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Mindset: Do You Become Super-charged or A Super Villain?

Do You Get Supercharges or Become a Super Villain?(Click here to download audio.)

Do You Become Supercharged, or a Super Villain?

It’s all in your mindset…

One of those hot, humid days Missouri has in summer gave me yet another clue. It was on my own bookshelf and I d never read it.

Apparently, I d bought it at some point before, but never opened it. I didn t recall.

Have you ever been touched by coincidental thought? That odd, intuitional idea that crosses your mind and you can follow or not. If you follow, you can have answers. One of the books for this course, Magic of Believing says to go ahead follow and why.

In this case, after I had changed the title of this book to have the word Belief in it, I saw this book How We Believe by a Michael Shermer and the idea took me that this could be something useful here, so I picked it up. Much of the book on leafing through it was filled with talks of God and Science, and had “multi-syllabic pronunicamentos” that rendered it hard to follow. I d never heard of the author

I flipped to the Table of Contents and saw a chapter that looked interested. Reading just a few pages, it hit me: we are each pots filled to overflowing with belief. To change your belief, you apparently have to substitute out some other belief. (Like a full stew pot that needs carrots added will mean taking out some of the potatoes.) How much belief we can hold isn t known. But we believe regardless.

This is the old practice of needing from 28 to 40 days in order to change a habit – by doing a new action every time you experience a certain situation.

The trick is that we constantly want to believe. It s built into our human system, much like we know to take a breath when we are born and keep doing it until the day we die. Much like we start circulating blood when still part of our Mother, yet can continue doing this after our other organs have failed.

In sheer metaphysical terms, our beliefs start before our birth and continue after death. How strong these are, or how much they are tied to the physical body, we cannot say.

There are stories of beliefs which transcend time. José Silva s work in active meditation and brainwave activity found a person can move into communication with others that apparently occurs outside of real time. Events can be known and predicted which haven t happened. All sorts of interesting extra-sensory perception can occur. More importantly, they can be explained and duplicated, repeated at will.

The question again is not who is doing this, but why anyone would want to.

The hidden plot here is that anyone could actually supercharge their own abilities if they were to simply study their own beliefs and change those which were limiting. Ultimately, any number of abilities could surface.

Both Silva and Bristol had strong warnings about using these abilities only for good.

But apparently they didn t need to warn us as much as they did. I ve told you earlier that the people who act destructive are also self-destructive. The longest-living people are generally peaceful and easy-going. While irritable people have been known to die of a bad temper, due to physical manifestations of stroke, heart attack, or brain aneurysm.

To the degree someone is going down the line of negative/destructive belief, that person is killing themselves off.

W. Clement Stone may have proved the concept of a positive mental attitude increasing longevity with that affirmation to his reflection in the mirror every day.

In that line of thought, we come back again to the point of simply filling our lives with good feelings, such as peace. Developing a habit of purposely feeling good. Too many of the most respected philosophers through history have told us to do just that.

The stories of Jesus being taught in foreign lands before he returned for those last few years in and around Jerusalem might make the case of someone transforming his own beliefs into a super-charged state.

Certainly Max Freedom Long found that the Polynesians who followed their ancient beliefs were able to do what we now call miracles. And our beliefs in technology have enabled us to do what would have been called miracles in an earlier age. Our smart phones, as primitive as they are, now allow us to do the Star Trek communicator thing, or the Dick Tracy wrist watch thing.

But thoughts are things as Prentice Mulford wrote.

Not to put too light a touch on it, certainly the beliefs of Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin caused tons of suffering and death for multitudes. The warped beliefs of those following ISIS and Al-Quaeda are working to drive that area back into desert, as well as killing innocent bystanders as they try to force the Apocalypse to appear now. (And the beliefs of our own broadcast news agencies are assisting them, as well as certain of our politicians.)

Consider also that bullies turn into cowards when faced. For all the mass killings by deranged individuals, there are stories where someone else faced them down, saving lives. Controversial as it may seem, when a bully with a gun is confronted by someone else with a gun, then the bully quits.

Both sides of this mental coin have beliefs. It s your beliefs which can make you suicidally destructive. It s your beliefs which can take you to heights of supernatural ability and unstoppable internal peace, for you and those around you.

Beliefs are like choices. They are as natural as breathing, and you can t stop doing any of them. How you breathe can be modified, what you choose and how you believe can be changed.

You can supercharge yourself, or become a super-villain, or remain super-mundane. That s choice.

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