Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Mindset: Your Recipe for Building Success Habits That Work

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Your Recipe for Building Success Habits That Work

A possible approach:

  • Decide What You Want.

  • Write it down. (a private journal)

  • Review it at least twice daily

  • When you do, get the feelings that go with being or having it already.

  • Set up a 90-day calendar so you can mark off when you ve done it.

  • Get a supportive friend to keep you accountable.

  • During the day keep calm, cheerful, and expectant that your goals are coming true.

  • Set up a mastermind of positive, like-minded people. Such can also be virtual by reading these type of books daily and asking yourself what that author would do to resolve any situation you face.

  • Practice persistence, self-discipline.

  • Practice Imagination. (If you have difficulty visualizing, work on getting the feeling.)

  • Go the Extra Mile at everything you do, always give more than expected.

  • Work to eliminate or minimize the time you need to spend with negative people.

  • Let go of unwanted feelings or emotions in your life. Practice regular releasing (just before bed is a good time.)

  • Reaffirm positive feelings you experience.

  • Seek peace of mind daily.

  • Develop faith in yourself. Recognize things you do right, and affirm these feelings.

  • Let go of fear, replace with courage.

  • Let your light shine.


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