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Tap 1 – Claude M. Bristol Magic of Believing – 04


2Tap 1 Claude M. Bristol Magic of Believing1

(An excerpt from “The Strangest Secret Library” – available on Amazon.)

Tap 1 – Claude M. Bristol Magic of Believing

First, however, permit me to set the stage by calling attention to the effect of repetition or reiteration. For example, take a pneumatic chisel – you have seen one used in breaking up solid concrete or piercing holes through steel. It’s the tap, tap, tap, tap of that chisel with a terrific force behind which causes disintegration of the particles and makes a dent or hole in the object on which it is used.

All of us have heard of the old torture system of dripping water on the forehead. Perhaps you are familiar with Kipling’s “Boots.” It’s the tramp, tramp of boots, boots, that makes men mad. It’s the constant never-ending repetition that penetrates.

You are familiar with the first part of the picture and how repetition works on material things, but some of you may not thoroughly understand the second part, but here, too, it’s the repetition that ultimately makes its impression upon the human mind.

The fundamental of advertising is its repetition, its appeal by reiteration – “It floats;” “There’s a reason;” “I’d walk a mile;” “They’re kind to your throat.” A hundred others all impressed on your mind by constant repetition – tap, tap, tap. Today our leaders are saying the same thing to us though perhaps in a different way. “Have faith;” “Have courage;” “Move forward;” “Business is coming back” etc. Repetition, reiteration – again and again. Tap, tap, tap.

The connection between the conscious and the subconscious or subjective mind is close. Every student of the subject knows what may be accomplished by definitely contacting the subconscious. If you can get a definite detailed picture in your conscious mind by using this process of reiteration or repetition and make the subconscious mind click, you have at your command a Power that astounds.

The Science Of Suggestion

We hear much about the power of suggestion. We know how easy it is to make a person ill by constantly suggesting to him that he doesn’t look well, etc. It’s the constant mental review of his crime that suggestion makes a lawbreaker confess. As a newspaper man I have been in on many “third degree” sessions.

I have seen detectives and prosecutors corner a single individual and shoot questions at that individual until his face was bathed in perspiration. It is the deadly repetition, the reiteration, the tap, tap, tap, through the power of suggestion which brings confession.

Skilled prosecutors, clever defenders appeal to the emotions of jurors, never to the conscious reason. And how do they do it?

Simply by a process of repeating and emphasizing time after time the points they wish to stress. They do it with usage of words and variations of argument. Behind all there is that tap, tap, tap, tap – tapping – the subconscious – making the jurors believe.

If you will keep this idea of repetition in mind you will understand why the Jewish people are so successful in business.

When families are gathered together, the subject of conversation is business, business. They talk their problems over – they keep before them constantly the idea of making money and making progress and never for a moment are they permitted to forget. And they stick together.

The idea there was born of necessity, just like a machine or an article is born of necessity. We are all familiar with the old adage, “Necessity is the mother of invention” – and it is true of all human impulses and endeavors. A drowning man grabs at a straw, a starving man at a crust of bread.

The impulses come when you get up against it. You who have been there know what you had to rely on in times of acute pressure, and whether or not you heard a little voice from within.

Where Are You Going?

There can be no gainsaying that once you have made up your mind to do a thing it will be done, but the trouble with most of us is that we sidestep, vacillate, and seldom make up our minds to what we want or determine clearly the road on which we wish to travel. All daydreams and wishes would become realities if we kept them constantly before us – put fear behind – shoved away all reservations, ifs, ands and buts. Again, a lot of us think we know what we want when, as a matter of fact, we don’t. This sounds paradoxical but, if each of us knew what he wanted, he would get it, provided he had the will-power, the stamina, the dynamic force, the fight to go after it.

Therefore, the first thing to do is get that spirit of determination. That may be obtained by constantly saying to yourself  – “I will” “I will” “I will” and “I will” and believe it. Then before you know it you will have developed a willpower which, coupled with these other things I am about to explain, will change your whole scheme of things and get You on the road to success. If you haven’t the desire to improve your own individual position in life, then you had better stop reading right now and burn this. However, if you have the desire, you are on your way to make progress.

What Do You Want?

No matter whether you be a salesman, an executive, a mechanic, a writer or what, or whether you are after money, love, improvement in social position, in the legal profession or medical profession, it makes absolutely no difference. You can utilize this power and acquire every single thing you want – whether it be a pair of shoes or a mansion.

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