Monday, April 2, 2018

What is Wrecking Our Lives and Giving Us Failures?

The Villain That is Wrecking Our (Sex) Lives and Giving Us Failures(Click to download audio.)

What is Wrecking Our Lives and Giving Us Failures?

For every conflict internally and out in the world at large, there is always a villain.

We don t know at this point who ours is, how to identify them, how to send them packing and be free of them.

All we know is that someone or something is constantly working against us. Or this scene would have dissolved long ago.

Beliefs are weird things. They come and go through a person s life. Beliefs can be changed, as they really seem to be nothing more than mental habits.

This doesn t explain how they can crash a person s whole life.

People have literally worried themselves to death from the beliefs they held.

And others have had incredible lifetimes, filled with excitement and treasure.

What is the difference here?

What affects some people one way and yet changes others completely different?

There is villainy afoot.

We know it exists in our own mental world, right between our ears.

That means we know who this is.

Our job is then to find out how, and why.

Unless we change something, we ll do this for the rest of our life.

Or we ll simply keep doing the same thing over, and over, and over. Stumble, fall, get back up, then stumble and fall again

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