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Tap 2 – Claude M. Bristol Magic of Believing – 04

2Tap 2 Claude M. Bristol Magic of Believing7

(An excerpt from “The Strangest Secret Library” – available on Amazon.)

Tap 2 – Claude M. Bristol Magic of Believing

Now if you have the desire, the foundation is laid. Get a perfect detailed picture of the exact thing, or things, you wish. If it is increased sales, fix the exact amounts; if it’s something you want the other fellow to do for you, the love of a woman or the love of a man, a new suit of clothes or a new automobile – anything and everything. No matter what you are after under this system you can have it provided the desire is definite and positive.

He who knows how to plant, shall not have his plant uprooted; He who knows how to hold a thing, shall not have it taken away. – LAO TZU, THE CHINESE MYSTIC, 600 B.C.

Adopt This Tap System

When you have the picture firmly in mind begin using the tap, tap system as I have outlined. It is going to be the repetition, the reiteration of that picture upon the subconscious mind that will cause the little voice from within to speak and point out to you accurately and scientifically how you are to proceed to get what you want. And when you move all obstacles will become phantoms.

Use Small Cards

The idea is to keep the picture or pictures before you constantly. As an aid in the visualization of the things you want and to keep them uppermost in your mind, write a word picture of them on several small cards. (Election card size is convenient). Keep them always in your possession and look at them as frequently as possible – bearing in mind the more often you glance at them the firmer becomes the impression upon your consciousness. As a suggestion, pin one card above the mirror to be looked at in the morning when you shave. Permit the details of your wishes outlined on the card to increase as you continue to develop the mental picture. Have another card convenient to look at while you eat your lunch – your dinner. Use the cards again just before you go to sleep. Keep it up. Tap, tap, tap. However, there’s no point to writing down your wishes until you have determined that every single detail of what you want is to be photographed permanently in your mind – to stay there until they become realities.

Where Is Your Mirror?

Augment the foregoing formula with the use of a mirror. Study yourself in the glass. Search deeply into your eyes. Become acquainted with yourself – know yourself thoroughly and have yourself tell yourself what you want and where you are going.

Sooner or later you will see the reflections of your wishes in your mirror every time you peer into it – and your day dreams will gradually take shape.

When you get the pictures clearly defined do not for an instant permit them to escape you. Hold them with bands of steel.

So use all that is called Fortune. Most men gamble with her, and gain all, and lose all, as her wheels roll. But do thou leave as unlawful these winnings and deal with Cause and Effect, the chancellors of God. In the Will work and acquire, and thou hast chained the wheels of Chance, and shall sit hereafter out of fear of her rotations. – EMERSON’S SELF RELIANCE.

Constant practice of writing down your wishes and using a mirror will work wonders. Shortly you can form the pictures at will – without the use of either cards or mirrors – and you will find yourself tapping the subconscious mind almost automatically.

Start Wishing

Don’t be afraid of over-doing, or becoming extravagant with your wishes and desires because, as I said before, you can have every single thing you wish, but you must become adept at doing exactly as I tell you. Bear in mind that this whole theme is as old as the universe. The only thing I do is to give you what may be considered the practical mechanics.

As we all know, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and if you have any doubts as to whether or not I am giving you an exact science, try it.

The automobile will begin to take shape, you will get the new shoes and the bricks of the mansion will fall into place as though a magical hand has touched them.

I know it, I believe it and it’s so.

I take it that most of us have been taught the efficacy of prayer. Think a moment. It’s the wish – the prayer – with that reiteration, repetition, tap, tap, tap. Keep in mind that, as I said before, you are appealing to the subconscious – to that all-powerful force behind – that omnipotent power – a supreme intelligence – or whatever you wish to call it.

The Ancients Tapped

It is easier to go with the current than fight against it, but you must harmonize with others, with everything around you.

No longer let thy breathing only act in concert with the air which surrounds thee, but let thy intelligence also now be in harmony with the intelligence which embraces all things. – THE WORDS OF A GREAT PHILOSOPHER

It shouldn’t be necessary for me to explain that I am suggesting that you put yourself in tune with the very stream of life itself. You who understand will appreciate that nature provides ways and means for all things to grow rightly. Meditate for a moment and you’ll realize I am giving truths which many may have forgotten. There’s the great fundamental law of compensation which makes all things right.

There’s no set rule for doing anything because some of us perform one way and some another, just as two people go across the river – one goes by one bridge and one another – but they both ultimately get to their destination. In other words, after all is said and done, it’s results that count, and, if you will make up your mind to exactly what you want and follow the simple rules which are given herein, everything you are after will be yours.

I know it, I believe it and it’s so.

After you get a grip on the Power do not let the results of its usage surprise you.

Miracles will be performed.

You will do what previously you thought impossible.

Tell No One

It is not well that you should tell anyone of your wishes or desires – your innermost ambitions. Keep them to yourself, for should some persons learn what you are after they may place obstacles in your way and otherwise attempt to hinder you.

Should barriers accidentally fall or be placed in your path, climb over or go around them.

Go whistling blithely by.

Remember nothing can stop you but yourself.

I know it, I believe it and it’s so.

I also am one of those who believes that all things are relative.

To my way of thinking if a man can earn one dollar he can as easily earn ten. If he has two suits of clothes – he can have ten.

The only difference is the amount of energy he is willing to expend and this goes for acquiring $100 to $1000 and from then on it is a matter of only adding ciphers. There is no limit as to what a person may do or secure provided he makes up his mind and steadfastly and determinedly moves towards his goal.

Look within. Within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble up, if thou wilt ever dig. – AN ANCIENT SAYING

Use It Only For Good

As I said under Detonating Caps be careful how you use the Power which is to be yours. It will act as a boomerang and destroy you and everything you hold dear if you use it for evil.

Therefore only use it for doing you and others the most Good and bringing Happiness for yourself and those around you.

Do not talk or boast about what you may have done for others or of your good deeds. They will speak for themselves. Just continue to give thanks for the fact that you are on your way – that’s enough.

Have You Got It?

What is personality? What is it that, when you get in the presence of another person who has personality, that grips you?

What is it that causes you to feel his very presence – that overshadows you? It’s nothing more than a dynamic force coupled with will power which is drawing from that huge reservoir of the subconscious. There are millions of people who have this personality – some say it’s natural with them – perhaps it is – but they are unconsciously using this Power. In other words, it’s sort of been thrust upon them and when that thing called personality is backed up with will power, things move.

To my way of thinking selling bonds, books, clothes, insurance, electric service, washing machines, is no different than selling any other commodity – selling yourself or selling ideas. I have found that trying to put over an idea, firstly I have had to believe in the idea – dream it, eat with it, sleep with it – I had to have it with me every minute of the day until it became part of me – the old idea of repetition again – and I know it works in selling commodities.

You have got to know what you are talking about and only hard, personal, persistent, intelligent study will enable you to do this.

One more thing, and that is keep informed as to what is going on in the world about you. You never know what a prospect may be interested in and it’s sometimes necessary to get his attention for your break entirely through irrelevant subjects – that’s why I repeat, read the newspapers, current periodicals, and read them thoroughly. I don’t mean read every detail of some murder or suicide, but get a digest of the day’s news.

Awaken, know what is going on about you.

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