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The One Reason for Both Our Success and Failure – Mindset

Both Success and Failure Are Cause by One Source - Your Mindset(Click Here to Download Audio.)

The One Reason for Both Our Success and Failure – Mindset

Nothing new is without risk.

Easy to say, even when you ve lived through it.

What they don t tell you is that the worst traps you can run into are in your own mind.

Research found many sources saying the same thing:

  • your thoughts become habitual,

  • your habits require certain actions,

  • your environment is built by your actions to support those habits, and

  • your habitual thoughts are then reinforced by the world they create.

Unfortunately, you ve been trained since birth to accept conventional wisdom. And this sets your thoughts and mental habits on a very unstable path. (See the quotes in Part 1 about the lies conventional wisdom spreads.)

Only when this accumulated set of beliefs begins routinely failing does a person start to question what they have accepted and then start to rebuild their own world-view.

You can trace most successful people back to a massive failure earlier in life. This is where they had to start thinking on their own, to reconsider all their training, and test it for themselves.

I wrote a very long essay about this in my Living Sensical Manifesto. (Which can be downloaded for free see Appendix.)

The shorthand is this:

From birth you ve been trained to not see, to not think, and to not act.

Slightly longer explanation:

  • You ve been trained to accept the world as it is, and how you ve been told it works. Your habits are those you copied from people around you as you were growing up and the schools you went to and the jobs you ve had.

  • These habits were reinforced in your life by what objects and material goods you collected around you. Also, by the entertainment you ve watched, heard, and participated in.

  • What you ve believed in has literally built the world around you. You ve become what you thought about. Your world has become what you thought.

The bulk of humanity gets by through incremental improvements. Change is resisted in order to protect everyone from disastrous decisions. This rejection is trained into people as critical thought and comment.

Success is an exception.

Exceptional people succeed and create their income because they are decidedly different from almost everyone around them.

They are exceptions to the rule.

Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Warren Buffett, and the top 20 of the richest people on Forbes U.S. list.

All exceptions. Their belief-systems and mental habits are different than people around them, than the people they grew up with. None of these were rich when they started out.

Most didn t finish college and when they did, it was a non-Ivy-League school.

Someone pointed out recently in an interview that An MBA helps get you a job, it doesn t help you start a business.


Apparently schools and colleges are busy reinforcing beliefs you are supposed to share and follow.

You can follow this logic by seeing that the winners and top scorers in the National spelling and geography competitions have mostly been home-schooled.

Non-government funded or regulated.

When you start testing your own beliefs and prove them for yourself, taking no one else s word for it, then you become an exception.

Then you have a chance at success.

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