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How 5 Percent Run the World – Just For You

How 5% Run the World - And You Love ItHello again ,

Thanks again for being there and opening this email, or listening to this podcast.

I’m writing and recording this on a Sunday, so I can get it out to you on Monday morning. And of course you have to count your blessings on a day like today. (That usually means you’ll get more of them.) The sun is out today, the snow is supposed to melt some more, and the Cycle of Life continues here on the farm.

No new ebooks for you today. I’ll have some for next week, promise. But I just gave you two a couple of days ago, and I hope you’re getting through them. Just a reminder: they’re in the membership area as a ready download. And do leave an honest review on Amazon if you get a chance.

But the point I wanted to tell you about today is a simple one.

It’s about what you’re doing. And what I’m doing, and what everyone out there is doing.

This concept can have some mileage, so take it for checking and test it for yourself.

Humanity, especially the online variety, can be said to be looking for one or more of three things:

  1. Entertainment,
  2. Education, and/or
  3. Enlightenment.

That’s human nature and it’s been that way for all recorded history.

More interesting, with how we can staticize things these days, is the split of these:

  • Roughly 85% are here for entertainment.
  • another 10% are here to learn something,
  • the last 5% are here to get enlightened.

Of course, these are rough numbers, and just the subject of entertainment is a wide one. They also cross, as many people can learn something new while thinking they are just being entertained, and so on.

The other split you should know about is something I’ve been finding in my studies of Earl Nightingale. He first pointed out in “The Strangest Secret” and has pointed out with different government studies and census records since, that 95% of our American population never achieves financial freedom for themselves. 5% do. And 1% get really rich.

You can look these up for yourself. I did. It varies a little (depending on how much money the government decides to provide for their welfare programs from administration to administration) but the core numbers never change much.

That 5% ends up controlling something like 90% of the wealth in this country, and the 95% usually are paying off debt for their entire lives.

This means, of course, that the 5% are profiting off the 95%.

Of course, that’s just a hard reality.

If you look behind that curtain, you’ll see that those few people are also providing all the jobs as well. They also create the bulk of the entertainment and educational materials.

So, yes, that 1% is getting insanely rich, and the next 4% are very well off. And they get that way by providing incredible value to the other 95%. If they didn’t, no one would buy their stuff or listen to them.

These 5% are, in short, helping people do what they do best. They put them to work to earn money producing things so that everyone can get entertained, educated, or enlightened. Their choice.

And that is how people pass their lives on this planet. There’s the breakdown, check it out for yourself.

My job on this little mudball circling our sun, has been to help people find the material they need to hopefully get enlightened. The least I can do is to educate them a little and entertain them as I do. And I work to get better at all three.

What you want to do with all this is your affair. None of my business.

But this Live Sensical site is being built to help people move from entertainment to education to enlightenment – if they want. It’s for people who think there is something better to do with their lives. It’s for people who have figured out that the world out there doesn’t make a lot of sense – but it could.

I’ve put together a set of books and recordings which give you the tools to make sense of this world for yourself. Every scrap of it. And I tell you that I’m not going to hold your hand and do it for you. Self improvement just doesn’t work that way. We’d have to be clones of each other to make that happen – which would be quite boring indeed.

The reason for this talk today is to tell you that this one datum has helped me make peace with myself on earning enough income to help people in as big a way as possible.

I’m only here to help you and as many other people as I can. And I provide materials which are valuable enough that people want to give me that commodity called money in exchange. I then reinvest this money in more valuable products and services which I then exchange for more money.

The object is to help as many people as I can to improve their quality of life. Maybe they’ll get enlightened in the brief time they have here, maybe not. It’s really up to them.

So now you know why this site is here and what you can expect.

I hope you’re taking advantage of all you’ve found here, and visit regularly in order to get all you can out of it. Yes, you can buy my books if you want, or the audiobooks we link to and even those recommended services. I and my team may not produce everything available here, but we work to make sure it’s decent stuff for you.

And you can always leave reviews on Amazon, which are always appreciated. These reviews push that book up so that Amazon will recommend it to others and they can find it. It’s just that simple.


I encourage you to email me today, or leave a comment on the site. I work to keep up with everything I’m sent. You deserve a reply.

I hope this has been helpful to you today.

Until next time…


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