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Tap 3 – Claude Bristol Magic of Believing

2Tap 3 Claude Bristol Magic of Believing3

(An excerpt from “The Strangest Secret Library” – available on Amazon.)

Tap 3 – Claude Bristol Magic of Believing

Keep step with the world’s affairs. The better informed a person, the better he is equipped to get what he wants.

Don’t forget that Knowledge is Power – all of you should know that by this time.

He who knows others is clever, but he who knows himself is enlightened. – FROM THE SAYINGS OF A WISE ORIENTAL

Increase your knowledge and the scope of your activities will be enlarged and the desire for greater things – larger things, will come automatically and, as they do, the things which you previously thought you wanted will become to your mind trivial and will be disregarded, which is another way of saying that you ultimately will hitch your wagon to a star and, when you do, you’ll move with lightning-like speed.

Study, learn and work. Develop a keenness of observation. Step on the gas. Become alive for yourself and you’ll pass it on to the other fellow. Get confidence, enthusiasm and you’ll set up like vibrations all around you and that’s the theory of all life – as old 30 as the world itself. Like begets like – a laugh brings a laugh – a good deed calls for a good deed – riches beget riches, love, love – and so on.

The old law of attraction stated in Ampere’s theory of electrical magnetism is: Parallel currents in the same direction attract one another – and when you are out of tune and antagonistic you put others out of tune and make them antagonistic because: Parallel currents in opposite directions repel one another.

Wishbones Need Backbones

However, don’t get the thought that I have given you an oversize wishbone which will enable you to sit down and, by talking to yourself, through the idea of repetition, get what you want, because it will never work. You have got to have the wishbone backed up with a backbone and that isn’t all – the wishbone and the backbone must be coordinated and synchronized to a point where they are running in perfect harmony, and when they are in tune, you will find personality developing.

I take it that all of us have admired that intense type of person. I mean by that, one whose shoulders are back, whose chest is out, whose head is up and whose eyes are alert. It is easy to pick out in any organization those whose feet lag, whose shoulders droop, whose chins sag and whose eyes are a blank. Drifters, loafers, quitters. First measure yourself. Then study those with whom you are associated and you can tell at almost a glance those who will make progress and those doomed to failure.

Every physical movement tells a story – each marks your personality.

Take another good look at yourself in the mirror and probe again and again.

You know whether you’ve got it or not. If not, make up your mind to get it – you can and you will if you make up your mind.

The Eyes Have It

If you will develop that intensity of purpose, determination to get ahead, shortly that determination will show in your eyes.

You have heard people say that a certain person has a penetrating gaze – that he looks right through one. What is it?

Nothing more than that fire from within – intensity – or whatever you wish to call it, which means that the person who has that gaze usually gets what he wants. Remember the eyes are the windows of the soul. Look at the photographs of successful men – study their eyes and you will find that every one of them has that intensity; therefore, I say, let it be reflected in the way you walk, in the way you carry yourself and it will not be long before people will feel your presence when you walk through a crowd – and an individual prospect will feel that personality when you talk with him.

All of this is to explain that it takes an affirmative type to make progress and the things I have pointed out may be utilized to develop you into an affirmative type. The negative type is sunk before he starts. Nature takes care of these situations through the old law of the survival of the fittest. We know what happened in the days of Sparta when children were put on their own at a baby age and only those who survived were given further chance. A negative type is a quitter, or, another way, a quitter is a negative type and, while there is no point to going around hitting everybody on the nose just to start something, always remember it’s poor business to let yourself be put on the defensive as that is a negative sign. The person who won’t be licked, can’t be licked. If you are taken unawares and suddenly put on the defensive, snap out of it. Take the offensive because, if you remain on the defensive, you are beaten.

Every Day – In Every Way

Of course, to bring about this intensity of being, it’s necessary to be in good health. I do not claim that the power of will is a cure-all to mend broken legs and all that sort of thing, but I do know that constant application of the theory herein advanced will aid a person in ill health. All of you have heard of Dr. Emil Coue, the Frenchman, who was in this country a few years ago, telling people they could cure themselves if they would adopt his plan.

His idea was that you should say to yourself – Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better. Just ponder over that for a minute.

There was nothing new in that idea, any more than there is in the ideas which I put forth. Simply another way of expressing the whole scheme – reiteration, repetition – keeping upper-most in your mind all the time what you want and which positive thoughts, in turn, are passed on to the subconscious mind – the wonder thing. Think health, wealth and happiness and they will all be yours. It cannot be otherwise.

We all know of people who are continually talking about backaches, headaches or some other kind of aches. They harp on them and the first thing they know, with that reiteration, the aches become realities. If you have such an ache or pain there is no point to talking about it; neither is there any point to talking about your worries, your troubles. Do not talk about them. Do not think about them. Then they will not be in your mind. It is the repetition that keeps them there. Shift your gears – reverse the process. Get away from the negative side and become an affirmative type – think affirmatively and the first thing you know your aches, worries and troubles will disappear.

If thou art pained by any external thing, it is not this thing which disturbs thee, but thy own judgment about it. And it is in thy power to wipe out this judgment now. But if anything in thy own disposition gives thee pain, who hinders thee from correcting thy opinion? – PHILOSOPHY OF THE AGES

Are You In Reverse?

When a train roars across the track in front of you, you put on the brakes of your automobile, throw the gears into neutral and idle your engine – you are on your way again just as soon as the train passes but you certainly do not throw your gears into reverse and go backwards.

Compare yourself to the gears of your automobile. In reverse place all fears, worries, troubles, aches and pains. And when things go wrong simply put on the brakes, idle your engine until you can clearly see the road ahead.

In high is everything you desire, health, wealth, happiness – success. No power in the world except your hand can put the gears of your automobile in reverse. If your own gears get in reverse remember you alone put them there.

Erect a steel wall on the right side of the reverse gear, close the doors of yesterday and you will have to shift from low into high and stay there.

We are living in a great crisis in human history. There is unlimited need for boldness and courage, but there is no occasion for dismay. On the one hand there is the way to such achievements, to such wealth and happiness as mankind has never before known life, even as we know it now, tastes very good at times. We spoil it a lot for ourselves and each other by fear, follies, hate, bickering, suspicion and anger. There is no need for us to go on spoiling it. We have not the health we might have. We have not a tithe of the happiness we might have. But it is within the power of the human will to change all that. – H.G. WELLS – ENGLAND’S GREAT MAN OF LETTERS

Change Gears Now

This power – this vital energy – or whatever it is, is inexhaustible, and it is so easy to use it if you only have the key.

I am fully appreciative of the fact that psychologists maintain that few persons really think. It is my hope that this message will cause You to Think.

If you dismiss it as so much balderdash, then I shall know that you have never understood or appreciated how the great characters of history whom I have previously mentioned and many others with whom you yourself should be familiar made names for themselves or gained niches in the hall of fame.

Real people – successful people, are those who made themselves and not what others made them. After all, there are only two ways to move, forward and backward – why not forward? Watch the down-and-outer on the street. His whole trouble is lack of positive ideas. If he thinks he is down and out – he is. If he will change his ideas, he will be up and coming. All of us know that.

You can shift your gears if you only realize it. You have been told how to keep out of reverse and it is simply a mechanical process for yourself.

Understand and you will always keep your gears in high and move forward.

Believe In Your Goods

A sale is effected by getting a prospect to think as you do and, unless you believe that the thing you are selling is good then, obviously, you can’t make the other fellow believe it.

That is just plain common sense – so, for those of you who may be selling keep in mind what I have previously said about knowing your article and selling yourself – that is 99% of the success of selling – the other 1% is leg work contacting the prospect.

You should realize that the bending other people to your will or getting them to do as you wish is simply having them think as you think and that is very easy.

Sell Yourself

Charles M. Schwab said: Many of us think of salesmen as people traveling around with sample kits. Instead, we are all salesmen, every day of our lives. We are selling our ideas, our plans, our energies, our enthusiasm to those with whom we come in contact. So it is with every endeavor, and especially true of selling commodities because you must contact people. And when I say contact, I mean contacting them face to face. The day of order taking is gone and it is only the persons who have got it in them who are to succeed now – all the others will sink. You cannot beat a fundamental law – the survival of the fittest.

Therefore, forget about order taking and keep in mind the only way you can close a sale is to make the prospect think as you think – the best way is in face to face contact – you have got to be in his presence – you have got to see his reactions – the old law of cause and effect – and you have got to adapt yourself to the conditions as they confront you with that individual prospect.

Follow Your Hunches

We truly become what we think aboutIf you are intent on making a sale – and you must be if you are going to succeed – keep in mind my theme, the subconscious mind will be giving you ideas, hunches, inspirations, a perfect flood of them, which will guide you correctly. They will point out the way to get into a busy man’s presence – into the privacy of his very self and, when you get there, stand on both feet.

Be alert. Make him feel your personality. Know what you are talking about. Be enthusiastic. Don’t quail.

You are just as good as he is and, besides, you may have something which he hasn’t and that is utmost confidence, utmost faith in the article you are selling. On the other hand, if he is a success he also has personality – therefore be sure to put the contact on a fifty-fifty basis. Do not belittle him – do not let him belittle you. Meet on common ground. Make him like you and when he likes you and you him, success is on its way. Remember you are going to sell him.

There is strength in team work. The esprit de corps pounded into those of us who were in the army made the American forces what they were – and it’s the esprit de corps, team work, determination to move forward which will shove us along. If this is accepted in the spirit in which it is given; put into execution, you will be unbeatable. And by getting in tune and getting others on the track, the world is yours.

When fear rules the will, nothing can be done, but when a man casts fear out of his mind the world becomes his oyster. To lose a bit of money is nothing but to lose hope – to lose nerve and ambition – that is what makes men cripples. – HERBERT N. CASSON

Ascertain exactly what you want and use the mechanics given and you will discover more gates open for you than you ever dreamed existed. I am not interested in any prophetic explanations – I am interested in results. A light will dawn upon you and you will see clearly ahead how to achieve what you are after. The same principles, the same methods can be successfully applied to any line.

The ability to accomplish anything in a convincing fashion depends entirely upon the degree of expert knowledge which you possess coupled with that intensity of purpose. Read and study, practice, practice, tap, tap, tap.

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