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Spring has Sprung – Distractions Sprout Like Spring Flowers

Our youngest calf goes searching under the fence a few days after birth.

(Our youngest calf goes exploring under the fence – and just a couple days old.)

Spring has sprung …and distractions sprout like spring flowers.

Hi there ,

It’s been a busy week. Lots of things kept me from publishing anything for you this week – but I did anyway. A little bit.

We weaned the calves on Sunday last week, which is just separating the calves from their momma’s so they get used to just eating grass instead of that tasty milk.

Of course, it isn’t just that easy. We had one energetic bull-calf that figured out how to jump a fence taller than himself to get back with his momma. (And taught a couple more, apparently.) It’s taken until today to get them all back where they are supposed to be, even though I thought I had them right a couple of times. Tomorrow he goes to the vet, so if I can keep him in today (with my highest and strongest fences) then he’ll be back with the main herd to heal up as a steer.

All that either took time or tired me out from walking pastures and herding cattle. So: no new books published this week.

I did get some research done, which I’ll get to shortly.

What was published is some podcasts as a co-host – something new for me. Most of my stuff is scripted and on my own, so to schedule and work with someone else as a live discussion is different.

That gives us an 8th podcast for our site, called “Living Sensical Elsewhere.” Here I’ll republish those other podcasts for you.

These two are part of a series called “Technology and Choice.” Something very applicable to all the decisions we have on a daily basis, and even the habits we’ve put in place to help us live our lives.

I’ve jumped the queue a bit by publishing the second show just a bit before the final version is released. (So it’s just between us friends.)

Go and check out these few new episodes. (See below for links.)

We also have a new Selling Your Books Online podcast episode, which describes the economies of selling Print on Demand in self-publishing. It’s also about using Public Licensed Rights material to create new books. All research and testing done recently. Just wanted to keep you up to date.

Now, our last book-cast is nearly ready for prime time. This is “If You Can Count to Four” and completes that series of books. Hopefully, all will be ready Monday to pre-schedule all these episodes and get the first two out to you for listening.

In India, my trusty work-a-holic VA is starting up update our first book-cast and also update that ebook and print version with the podcast links. He’s finding and correcting a lot of errors, making things even better than before.

Once he’s done with these two short projects, then he’ll be back onto getting more classic books ready for you.

My own next project is to get the Living Sensical Manifesto (download link) recorded into an audio book and turned into a podcast. I’ve put this off too long already.

Right around the corner from that is time for me to start getting courses ready for each of the 5 key books in our Strangest Secret Success Library.

And that’s where I could use your help.

The idea here is to figure out what people find most useful and work on that first. I’ve got five books there and need to know which one you would like to learn more about first. The first go-round will be just 7 lessons, plus an intro and actionplan. Each will have it’s own audio. Each lesson will be available as an ebook on Amazon, a PDF to download, and a linked podcast. Then the whole set will be made into a book on Amazon and also published through Lulu as a hardcopy version.

Where you come in is to actually do the lessons and find the oops’s and uh-oh’s. Plus give me what you think of them and so on.

When we have them in decent shape with the minimum basics, then we’ll start the next. Once all those five books and an overview course are done, then they’ll be expanded with video’s and various free downloads of the references those authors made within their texts to give more background and deeper understanding of those books. That second set will be a paid course with life-long access to any and every update we come out with.

We’ll have a private release and a review period for all the lessons and materials. Then I’ll send the books out for professional proofing. After that, I’ll start getting the next course ready for you.

You can help me build the course as I go.

Lots to do here. More than me and my VA can do on our own.

And in addition to getting first look at these lessons and ebooks, you’ll also be asked to leave an honest review on Amazon when that ebook goes live.

I also intend to create some special commemorative editions through Lulu (like dust-jacketed hardbacks) and would like your feedback on these as well.

There’s just lots of stuff coming down the pike for you. But that’s the way I roll. Hope you don’t mind too much.

What we want to do overall is to create a training ground where people can develop their own Success System based on the natural success principles that are built into this universe we live in. Anyone who’s made any success knows a few of these. But even Napoleon Hill didn’t figure them all out. And he re-wrote his system three times, with his “Think and Grow Rich” being the second time. Each book made him millions.

There’s a lot more after that, as the projects don’t seem to quit. Like the back-burners of my mind just stretch into the distance.

The main point is we keep getting progress. I hope to have some more classics for you next week.

The best part of this last week was helping you.

There’s nothing that brings more joy than helping someone else openhandedly.

Those who have asked a question this week got them answered. Again, the perpetual offer is to ask me anything. Chances are, I have something around here that will fit. Like some crazy self-help store that has those huge shelves which just go on and on and on.

Ask away. That’s all I’m here for.

Just to remind you, these various sections of this site have their own opt-in’s. That’s so I can see what people want to do the most, and can talk to you just about those areas and not get them mixed up. Not everyone want to publish books, or start their own online business, or want to discover new classics to read every week. Pick what you want, that fits you best. All those links are in the show notes.

And do feel free to share this podcast and all these links with your friends and associates. There’s share buttons down there to use.

Leave a comment if you got something out of this, or didn’t, or want something additional. Plenty of room for comments. And email me. I answer all of them.

We’ll just keep finding and creating more educational, entertaining, and enlightening stuff every week. Just for you. If you don’t see something you’ve been looking for, let me know. Again, the only reason I’m here is to help you. Raised with big shoulders and all that.


See you next time, then.




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