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Three Questions That Can Simply Improve Your Lifestyle

Double-Aught - Galloway-Angus cross - Here's looking at you...3 Easy Questions to Improve Your Lifestyle

…but you may be afraid to ask.

Because it might make some changes in a complex world.

Hi there ,

Things aren’t always pleasant on the farm.

While life is at our door (and inside our house as well) death also is a natural partner in everything we do.

This week I took a steer for processing, and also had a calf literally scare itself to death. One keeps the farm running, and the other is a cost of doing business. Both could be sad if you wanted them to be.

Having death as a partner helps you think about it differently. It’s not like our “news” with a tiny minority of people violently affecting another small amount of people. (No, I’m not talking politics, but we’ll get there eventually.)

Death is a natural part of life, and if you study up on it, there’s a longer tradition of it being merely a door opening into another stage of the journey.

People who invest heavily into this short time we have here miss the broader picture of how great this stage of our journey can be. They are so busy working out how to keep their security, and control of their lives.

Some are even concerned about their “legacy” instead of just honestly working to help people (which the greatest legacies ever left were composed from. Sister Theresa, Jesus of Nazerth, Ghandi, Gautama Buddha, and that list goes on and on.)

This Live Sensical site pushes a very specific agenda:

  • Your life should be what you want it to be.
  • You should have every thing you want.
  • And the way to get these is to help other get what they want to have, what they want to be.

The four areas you can do this in (and there may be more, but four is as simple as I can get):

  1. Mind
  2. Body
  3. Value
  4. Bliss

I go over these at length in that manifesto.

In mind, we are dealing with a person’s self esteem, which is generated by yourself and has nothing to do with what people think of you.

Body is caring for the one you have, feeding and exercising it in the way it needs (not the way it seems to want.)

Value is how much and how good you give others, regardless of what exchange you get for it, or expect for it.

Bliss is what gets you up in the morning with a smile on your face and keeps you going all day. It lightens your step and you could talk about it for hours. It’s the cross of what you’re good at doing and what you’re fascinated about. Some say it’s what your here to do at this time.

When you balance these four points, then you can live sensical.

The only caveat is that you test everything for yourself and quit relying on Conventional Wisdom, including all your upbringing.

You question everything, especially what I tell you. Only when you’ve tested and proved anything and everything to be workable for you do you keep using those data or principles.

Only then.



A non-political note on politics

Life is what you make it.

And entertainment has the real reason of seeking to live vicariously through someone else’s actions and so learning to live better in your own. Politics is more entertainment than the dire drama it’s made out to be. For both major parties, it’s the flawed hero facing a tragic villain in a do-or-die scenario. For the minor parties, it’s the heroic underdog against the corrupt establishment and trying to make a real difference.

In all cases, it’s entertainment.

The sideshows are the apparency and denial of corruption all around. Sexual misconduct and malfeasance. All against the dystopian realities of our modern cities and and hidden threats which the newscasting media is continually trumpeting and spreading in order to keep us buying from their Big Pharma advertisers (or buying fast food.)

Here’s the 3 questions that can help you survive and thrive:

1. Does it make your life simpler?

2. Does it bring you peace?

3. Can you let it go?

The first was a question that J. J. Luna (privacy specialist) brought up. He was asked that by his lawyer, as unlikely as that is. But it strikes a chord.

Is your life very needlessly complex?

Can you drop things out of it that you don’t “need” to do? Are you being required to do things which are just complex solutions to a problem that isn’t really bothering you?

The second has been asked much longer.

I think I got it from Jose Silva (yes, that guy who figured out the Silva Method.) If something is upsetting you, should you keep doing it because it feels so good when you quit?

Or maybe, you can just quit now and then feel much better all the time you’re not doing it.

You always have a choice in everything that comes your way. In fact, it’s the one thing you can’t choose not to do. You can’t choose not to choose.

You can choose to simply go along to get along. But you chose, either way.

The question to ask: does that lead to a more peaceful way of living?

The third is way older than thought.

It is actually the basis of all prayer and meditation. I heard about it from Lester Levenson who came up with a Releasing Technique to help people adopt it. But I found it separately in Catherine Ponder’s works about Prosperity. And then, both Jesus and Buddha have talked about it, and they both mention earlier sources.

The point is not to resist or fight against something, but just to let it go as soon as you can. If you can’t let it go, there is either something more you want to learn from it, or it’s a good and basic principle you want to keep as a workable datum to base your life from.

When you put those questions into action, life can become simpler and more peaceful. As well, you’ll be come happier and more prosperous. You’ll be more certain about exactly what you want to do in your life.

But don’t take my word for it.

You won’t know for sure until you try it for yourself.

An integrated lifestyle

While you’re at it, consider your surroundings and see if you won’t do better living away from cities. That’s my radical idea for today.

Test it for yourself.

Some time ago, I found someone who said you could take the entire world’s population and move it into an area the size of Texas. But in that world, you’d live in a medium-sized, two story home with another family above/below. It would have a decent garden in back where you’d be able to grow your own food. 10 percent of that land mass would be devoted to services such as hospitals and schools, police and fire fighters, etc. That are would also have central work spaces for those who didn’t work at home.

Of course, we’d need to be recycling everything. Everything. But it could be self-sustaining and self-contained.

Of course, we’d have to get along and quit these idiotic ideas about violence and so on. We’d have to learn to live at peace with each other.

Now, it may never come to this.

As the people become more successful, their disposable income raises and they quit having as many children. The Census Bureau says we’ll be stopping world population growth at 2050 and will be declining after that. So if you want to save the environment, you’d work at helping everyone become more successful in their lives.

Simple logic.

(Me? No, I’d never live anywhere but in a rural area with low cost of living and able to eat fresh food and breathe clean air every chance I can. Work at home. Mostly quiet neighbors. The good life. Your choices are your own. These are mine.)

My hidden agenda

Of course, all I’m here for is to put the idea into your head that you can live a more peaceful, simple, and successful lives to the degree you devote yourself to openhandly helping others be and have whatever they want.

Because it’s all cause and effect. If you want something, you have to give something. The people who live the most rewarding lives give the most away. Even those who have spent the first half of their lives amassing wealth – they turn into philanothropists the other half. Carnegie, Rockefeller, Gates, Buffet.

(The jury is still out on those who simply create non-profit organizations in order to “make more money” while avoiding paying taxes.)

You see where this is heading?

If you want to live a better life, then you need to move up the Maslow Hierarchy to trancendance. You’ll get the most out of your life where you are constantly working to help others. Openhandedly, without expecting anything in return.

Of course, you’ll probably find that you need to let people pay what they think it’s worth (or they’ll actually get mad at you.)

What this does is end the constant and endless squabbles. It gives us much simpler and more peaceful lives.

Ask yourself those questions for the next week when you are given a decision to make.

  • Simpler?
  • More peaceful?
  • Just let it go?

Until next time.



J. J. Luna

Jose Silva

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Catherine Ponder

Texas – world population fit in it?

Census bureau (easier to read than the government site, and more entertaining.)

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