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Catching Up With New Books For You

21Catching up on books to improve your life

Hello again,

Glad to be with you. And thanks for all the support you’ve given this week.

Let’s get this week’s updates out of the way first:

The books that got published since we last talked were

And that is probably a good amount for two week’s work. Of course, many of these were just republished and updated, so it looks like I did more work than I should have been able to.

Essentially, I’m eating my own dog food by getting all the ebooks which have ever sold for me converted into paperbacks and hardbacks. This should give you and everyone else the chance to hold these great books right in your own hands – so you can make notes in the margins and dog-ear the pages. Plus, they don’t require batteries or recharging and will last a lifetime. (They also make great gifts, BTW…)

There’s also news on the podcasting front.

Our first three episodes of Magic of Believing have come out, and this is now a podcasts on iTunes  and all the major podcast directories.

You may not have known that How to Completely Change Your Life is a podcast on it’s own. I just got around to listing it by itself on iTunes this week.

So that brings us up to 5 podcasts on for you to subscribe to. A sixth is the Master Feed which has all the rest of them.

There’s also now a page to break these out, and also have their iTunes link to subscribe to, as well as their straight RSS feed.

So now you are now able to listen to the ones you want, instead of trying to get a drink from a firehose.

This week coming up will see another podcast, “Classics You Should Know,” which I talked about in our last episode here.

This will have the descriptions for these books podcast as I publish them. These will come out about 5 per week so you can keep up with new books.

While I may have mentioned this last week, the strategy evolved on this area. I discovered that I had a few dozen books that needed updating and republishing in their own right. They mostly already have spiffy covers, and are edited into shape, so this is obviously the way to start. Almost all of these are classics, so they are a perfect fit.

Look for these to start coming out this week.

Oh, I just thought that I probably also ought to generate previews to post on Slideshare, so you can download sample chapters and so on. All this is just so you can have some freebies to download.

You’re welcome.

Key point to cover this week is in that book about “Cosmic Habitforce.”

This is something I found that was missing from Think and Grow Rich. I’d found this in his 1945 “Master Key to Riches.” This idea explains why people keep doing the stupidest things with their lives.

It’s the habits they’ve set up. And the universe around them reinforces these. Of course, that same universe keeps them from doing even stupider things, but it’s a trade-off.

And changing these habits is started by recognizing they exist, and then deciding to change them.

I’m afraid that you’ll just have to read this chapter for yourself to really understand. I split this out for you, just so you could get it with the proper emphasis it deserves.

Of course, all the above books are available as PDF for free download in our no-charge membership.

The only request I make is that you go look up the Amazon versions and leave honest reviews on them. And that, again, is so other people can find those books and find this membership.

The more people we help, the more help we can get with our own life-improvement plans.



Well, it’s a short episode this week. Mainly because I have another podcast to do on just book publishing, which might be boring to some of you.

I’m working to keep my emails appropriate these days. Makes both our lives simpler.

See you next time.

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