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Mindset: Characters You Should Meet – If You Haven’t Already – 02

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Mindset: Characters You Should Meet – to Help You On Your Journey

My best friends seem to be authors I ve never met in person. Many were dead before I was born.

You ve probably run into this. You re reading along and this guy or gal seems to be reading your mind as you read their books. What they are saying has so much truth in it, and must have been written just for you.

Here s the key authors who have turned out to be my main mentors on this journey:

1. Earl Nightingale As a Marine on board the Arizona during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, he was blown overboard unconscious by an explosion. Another naval officer assisted him to shore. Yet he’s never told this story himself in all the thousands of recordings he made for Our Changing World or any of the lectures he recorded for Nightingale-Conant.

Instead, he talked often of his upbringing during the Depression, where his family found themselves in a Tent City in Long Beach after their father had left. His fascination at age 12 was why some people were rich and others poor what was the key to success?

His mother’s love of books and reading inspired him to find the Long Beach library and become an avid reader. For the rest of his life, he followed this quest to discover the secret of success.

The result was becoming the top radio announcer in the biggest radio corporation in Chicago. Yet he left that job only two years later, when he had several businesses going. One, an insurance company, was used to his weekly pep talks and asked him to record a version to play while he was gone on a planned vacation.

His Gold recording The Strangest Secret resulted, and started a new industry of self-improvement recordings.

His real success started skyrocketing when he read a book by…

2. Napoleon Hill If not for his stepmother, Hill might have had a disastrous end. Born in the poor hills of Wise County, Virginia, by age nine he had taken to carrying a six-shooter in his belt and was aiming to follow the footsteps of his hero, Jesse James. His stepmother came into his life, saw the grief in his future, and so changed the course of the whole family.

For Napoleon, at age twelve she got him to trade in his six-gun for a typewriter, with the idea he could gain fame and fortune more than any outlaw. Hill was an avid reader by that time and saw the result in books that could spread a person’s ideas far beyond a single village in the backwoods. By 14 he was writing freelance for a local paper who needed news stories.

His key incident was meeting Andrew Carnegie in 1908, there to get a story about inspiring people of his day. 3 days later, as Hill reports in his books, he was commissioned perform what became a life-long mission to assemble and distill the Philosophy of Achievement. The rags t0 riches story of Carnegie matched his own start in Virginia coal country. He had the tools he needed, the skills and experience to get started.

And he wound up making more people rich than Carnegie had.

It is no wonder that most successful people you know have read and studied his book, deeply influenced in their own success.

3. Dorothea Brande She was known as a top-flight editor and writer. But it wasn’t always that way. In her own terms, she was a failure. Educated at the University of Chicago and Michigan, she was employed as an associate editor for the American Review.

She hit upon a remarkable idea one day when reading a psychology text that changed her life forever. As she details it, before that point she was completing less than two works a year outside of her work. In the two years after this discovery, she had written Three books (the first two in just two weeks less than the first year, and both successful in their different fields), twenty-four articles, four short stories, seventy-two lectures, the scaffolding of three more books; and innumerable letters of consultation and professional advice sent to all parts of the country.

Her discovery gave the mantra: Act as if it were impossible to fail.

This simple belief, put into action, seems to dissolve the dam of willful failure and let loose a flood of ability.

4. Claude M. Bristol Little is known of Bristol’s early life outside of what he discussed in his books. When sent overseas during WWI, he arrived before his papers and so could not be paid. While he was fed and housed as good as any of the other enlisted men, it rubbed him raw that others could buy chewing gum or have a smoke when he couldn’t. So he made up his mind never to be without money again after he left the service.

While he was trained as a newspaper reporter, an investment services company insisted on seeing him once he returned stateside. And it was here that he both made his fortune and also met his crisis.

During the Depression, it became hard and nearly impossible to get money for anything at times, much less meet sales quotas. The general opinion was that times were hard. As V.P. in his company, over a group of sales people, he took his responsibility seriously. And was considering just quitting. But one night he had an epiphany. All the scenes he had experienced during his life which couldn’t be explained suddenly were in a bright flash of light. His life was changed. And he scoured his library for references to explain what he had found. His attitude changed into one of optimistic hope. And he started changing those of his sales staff.

With continuing research into this mind-stuff he found and tested various techniques with his salespeople. The results: doubled sales within a month. The next month after that, they doubled again. Soon his company was not only in the black, but was outselling all the similar companies in his city.

And soon, word spread of their success and he was invited to speak to other companies and their sales staff. And their sales also increased. With continued success, he was asked to write a brochure. That was successful and lead to a book. Soon he was doing nothing but lecturing and helping people with their lives through this mind-stuff .

5. J.B. Jones From a dirt-poor farm family, he was able to move consistently up to better conditions by his decisions and hard work. Once he had completed his service after World War II, he was attending college on the GI Bill while he spoke part time for the Napoleon Hill Foundation, on their philosophy of achievement. He studied related books and distilled that philosophy down to a simple four-step formula that he knew would work. It became finally time for a test.

With two mortgages on his home, and a loan on his car, Jones borrowed another $10,000 to start a business out of his living room. Within four years, applying that formula, he was now worth 10’s of millions and had a nationwide company with several other executives who themselves had become millionaires. Soon he also had a radio show, a TV show, and a bestseller book, all using his formula.

This became the start of Jim Rohn’s career and several others. All from one test of a simple formula.

– – – –

All these authors, except Jones, are mentioned in Nightingale’s recording. Jones’ book was being written the same year Nightingale’s Strangest Secret was recorded.

My tests in self-publishing public domain books lead me to this path of getting a course made for these books, since they all sell well and were related.

In fact, these books were used as the key support group for building the course and book you have in your hand. Reading and listening to these books over and over has given me clues and solutions for every problem I’ve run into.

But that is how I’ve changed my own beliefs, through months of repeated study.

And those studies lead me to you. The discovered ideas, written here and in those books, are all about what you can do with your own mind, your own beliefs.

All these secrets were found sitting in plain sight. These books are readily available on the Internet for download.

Yet people don’t find them and won’t read them. And that mystery is what still pulls us along. Anyone and everyone can be what they want to be and can have what they want to have.

Yet they don’t.

We’ve covered some hints already about how and why this is.

There are more to come…

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