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How Stories Affect Your Life – and Explain Everything

Belted Galloway Cattle on Spring Pasture at Worstell Farms

How Stories Affect Your Life – and Explain Everything

Something different this week – thought I’d practice some free-wheeling ad lib instead of reading from a polished script.

How’s the farm?

The cows are all fine, and thanks for asking. We’ve gone nearly two weeks since our last calf dropped, and the 5 momma’s left were brought up near the house so I’ll know if there’s any problem. They all have plenty of grass for now, and shade, and water. They’re as content as I can arrange.

Hot weather these last few days.

What was the progress this week?

Followed my 22 books up in several days this last week to getting 6 books up in a single day.

– catching up my paperbacks from Lulu onto CS.
– all PD books to improve by baseline.
– key point is that I have been able to streamline the production and maintain quality to get greater volume.

However, the limits to PD are starting to show. Mainly that you can’t seemingly advertise them effectively to leverage their sales as you can with original fiction.

What are you working on now?

Learning how great stories are built, as people understand something when they have a story to link it to. They remember the story.

Study of stories and storytellers, and story editors.

*How is that going – any breakthroughs to talk about?

a. Story as a metaphor for life (Robert McKee: “Story”)

b. Story Grid as a tool to learn about how stories are constructed.

i. Arch-plot – Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey
ii. Mini-plot – the endless quest for meaning or human resolution
iii. Anti-plot – the formless structure of the avant-garde and the coincidental (where God and the Atheists co-exist in harmony, Zen)

Three Acts, Four Builds, Five parts

Beginning Hook
Middle Build
Ending Payoff


Inciting Incident

What does that have to do with anything in the real world?

Arch plot has to do with chosen goals. Most people don’t select their goals to achieve and so have no journey in their lives.

Mini-plot is always open-ended and is what most people share in common – or for genius-types, the search for having that meaning. (Scorpion on TV, as well as Supergirl, Marvel movies, and other bigger-than-life heroes who are working to make sense out of their extreme talents and abilities.)

The Anti-plot is the land of the overwhelmed, by the gods or the increasingly inter-related environment, while also being composed of belief and faith – which exist for everyone, not just the realm of the religious or enlightened. The world of the Avant-garde, and Zen.

Every person seems to have these, and can apply them in their own lives to improve what they have, or kill themselves off slowly.

– – – –

What’s coming up?

I’m in the middle of a couple of courses from Steve Harrison and his partners that explain the differences and crosses between traditional and self-publishing. (Plus, how to get your book onto the NYT bestseller list…)

The course is starting to get worked up, which then made me dig into my earlier studies to master stories as beats of a book.

I have some people who have agreed to come on line and help out with building this course. It means I have to learn how to get a course built with the LMS (Learning Management System) built into Rainmaker platform.

And I have to build the course.

As I have to report every week to you all, there is some accountability here.

*What can we expect this week?

I should have some more books published. That’s the advantage of publishing PD, I can find books that sell and study why they are still selling a hundred years after they were written.

And I should have the first parts of the course laid out.

Somewhere in here, I have to start getting lined up with getting onto other people’s podcasts and eventually getting onto radio interviews. All squeezed into an over-filled week.

– – – –

Stay tuned and sign up for the membership (scroll up and enter your email top right) and you can join this adventure.


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