Monday, May 16, 2016

SAFE Crossroads – Technology and Choice 07, Some Loose Ends


This week Robert and John do a bit of house cleaning. A number of loose ends demanded attention, so we had a blast just batting them around.


Listen for the magic word, and submit it to your account to claim a share of this week’s listener award distribution of LTBcoin. Listeners now have a full week from the release date to submit a magic word. The magic word for this episode must be submitted by 12 pm Pacific Time on May 24, 2016.


Music for this episode: *SafeProject* and *Magic Words,* original pieces composed and performed by Nicholas Koteskey of Two Faced Heroes


[William Walker Atkinson – Thought Vibration –free print edition](

[William Walker Atkinson – Thought Vibration — paid print editions](

[William Walker Atkinson – Thought Vibration –Audiobook edition](

*Genetic options -*

[DNA to regrow limbs](

[Growing new teeth](

[50% of Scientific findings are wrong — 1](

[50% of Scientific findings are wrong — 2](

[Being led by the nose – nose rings](

[James Allen – Byways of Blessedness](

[Scam Free book](

[There is no crying in baseball](

[Lottery winnings statistics — 1](

[Lottery winnings statistics — 2](

[Pay What You Want](

[“I’m from Missouri and you’ll just have show me.”](

**Sources of Releasing info**

[KISS Releasing](

[Sedona Method](


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