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How To Get A Feeling – James Breckenridge Jones

CTF How to Get a Feeling

(An excerpt from If You Can Count to Four available on Amazon)

How To Get A Feeling

It has been said by lettered men for centuries, and that to have a feeling of happiness is to be happy and have a feeling of abundance is to have an abundance, and to have a feeling of health is to be healthy.

At first, I did not understand the meaning of such statements, and perhaps, you will not, at first, understand the meaning. Now I do have some degree of understanding of such statements, and I find that they have scientific premises, based upon laws that are real and tangible as any other science of which we are so familiar, such as electricity, gravity, mathematics and chemistry.

The conscious mind originates a concept and expresses it in the form of thoughts, ideas and in the form of words. It has been discovered, in psychological research, that the degree of feeling put into these concepts, and expressed, with feeling, in words, to the subconscious, determines the action in the subconscious. That any idea, expressed with feeling to the subconscious by the conscious, must express itself as an experience. That is a scientific, proven fact in psychology.

Yes, any idea that is conceived and well defined, and expressed with strong feeling, is felt by the subconscious, and must expressed as an experience. And everything that is impressed upon the subconscious, by an expressed feeling consciously, must become an experience. Well, what do people want more than anything else? They want a certain type of experience. They want to experience a larger measure of happiness.

They want to experience a larger measure of health and, of course, a large measure of prosperity. So, we design our ideas to contain the type of experiences we want to experience, then we express them with feeling, consciously, and they are impressed upon the subconscious mind, which is the soil of life, and then, in time, when they have had time to gestate and to become an experience, we have the experience.

Now that is the general premise that can be pooled in each of our lives, but how do we get this feeling? Someone says, “Well, I have the concept, I would like to have a certain type of experience, but it does not happen in my life. What is the missing link?

What do I lack? What am I failing to do?” The answer to that is you do not have the feeling for it. We must not only have a concept we must have a feeling for it. Now how do we get this feeling? If we can get the feeling, we can have the experience, no more second if we cannot get the feeling, we cannot have the experience, so the purpose of this chapter is to talk about how to get the feeling.

Now, I would like to introduce what I call the law of reversibility, which is a law in this universe, the same as any other great law, like electricity. The law of reversibility could be illustrated as follows: if you start with a dynamo and a crank on a wheel, you can turn the crank and the wheel and turn the dynamo which we will refer to as physical action. We can start with physical action, and by using physical action, we can turn the dynamo physically and we can create electricity.

On the other hand, we can reverse the process. We can start with electricity, and with electricity, we can turn a wheel or a physical action. In other words, we can reverse the process, we can start with physical action to create electricity or we can start with electricity and create physical action. I’m sure that everybody can understand that.

Now, let’s apply it in a higher level of values. We can start with physical action and create a feeling and then in turn, feeling will create a physical action. Show me a man that has no feeling and if we can ask him to do certain things, which would be physical action, the doing of these things would create action which would be physical action.

Then we can cause him to feel a certain way after he goes through these physical exercises. We can create any kind of a feeling we want by getting him to assume this activity physically. To have him play a certain role physically, he will create within himself a feeling of that role. When he starts the action, he has no feeling for it at all. It is merely an exercise, a physical exercise.

Show me a man who has a certain feeling for a role and he will play the role and do the things that the role calls for. In other words, we can start with physical action and creating feeling, or we can start with feeling and create an action. That is the law of reversibility, and this law works on every level of life. On the first dimension, the second dimension, the third dimension and the fourth dimension.

So, how do we get a feeling?

No matter how cold we may feel toward some idea, we identify the physical action in which we would exercise if we were playing the role, then we decide to do that, at first without feeling, then we do it over and over and over again until we create the feeling, and as soon as we create a strong feeling we are appropriating the basic essence of life.

We can consciously express this feeling; it will be impressed upon the subconscious and anything that is impressed upon the subconscious must become a habitual experience in our lives.

So, while education is a wonderful thing, it is not necessary to have a so-called academic education, perchance you don’t have one. If you have one it is wonderful and I congratulate you, but I do not want anyone who does not have a so-called academic education to say, “Well, this can’t happen to me,” because it isn’t necessary to have an education to propagate this law of reversibility. If you can act like a king, if you can feel like a king, you can be a king. If you can act like you are rich, you can feel like you are rich, and if you can feel like you are rich, you can be rich. If you can act like you are healthy, you can feel like you are healthy, and if you can feel like you are healthy, you can be healthy. All of these laws are fundamental and incorporate all secondary laws, such as nutrition, such as cleanliness, such as exercise. Any secondary law, that any school of thought recommends, is subsidiary to these laws about which I am speaking at this time.

Now, how do you get a feeling? You get a feeling by going through the physical exercises that you would go through if you were already the type of person you want to be. It is the number two portion of the “If You Can Count To Four” Formula.

The number two portion is, “Pretend that you already are the person you want to be.

Pretend that you already have what you want to have. That is the appropriating of the law of reversibility. I did not go into this law in the original discussion on the If You Can Count To Four Formula because I wanted to keep it very, very simple indeed.

However, through starting with action, if you will start with action, you can create the feeling, the type of action that you would be in engaged in if you were the person that you want to be and if you already had the things that you want to have. Go through that action and go through it over and over again until you feel very strongly about it, Then as soon as you feel strongly about it, it must become experience. There is no way to stop it other than neutralizing it by giving your subconscious a counter demand or a counter feeling.

Isn’t it a wonderful idea to be able to know that you can be anything you want to be and have anything you want to have merely by going through an act? One of the greatest psychologists in the world (William James) said. “Act enthusiastic and you will be enthusiastic. Act like you are healthy and you will become healthy. Act like you are prosperous and you will become prosperous.”

Those statements are based upon the deeper laws of the universe which are real and tangible and basic, just like any other law. So, with childlike faith, I challenge each of you to act like you are the person you want to be, act like you have the things that you want to have. Select that beautiful mansion in which you would want to live and think like it is yours and act like it is yours. Go through the action of going out to it as though it were yours. Pick out that lovely automobile and act like it is yours. Go through every moment as though it is yours until you have the feeling it is yours, and as soon as the subconscious is deeply impressed with the feeling that it is yours, it will go through all the natural means of obtaining it for you, even to raising the money. Yes, this covers the financial as well as all other aspects.

So, this law of reversibility is the law that we must learn to use in order to get the feeling.

Very briefly, I’m going to share with you this process, as I used it myself, in taking my trip around the world last year. Several months before we actually took the trip, we designed the idea in the coldest fashion. There was no feeling for it, but we began to act as though we were going to take the trip. We design our plans. Where we would go first, how much time we would spend in each place, on the absolute assumption that we’re going to take a trip, and it was very interesting, indeed, to observe just how each time we had a conference, each time we acted as though we actually taking the trip, how the feeling developed in Mrs. Jones and myself and our close associates who were working on the plan.

In a few weeks time, after we had been going through this activity or the law of action, starting with the law of action, it wasn’t long before we had a very strong feeling about the whole trip around the world. Of course, as many of you know, we actually took the trip.

It became an experience and the law says that if you start with action, start with physical activity, which is under the direct control of the conscious mind, you can go through these activities, even coldly and mechanically, and if you keep on going through these activities consciously and mechanically, you will stir a strong feeling in the subconscious.

That may repeat again and again, that any concept, any idea that is well-defined and is well impressed with feeling upon the subconscious, it must express as an experience area. It has no choice, it is a law the same as the law of gravity, mathematics, chemistry or electricity.

So, you can literally be anything you want to be and you can have anything that you want to have if you will first of all identify it:

(1) Define it then play the game
(2) until it becomes a strong feeling in the conscious and then express this concept with strong feeling on the subconscious, and then it must become an experience in your life.

So, I challenge you to test this out.

Try to prove me wrong, if you will. If you will prove it is correct, it is a “truth” then you can literally be anything you want to be and you can have anything you want to have.

So, dare to dream largely and “make no small plans for they have no magic to stir men’s blood.”

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