If you’re interested in self-publishing, I’ve got a new book coming out.

Actually, I don’t have a lot to publish in this area that you haven’t already read or heard. I just want to condense it a bit.

Publishing, or producing, is a way anyone can have an independent passive income big enough to support their needs. Which of course means that no one has to have a job anymore, unless you want one.

It also means that your retirement can be guaranteed – you’ll only have to work at this a little each month, and you can do whatever you really like to do the rest of the time. For the rest of your life.

That’s the promise of this Living Sensical manifesto, and this site I’m building.

Right now, all we are doing is putting in the foundation building blocks.

I’m going to put the bulk of what I know about publishing/producing into 7 special reports which will then become a small book. Each will be recorded and podcast as is the way we do things these days.

If you’re part of the review team, then I’ll send these to you as they roll out. I have the first one roughed out and will email it to you. Just reply to this email and ask for it. Or if you are getting this via podcast, then sign up for the membership and reply to one of the emails which comes to you as part of that.

What are the immediate plans?

I’d like to start getting out three ebooks a week, all with resulting podcasts.

The first is to get all the Change Your Life audio’s out, along with their text, as simple special reports.

The second will be to get the Living Sensical Manifesto out as special reports – I have to record this myself.

The third is to take up the copywriting books and convert these to special reports. Most of these don’t have recordings with them, so I’ll either do these myself or pay to have them done. (There’s a story behind why these got pushed forward, but that’s for another podcast.)

The strategy here is to produce the key material which will enable people to have an independent passive income, and be able to think more clearly and sensibly.

The plan is to extract the chapters and produce them, along with their matched podcast audio, so they can be readily understood and discovered by as many as possible. They’ll also probably all become courses.

The copywriting material enables people to communicate more effectively. My short reports on how to publish and produce will just be a summary of all I’ve found in the last few years about the technical details to this area, and the basics of a sensible business plan for it.

So if I can get up to three short ebooks a week, with your help on reviews, then we can reach a greater amount of people faster. They’ll be able then to start seeing the secrets hidden in plain sight and improve their quality of life remarkably.

The secret agenda is, of course, world peace.

And you can help.

Let me know if you want to be part of the street-team and do the reviews. (And feel free to give me an idea of what we should call this team.)

If you’re just finding this podcast for the first time, do go ahead and sign up for the no-charge membership and get access to all these books in the library there. And then you’ll get this in your inbox every week, as well as access to all the other podcasts we have coming out.

– – – –

Again, live well. Help people achieve their own goals, and your path will be that much easier.

Do write me if you want. I answer all emails from real people (just not the spammy ones.)

See you next week, if not before.


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