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Mindset Tactics: Can Faith Create the World You Want?

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Can Faith Create the World You Want?

That William James concept above has more mileage than it first appears.

Let’s define faith: The conviction that something is good and true.

According to Nap Hill’s Think and Grow Rich Chapter 3 on Faith, it is a form of self-created energy which can be strengthened by the use of affirmations (auto-suggestion.)

As mentioned earlier, your own abilities are unlimited in scope. They are defined only by your own acceptance of ideas you receive from others.

Practically, then, you can have unlimited faith as well.

We’ve just seen the story of Opal Whiteley. Her faith got her treated as royalty in Europe, while doubters stateside were hanging her in effigy as a fake.

But if you look over the available references, you can see where a family friend related that Opal’s mother had told her more than once that Opal actually had been adopted.

As mentioned, people will re-create their past to align with their belief-system. Stories told of a person’s life will be altered by the teller to suit the type of rose-colored glasses they are using to view their own history through.

And History, as Voltaire reputedly said, is the Mississippi of lies.

Certainly, politicians (especially in the example of FDR and later U.S. Presidents) have revised the legacy of their predecessor as being the single cause (blame) for any current problem they are trying to solve for their constituents.

Historians with their own ax to grind will interpret facts to fit their presupposed idea of how things actually occurred. And they are rewarded for books which come up with a new and noteworthy approach to what actually happened, much as fiction writers are able to achieve with alternate universes.

A person’s conviction can also be shattered when the idea they had held onto was proved to be a lie. This is how apostates are death to cults, since they can give inside information which further dissolves the facts surrounding that cult. All effectively sinking any positive promotion that cult has been running to achieve good relations with the surrounding community.

This is still the same idea that the use of faith can influence the facts themselves. An unfair shorthand would say that faith creates facts. We only have an authority in William James idea that faith in a fact can help create the fact. (Again, the idea of anyone being an authority is just your own hint to test this for yourself.)

And look at that idea that facts can be replaced with other versions, as any rumor repeated often enough becomes fact.

There is a relation between faith and belief.

Faith plus any idea creates belief.

But broader, you can find a system that is usable to help generate your own world.

The elements are:

  • Faith,

  • Thought,

  • Feeling,

  • Action.

Faith and thought affect belief.

Thought can come from inspiration based on feeling.

Faith is increased by feeling, especially positive attitudes.

Feeling for something can be increased by action (again goes back to William James, but see also The Secret DVD.)

The whole system could be labeled Vision, giving you a tool you can use to increase the strength of your vision of what you want to accomplish as far as goals.

If you plug in releasing into this (particularly that Chapter 3 of Catherine Ponder’s Dynamic Laws of Prosperity on creating a vacuum) then you can start seeing things shift around you in nearly miraculous ways.

All that really happens can be explained by any number of books which mention the Law of Attraction and going back to the ancient Polynesian Kahunas, who were able to bring the dead back to life and walk on lava without burning their bodies.

Again do not accept this without testing. I’ve given you the references to look up. But set up and run your own tests in real life.

If this works for you, then you can have a fast route to having and being whatever you really want in this world.

It will depend on your faith, your beliefs, and your actions.

What do you believe in with all your heart? Is it time to look these over?

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