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The Card That Foretells Your Future

Your Goal Card Tells What You Will Achieve.

…is the one you wrote out to remind you what you want to accomplish.

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Busy weeks seem normal these days. Interruptions and the unexpected just add spice to life, it seems.


The book took another sharp left turn this week. So while it moved forward, it’s still not ready for review.

The deal is that it was being built on a weak foundation.

The whole point of this is to educate people on Nightingale’s Library of books and his Strangest Secret recording.  I was busy working out how to get these into other book distribution lines outside of Kindle and suddenly realized that none of them were actually ready to test their wings.

So I’m back to simply publishing everything properly this next week until I have those five books all revamped and ready.


Found this quote in Catherine Ponder’s The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity (

“Emerson might have been describing this law of giving and receiving and attraction when he wrote, ‘Great hearts send forth steadily the secret forces that incessantly draw great events.’ And who are the ‘great hearts’? Those people who dare to think and radiate great thoughts and expectancies of success and prosperity instead of failure, trouble and limitation. There’s nothing great, unusual, or praiseworthy about failure, trouble and limitation. Anyone can experience those things by following the line of least resistance and by entertaining the usual failure thoughts that one constantly hears every day.”

Nightingale changed his entire life when he discovered the phrase, “We become what we think about.” Then he tested this thoroughly for himself and quadrupled his income as a preliminary result. A few years later, he was inspired to make the “Strangest Secret” recording we are familiar with. That was 1956. He was reading Think and Grow Rich, which was first published in 1937. Ponder’s book was first published in 1962.

While you can trace New Thought back to the 1920’s and earlier to the 1880’s, you’ll also find Nightingale and Ponder quoting the Bible (as popularized by James Allen) in “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” A few thousand years of history doesn’t change basic laws of this universe we live in.

That single idea is the single source concept for all these references Nightingale referred to, and shows up in condensed form in this upcoming book.

Practice this in any spare time this coming week by chasing what happens to you back to how you thought about it earlier. You should see quite a set of uncanny coincidences as a result. You only have to look in order to find.


As mentioned, I was researching how to get books published outside of Amazon. One fascinating approach is to get Libraries to get your book, which when spreads through their network and can result in more sales than just advertising. This week, I’ll publish that as a Shortread on Kindle and also a thin paperback.

What it exposed was one major point:  Focus on just a very few things and get these completely done before you move to the next one. If you can (or must) delegate these to others, you still have to make sure they get completed.

As mentioned before, this fad of “multi-tasking” blows up your life. It’s false. Completely. Computers and people only think about one thing at a time. When they go off to think on something else for awhile and then come back, they are completing things more slowly overall. (That’s why your computer will “freeze” – it’s got too many things filling up it’s limited memory.) The best approach is always keep a firm focus on one thing at a time, getting that done before you move to the next. Sure you can do something temporarily if something else is needed. (Like you can mix the frosting and prepare the decorations while you’re waiting for the cake to bake. But these are all part of the larger product of a tasty, attractive cake ready to eat.)

Most computers have this button which hides all the open windows and programs you are using. This is so you can focus on just one thing. And that is the best way to write. People talk constantly about shutting things off when they are supposed to be writing. Stephen King recommended putting your writing desk in a corner of the room.


Got your goal cards? Those ones you wrote out with your goal on them. One at your nightstand, one to carry with you to review several times during the day. Bristol said to boil your statement down to just a few words or a single one and then write that on the back of several business cards and put these everywhere you go during the day. Never explain to anyone what they mean, but put them on every mirror and above every computer monitor or TV screen you look at during the day. By the door as you leave. On the table where you leave your keys when you come in. Have that card everywhere so you are constantly reminded of what you decided to achieve.

Then, when you see it, take a moment to get the idea in your mind of how it’s already achieved and the feelings that this brings up in you. Relax in these and appreciate them. It just takes a moment.

Do this often and you’ll sharpen your imagination and get the needed inspiration during the day to solve the problems you encounter on that journey. Keep in action all the time, with a calm and cheerful expectancy of what is coming your way.

I do hope your life is all that more enjoyable. And thanks again for all those you’ve helped open-handedly.

Do let me know if there’s anything I can help you with.

Later, then.


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