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Joy Trumps Hate and “News” – Live Longer and Healthier

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Well, I did it again. Got all snarled up in the “news” cycles – and that this started making me have a sour outlook again. Made my blog posts a bit “snarly” as well.

And I use “making me” very loosely.

  • Because you control your own thoughts or you let them control you.
  • And you control your own emotions or you let them control you.

It’s all how you’ve stacked your mindset, the mental habits you’ve set up and keep running.

People who live in joy as a mental habit live longer, more peaceful, more healthy, and more prosperous lives. This is proven over and over, but isn’t reported much. Look up stories of long-lived people and you’ll see that their lives aren’t spent in the spotlight as celebrities.

Instead, they are quietly going about their lives and helping people around them as best they can.

The problem with a bright-burning fire is that it runs out of fuel faster than a smaller one. This is why you see celebrities crash and burn their personal lives. The celebrities who seem to last the longest in movies are those who have the quietest personal lives. I know one who is intensely personal and always flies back to his remote ranch when he’s not making a movie. Instead of a several million-dollar mansion to put a big show on a little lot next to a lot of other million-dollar mansions on little lots, he’s got this big ranch away from everything, next to other big ranches, where people live very sensical lives in very natural surroundings.

Like “The Skipper” from the old “Gilligan’s Island” show. He ended up buying a restaurant and had a table up front where he could greet customers when they came in. Enjoyed his celebrity and it brought him business. You met the owner when you visited his place. Nice guy.

Here’s a key datum: People find what they are looking for.

The but converse is true – if you aren’t looking for something, you never find anything.

And this is why goals are important. And why negative goals are dynamite with a slow-burning fuse.

You pick goals and you make them. The few real studies along this line have proved this over and over. The people who pick a goal, write it down, and then keep it in mind all the time, will eventually make that goal. Look them up for yourself. (There’s a link to these in my MYGA book appendix.)

A “negative” goal is one you didn’t set, you haven’t written down, but it’s kept in your mind all the same.

You get these negative goals by watching the news and listening to whatever is on the broadcast TV, radio, Facebook, and even your Kindle. They are recommending stuff to you all the time. And you’ll wind up being upset and irritated and suffer “empty-wallet” syndrome because you bought (or bought into) all they are suggesting to you. Usually on credit. So your paycheck is gone, but you still want more.

It’s an addiction.

That’s right – I just said that the “news”, broadcast entertainment, Facebook and social media, and Amazon are all keeping you addicted to their particular crack-cocaine content.

And if you don’t actively choose what you are looking for, you’ll wind up with more of what you don’t choose. More ill-health, a shorter life-span, more misery, more anxiety, more upset.

You’d think with all these people telling you what to do that you’d have some benefit out of this. Nope.

Actually, there is a reason for success: you have to work at being exceptional.

All success is exceptional. Look around at successes you see and you’ll find this to be true.

Look for the exceptions in life and then you’ll find them. People who are quietly prosperous. People who pay their bills and taxes and live within their means can usually expand their means and so have everything and anything they really want.

The trick to this is that you have to give up listening to other people about what you should want and search out your own real needs and desires. Hint: you won’t find these in the movies or on TV. Because they are all short-cutters and following-followers. They subscribe to this idea that people can be manipulated into buying their stuff. And it’s all just “stuff.” It has no permanent worth.

(That’s the concept most “Internet Marketers” have – Keep Inventing Stuff to Sell. KISS.)

This really goes to why reading is important. Go into the library and find the real classics. The books which have been checked out time and time again, and are popular regardless of the current fads. There are romances, and thrillers, and all sorts of fascinating genres. And the self-help books are there, and the non-fiction books as well. You wouldn’t think that hundred-year-old books would be helpful, but you’ll probably get the greatest help from them. Because they’ve already been selected for you.

I tell you to go to the library as they will do the selecting for you. See, libraries only have so much shelf space. So they routinely go through and remove the books which aren’t checked out very much. That is the only way to make room for new books that people are asking for. And that process will find the classics that are worth studying.

Now, the alternative is to go to and find the books which are downloaded regularly, like their top 100. You see, only deals in books that are in the public domain. So this is something like 70 or 100 years after the author passed away, more or less. If the book is still being downloaded after all these years, then you’ve got something that is a classic and has a reason for still being popular.

Because they have a message that still benefits humanity.

And guess what you won’t find there? News. Celebrities. Gossip. Politics.

Because those things are temporary. “These, too, shall pass.”

They are temporary, because they haven’t been tested for value.

Exceptional successes have one thing in common: they give exceptional value with everything they do. And chasing throught the Forbe’s list of richest people, you’ll generally find that they have been doing this. Bill Gates gave the world the personal computer through his operating system. Michael Dell built them. Warren Buffett has been constantly looking for value and investing in it.

I’ve once again needed to wean myself off the “news” completely. But I’ve now widened this out to include anything on social media, and any marketplace.

Sure, I shop at Wal-Mart, because I can quickly get what I want whenever I want it. But it’s always with a list. And I go in, go straight to what I want, get it, then get out.

On Amazon, I get that specific book someone else has recommended and then shut down that browser tab.

On Facebook, I have one group that I go to at all, since the rest have gone dead. But I don’t leave that tab open, but check it once a week or so. And I only watch Facebook with an adblocker in place.

You and I don’t have time to waste. We have time to invest.

You can always invest and get returns on your money, lose it all and get it all back. But once you’ve spent the time you have here on this planet at this time, its gone. Invest wisely.

What you do with that time is up to you, but I’d strongly suggest you live and work in joy.

Dig up a copy of “The Secret” and watch the last section of that movie. Their conclusion, after filming all these various guru’s and editing their material into a common theme: we’re here to create and recieve Joy.

If you go back to classic authors like Christian Larson, and the New Thought authors, you’ll find that they all have this in common. They say to dream big, dream of positive outcomes, of a better place for you and yours. Look up Maslow and you’ll see that there are a lot of higher motivations than just scabbing out an existence on this planet, in getting food, clothing, and a roof over our family’s head.

Yet our broadcast media want to keep us exactly in that place. Because if we have a lot of wants, we can be sold a lot more things. And we’ll have to keep our day jobs and have to buy insurance, and re-elect government officials, and be in constant turmoil all the time. And that is an endless feedback loop.

Or, you can go to the library and check out a stack of classic books. Sit in your now-quiet living room and read inspiring books. When you finish for the evening, your dreams should be more peaceful. You won’t be worrying about the violence in a country you’ll never visit. Or what is the latest fashion you should be buying.

The next morning, pick up that card which is on the bedside table and read the goal you’ve set for yourself. Envision it already being accomplished. Get some ideas of what you could do that day to move your situation closer to achieving that goal. On your commute, play a classic audiobook instead of turning on the broadcast news. At lunch, sit with supportive, non-critical people who talk about constructive things. And find time to review that card with your goal again.

After work, find out about their best predictions for the weather tomorrow, and then sit to read your book again.

Rinse, repeat.

You’ll have joy in your life, and the world will start improving around you.

Try this for 90 days, leaving all the broadcast media severely alone. And purposely not clicking on anything which is an offer in your email. Just trash them. No social media. Spend your time with classics or envisioning your goal or things you enjoy in life (like family, Nature.)

Then compare notes after you’ve marked off 90 days on your calendar to see how you are regularly feeling and how your life is going overall.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

And your life is only going to get better from here on out.

– – – –

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