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A Horror Story Life Can Be Happily Ever After – Mindset Tactics

Your Horror Story Life Can Become A Happily Eer After - Mindset Tactics(Click here to download audio.)

The Horror Story Called Life Can Have a Happy Ending

Change Your Mindset, Change Your World

There might be a light at the end of that tunnel which isn t an oncoming train.

While this book has laid out the case for how destructive our world has become, it s worth reviewing again the simple observation:

Overall, good wins out over bad, given enough time.

And that has happened consistently over our various histories (regardless of how they ve been re-written.)

The 5 percent keep winning in spite of the world around them.

You d think that was impossible after all we ve gone over.

But look at this carefully, again.

Who builds the businesses which keep the 95% in their jobs – the 5%.

Who organizes people to be taxed in order to provide the savings so that they can be taken care of in their retirement years? The 5%. (No we won t go into how the politicians in governments are constantly working to weaken that system. The broad results are that somehow, some way, people are cared for and have their safety net.)

The trick to our believing is that for every bad use of a belief, there is also a good use. The same mind we use to destroy things works even better when it s used to create.

Not too surprisingly, there is an observed phenomenon very similar to sports successes, where a person who creates a new artwork or writes a book or fixes a machine. When they are creating, they feel good (or at least, better.)

And there are also people who have restored their own health by praying and meditating constantly for other’s improved health.

The power of belief is a remarkable thing.

It s based on your choices and your practices.

Whatever you want can come true if you believe in it, and yourself, enough.

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