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Mindset Vitals: Your Lack of Goals Can Sink Your Ship

Lack of Goal Can Sink Your Ship - Mindset Tactics Achievement(Click to download audio.)

Your Lack of Goals Can Sink Your Ship

Using Mindset re-Stacking for Goal Achievement

If you owned a ship, would you simply set the engine running, cast off all lines, and then watch from the dock to see where it ended up?

You and I can agree that the chances are slim for that ship to make it anywhere except the bottom of ocean – if it made it out of the harbor in one piece.

Yet people won t set goals for their own lives. One report has this as little as 2% of the population has actual goals they are reaching for.

But the chance of those few people actually making their goals is close to 100%.

That s right – if you set a goal, you ll probably make it.

Like if you guide that ship, you ll probably make it to your destination.

Claude M. Bristol in his Magic of Believing had a sales force write down their goals and then not tell or show anyone what they had written. While some of the younger salespeople scoffed and even laughed out loud, the older salespeople nodded and wrote.

Bristol reported that years later one of those young scoffers showed up at his home and wanted to show him something outside. There at the curb sat a brand-new, right-off-the-assembly-line, shiny car. The salesperson told Bristol that he wrote down a car just like it. Not only that, but he d written down a substantial income and a promotion. He got those as well.

When Bristol did a check of all those salespeople, every single one attained their goal that they had written down.

Now there are a couple of urban legend studies along this line, one by Harvard and another by Yale. Yet neither school had ever attempted that study.

When Gail Matthews of Dominican University read that these studies were debunked as false, she did her own study. Those people who set goals, wrote them down, and shared accountability for them achieved what they had set out to do 76 percent of the time. (If you take into account that less than half of the participants actually completed the study itself, that percentage would then be much higher.)

Bristol, Hill, and Nightingale all say to write your goal down on a card and review it at least twice a day (on waking and before sleep).

Imagine if this skill were mandated to be taught in all schools in the country from an early age!

Instead of the 2% having written goals, and the 5% who achieve financial independence, we could have most of that country experiencing their own native abundance. If they were taught to review their goal as often as they are asked to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, imagine how prosperous that country would be!

Now you see how this world has set itself up.

Our culture doesn t set itself up to succeed, it sets itself up to conform.

Those who don t conform are criticized until they do (or they move away from the criticizers.)

Our culture and society has been slowed down to the point that becoming an exceptional entrepreneur may be easier than having a job.

You have a choice in this.

What s your goals? Set any lately? Written them down?

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