Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Same is Always Different. Mindsets Can Change…

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The Same is Always Different, Somehow. Mindsets Change.

You don t just show up somewhere after 20 years and expect everything to be the same.

Time does that.

Sure, the fences were still there. They had a few more patches, but were in the same place.

The barn was there, but my Dad had added onto it with an extension.

The original house was there. It was leaning a little more, and some of the living room floor was a bit more bouncy . But that hundred-year-old house still had a few more years in it.

The people were 20 years older. And they had changed a bit in their attitudes.

But still, honestly happy to see me.

I had changed.

And I d come back with questions. Lots of questions.

Because my own world had just fallen apart.

I came back much as I had left. Little money in the bank, but with credit card debt that needed to be paid. No job. No vehicle. A few clothes. Lots of books.

Then, as now, willing to work.

So it took a few months to get to a place where those questions could start to be answered. I had to get a job. I borrowed my parent s truck to get to work until one day my brother showed up with one I could buy from him.

The job was entry-level warehouse work. I got trained on running a forklift and how to manage their paperwork. And did OK in general.

This also enabled me to get a regular Internet connection.

So my research continued. Anytime I wasn t working, I was online, looking up stuff.

Now I was able to start.

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