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Your Long and Short Range Goals – Earl Nightingale

Your Long and Short Range Goals - Earl Nightingale - Change Your Life

There’s a story about a man hunting tigers in India, who was suddenly surprised by a huge Bengal tiger it was almost on top of him. The man raised his rifle and fired, but he overshot and missed. The tiger, frightened by the man and thrown off stride by the noise of the gun, leaped toward the hunter. But the leap was too wide, and he missed his prey.

The man returned to camp and spent several hours perfecting his aim for short distances and quick firing. On the following day, he again stalked the tiger. Finally, he spotted the beast at some distance. The tiger was practicing short leaps.

It s a charming little story, and it started me thinking about a subject it seems we can t say too much about goals.

Did you ever sit down and make a list of everything you want? It s a very interesting experiment, and you ll make some surprising discoveries. You might find that you have already managed to get most of the things you have wanted seriously. Or if you don t have most, or all of them, chances are you re now in the process of getting them.

If your list contains some items you want very much but don t have, you might ask yourself why you ve failed to get them. Chances are that you haven t tried very hard. Or perhaps you felt, for one reason or another, that these things are completely beyond your ability to achieve. But on second look, they might make very worthwhile goals.

At any rate, it s a good idea to have two lists of things you want. The first list would include those bigger goals that relate to your career or the overall good of your life or your family. These might include the position and/or income you re working toward, perhaps a higher educational degree, a certain amount of money in your savings account, a plateau of business success or that beautiful home you ve had your eye on.

The other list could be a fun list. It might include the car you want for no good reason except it s the car you happen to want, redecorating the house, getting new furniture, traveling to some special place perhaps abroad buying a new wardrobe. This is a list of things you want just because you want them.

Now here s where the story of the tiger comes in. We all should have long-range goals. These should be on our number one list, and each of them should be numbered in the order of importance to us. These are goals that might take five years or longer to achieve. They re extremely worthwhile to us, and we should be working toward them daily. These are the goals that give meaning and direction and substance to our lives.

But we also need short-range goals. These are the goals that add zest and interest to our lives, and fun, and break up the monotony of the long haul for the long-range goals. We need to practice these short jumps, too.

If you re honest with yourself about the things you want not idle, will-o - the-wisp wishes that change from day to day but things you re serious about you ll find that they all can be yours, if they re taken one at a time, and in a surprisingly short time.

It s been said that, People can have anything they want. The trouble is that they don t know what they want. Get off by yourself for a quiet hour or two, and make up your two lists. It s fun and very rewarding.

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