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What is the “Real World”? – Is it a Mindset Result? – 02

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What is the “Real World”?
Is it a Mindset Result?

I was supposed to be happy to return to the real world, even if I was in debt, no pension, no certificates or diplomas worth anything. That s the conventional wisdom when someone frees themselves from a cult.

But after awhile, I began to have my doubts again.

People often refer to the real world as if it s a natural thing – it s not.

Our humankind existence is very much culture-driven. And that culture is based on a lot of assumptions which are usually untested and mostly untrue.

These assumptions are given by the authorities. But who says they were tested and true to begin with? Authorities have to be trusted to be believed.

Let s go into what makes an authority in our culture:

1. It has to be Science-based to be believable.

Meaning, if someone did a study on it, then it s got to be true.

The problem with this is that almost all scientific studies are at least half-wrong. (See Appendix for the scientific study that proved it.)

When one of their studies exposes the idea that all scientific studies are at least half-wrong then we have to consider perhaps that Science doesn t always know best.

(And a banned TED talk speaks to this see Appendix.)

2. You can believe your Government.

Both Pew and Gallup say different – that less than half of the people believe the government will do something right or even tell the truth. This has been consistent opinion for decades, enough to raise a new generation or two. (In Appendix.)

3. You can trust the Mainstream News to be accurate and honest.

Well, no. See Associated Press article (in Appendix.) You might figure that broad Internet access has had something to do with this.

4. And then there is the unsung villain to all this, Conventional Wisdom.

Wiktionary has this defined as:

n. A belief or set of beliefs that is widely accepted, especially one which may be questionable on close examination.

The problem is that when looking up quotes on Conventional Wisdom, you ll find that it s considered to be mostly wrong, and going the opposite way is more profitable.

Such as:

The only way to get ahead is to find errors in conventional wisdom.
Larry Ellison

To build a great company, which is a CEO’s job, sometimes you have to stand up against conventional wisdom.
Carly Fiorina

Conventional wisdom is no wisdom at all. Conventional wisdom is taking somebody else’s word for the way things are. It’s the followers of this world who rely on assumption. Not the leaders.
Richard Marcinko

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it s time to reform.
Will Rogers

The trick to this is that for most people, it s easily accepted and seldom examined.

The obvious survival reaction is being instantly highly skeptical about anything and everything you run hear, read, or view if

a) It s backed by Science,

b) It s stated by anyone in government,

c) You heard it on the news, or

d) one of your friends says it in passing as if it s the latest version of Gospel.

Now lets take this backwards.

Who educated you? Was it a government-sponsored school?

Were you enabled to run experiments in class (like Chemistry) to prove for yourself that datum was correct?

Which of the various textbooks you read actually proved their statements as accurate – particularly history or current events? Just because a lot of people say the same thing doesn t mean that it happened that way or that it happened at all.

Did the author only reference a single scientific study or magazine article as a link?

Obviously, you should be testing all your material to see if it makes sense.

But who ever defined what that phrase means?

I did find one finally, after a half-century of batting off stuff I was told or ran into which didn t make sense to me – but I couldn t say why.

When I studied Marketing, one datum stood out and addressed this: people decide emotionally and justify logically. Benefits sell and features seal the deal.

People act to buy something when it makes sense to them. It resonates with them emotionally and also rationally. And then they pay for it or charge it, and take it home (or download it.) Free might not be a real exception. How much of the free stuff you downloaded did you actually open and read or put to use? Most of us have tons of stuff on our hard-drive that we paid only an email address for. But it was sensible enough at the time, particularly for that price or that guarantee.

What makes sense to one person won’t make sense to another. Because we are individuals and have to stack our mindset to fit our own particular requirements. Even identical twins won’t share the same mindset.

All that is asked here is that you take over how your mindset is being stacked.

Back to assumptions. Our world is full of them. And this is what is called, the real world. This is the one that is supposed to make the worlds of fantasy and imagination pale by comparison.

But practically, this real world is full of fantasy reasoning and imagined events.

People believe what they want, and this creates the world they live in.

This is the world we grew up in. This is the world we see around us now.

This is the real world I returned to after living in the Syndicate s custom version of it for over 20 years.

I’m not saying that you can’t trust authorities, I’m just saying that you need to test everything you encounter.


Well, have you tested everything you ve read, heard, or been taught? Come back when you have and we ll discuss it

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