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Mindset Tips: The World Wants to Help You Succeed

Mindset Tips: The World Wants to Help You Succeed(Click here to Download Audio.)

Mindset Tips: The World Wants to Help You Succeed – Can You Let It?

As I wrote this book, it was a journey in itself. Monsters, villains, tricksters, as well as mentors (real and virtual), helpers, and all the Heroes Journey archetypes showed up.

The whole reason for this book is to simply introduce you to a set of books which can help you on your own journey. There s a course I m building to allow you to study these books in-depth. The book you are reading is really a gatekeeper to that course. If you can t get through the book, then you don t need the course. Too simple.

The wild part is that this book and course themselves are just an invitation to adventure.

If you accept the challenge, there is yet another journey before you as you set down this book.

In researching for this, chasing down loose strings and odd pieces of data, I d find pages and pages of links which led me off in different directions across the Internet. And they were all telling truths based on Universal Laws which have been running since before our written history.

I was always tempted to dive down these rabbit holes to see how far they went. But I had to get this book done for you first the rabbit holes can wait.

What always amazes me in any research is the amount of data that shows up to support a line of study when you simply start looking with an open mind.

But it s not this journey, not this time.

You, though, have your own journey in front of you.

Mine is to finish this up and get it all published, promoted, and so on.

Undoubtedly, we ll have the opportunity to meet again. As Napoleon Hill ended his Think and Grow Rich :

If we are related, said the immortal Emerson, we shall meet. In closing, may I borrow his thought, and say, If we are related, we have, through these pages, met.

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