Monday, July 30, 2018

Recipe to Make Your Success Permanent – Mindset Tactics

Success is Created by Exceptional Action - Mindset Recipe(Click Here to Download Audio.)

Real Success Is More Than An Accident – It’s a Recipe

There is a reason why all success is an exception.

We ve covered it above:

  • Your belief-choices are thoughts.

  • How you choose predicts your results.

  • If you keep choosing badly, you ll keep getting bad results.

  • Any series of actions you take the same way over and over becomes a habit.

  • You can pick up habits from the people in your life, and what you watch, view, and read.

  • Bad habits will keep you unsuccessful.

  • Our society is build on habits that keep people conforming to the common habits everyone else is using.

  • Conventional wisdom is built on people accepting what they are told or shown without question.

  • Around 95% of our society seems to run mostly on conventional wisdom. They accept almost everything without question.

  • The other 5% (plus or minus) of our society doesn t. They test everything.

  • People who give up their beliefs by choice can get them back by simply choosing.

You can be a success.

You can choose better.

Start by believing in what you want to believe in.

Test everything, believe in what works for you.

Develop habits of successful believing.

Surround yourself with like-minded people.

Have fun with this.

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