Sunday, January 15, 2017

Technology & Choice – Make Yourself Great Again (#MYGA)

Technology & Choice - Make Yourself Great AgainClick here to download audio.

Technology & Choice Episode 12 – Make Yourself Great Again! Part 1 (#MYGA)

Host John Ferguson interviews Dr. Robert C. Worstell about his recently released Make Yourself Great Again, Part 1

In this episode:

  • Why people got upset during the recent election.
  • What causes failures in life.
  • How the 5% that employ the 95% are hated by the “authorities.”
  • That the secrets to success are hidden in plain sight, but unseen.
  • How the ability to observe, think, and act affect being able to discover those secrets.
  • That many businesses are started by many people in their late 40’s.
  • Every decade these “success secrets” are published in popular media, but trace back to before recorded history.
  • The “authorities” are spreading false conventional data. A scientific study showed that all scientific studies are 50% wrong.

Show links:

Free PDF and audio book for Part 1:

(Also includes other bonuses – a study guide and “cutting room floor” excerpts.)


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