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Scam Free Repurposing: How to Enjoy More Freedom

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Scam Free Re-purposing  …how to enjoy more freedom and earn more income from the content you produce

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The farm is going along nicely. Lots of cattle re-arranging this week, as our steers got fixed, we sold our extras (traded them for hay, actually.) And started rotating our herd through the pastures while we wait for this year’s crop of calves to start dropping in May.

Everything is back to being organized, with our “home herd” set out to mow our lawns until August. Used to do this riding a lawn mower for hours once a week, which would take a day out of my week. Now I take a half-hour to set up the fences and let them at it. Now I just use the mower for trimming and that takes maybe 20 minutes. Less machinery, more natural.

Otherwise, the spring flowers are coming up, along with the apple, pear, and plum blossoms, both wild and cultured versions. Pretty time of year.

This was a busy week in podcasting, otherwise. (No new ebooks for you, sorry.)

“If You Can Count to Four” went live. As well, I got involved in republishing an old set of videos into a podcast – “Get Your Self Scam Free.” If you go to that page, you’ll see them all live now, so you can listen and watch and download to your heart content. The paperback and other versions are there, too. (And if you want to go to Amazon and leave reviews, that would be nice as well.)

The point of getting the Scam Free material back up there was as homework for a joint podcast I’ll be helping out with. And it’s very good data to know and use in your life. It is truly possible to get completely scam free.

Also interesting as a marketing study, it was an exercise in getting some 7-year-old material repurposed.

You’ll note that it’s not my voice on those video lessons and the sound quality isn’t quite as good as it is now. It was nice to discover all these resources just sitting there on my hard drive (as well as YouTube). It was just a couple day’s work to get them all uploaded onto the site and everything set up and looking good. Then another few hours tweaking and catching errors.

This is actually a decent example for anyone who is running a content-based business online (like book publishers) or are using content marketing for their promotion. You can re-purpose anything probably a dozen or more different ways online. Once it’s in digital format, it’s easy to do.

These videos are now a finite podcast, and will always just be sitting there, so that anyone can download all the materials at any time. I’ve also added some new PDFs to the mix as well as recovering old ebooks. The idea is to get all of these available so people can learn how to keep track of their own choices and not be forced into some scams they don’t want. (We have enough of these we willingly participate in as it is.)

So visit and find out these new podcast treats.

I also have several new Selling Your Book Online podcasts upcoming. One is ready for recording, two more are partially written or in outline form. A fourth is in research mode.

This Get Scam Free exercise jarred something loose today, which gives me a completely new article to podcast. This will cover how to set up the entire product lineup from scratch to attract customers and turn them into paying clients. Very elegant. And it’s a rinse-repeat scene – I can hardly wait to get it written up and podcast for you.

As far as repurposing, all these articles will probably also be converted into Kindle short reads and then combined into a bundle for CreateSpace and Lulu paperback publishing as well. Again, I’ll tell you how that fits into the overall model of content-publishing as a business.

Well, I’ll keep this short for this week. I have to get all this material produced which my muse has been stacking up for me. This next week look forward to finding even more materials you want to improve your life even better.

As usual, do leave a review on Amazon and/or iTunes, as well as any comment on the episode. Do email me directly when you find something I should know, you want help with, or just to give me an attaboy. All these are very welcome.


See you next time.


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