Sunday, April 3, 2016

Technology and Choice – Virtual Reality – Safe Crossroads

Technology and Choice 01-Virtual-Reality

Technology and Choice 01: Virtual Reality

Welcome to the first episode of Technology and Choice, the podcast where we’re likely to talk about almost anything, as long as it centers around these two concepts.

In this episode, we introduce ourselves (John and Robert) and lay the groundwork for the ongoing podcast. Then we take up the subject of Virtual Reality technology, how it’s starting to take its place in the world, and what the choices it makes possible, and necessary.

It’s not just your huge, black headset tethered to some heavyweight computer, affordable only by the uber-rich gamers.

We also discuss the simplicity of low-end Android apps like Google Cardboard where you can get started probably with the smartphone you already have. (Just make sure it has a gyro built in, and runs on at least Android OS 4.1)


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