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Why Criticism Spreads Faster Than Happiness or Joy – Mindset

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Why Criticism Spreads Faster Than Happiness or Joy – It’s How You Stack Your Mindset

Feeling bad has its own rewards.

That probably is why it is so common in our society.

Simply: Bucket Crabs need help to be effective. Misery loves company.

The truly weird thing is that people who develop a constant critical outlook never are really happy. They can never find peace as long as they keep going that way.

And so, they develop substitutes of getting a lot of stuff into their lives. Lots of cars and clothes and time-share condo s to take expensive vacations in.

But the old stories hold true. You cannot serve both God and Stuff. Money can t buy love.

And you ll search to find all these people who have attained high states of awareness (Zen, Peak Experience) who actually made it a point to get rid of all sorts of stuff right out of their lives. There s a new trend of minimalism and de-cluttering that address this again in our modern days.

Yet (if we accept what s been covered so far) we re vastly outnumbered by Bucket Crabs than we are by exceptional and successful people.

And those thoughts and mental habits are being broadcast at us continually. 95 out of 100 people we meet wants us to fail. We re receiving these ideas all the time as well as through the media we watch, unless we are highly discerning and disciplined with our inputs.

Is all this work to be successful worth it?

After all, there are far more examples of government-sponsored assistance and the ever-present cushion that keeps anyone from really failing (even if it also means they won t have anything above a subsistence level of existence.)

Is that our future then – to simply live out our lives in some sort of Welfare state, sharing particularly witty and critical remarks from our old-age home rockers or easy chairs? And our amusement will be simply watching whatever is on TV without the ability or reason to even get up and change the channel?

Our problem is that we still really don t know how or why this is happening. We still don t really know how to handle these scenes that are tearing us down perhaps harder than we can build ourselves up.

In our failures, this is particularly true. So are the real successes simply accidental millionaires who build their business on psycho-babble?

Was the misquoted Nice Guys Finish Last far more accurate than the original?

I would remind you of Earl Nightingale’s Strangest Secret :

We Become What We Think About.

It’s still your choice what to think and who you hang with…

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