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How To Get Started On Your Dream – Dr. J B Jones – 02

CTF How To Get Started On Your Dream

(An excerpt from If You Can Count to Four available on Amazon)

How To Get Started On Your Dream

It has been said by a wise old sage, that to get started on a journey is to be half way there. Of course, it is quite obvious that if one never gets started toward an objective, it is absolutely impossible to ever reach that objective. It is of vital importance, therefore, for one to learn how to get started on ones dream.

Before we pursue the matter of how to get started on one’s dream, let us review briefly some of the fundamentals which we have been considering.

What is the secret of genuine success? The secret is very simple.

All anyone has to do to enjoy a large measure of happiness, health and prosperity is to find a great human need, to find the answer to filling that need, burn all of his bridges behind him, and learn to take the answer to that need through a channel of service in quality and quantity.

It is very important also want to become aware of some of the very simple mental processes upon which success is based.

For instance, one must become aware that he is a thinking being.

The majority of the people of the world are unaware of this basic fact. Besides being aware that he is a thinking being, one must become aware that he thinks constantly and that he thinks only one thought at a time.

At times, it seems that one thinks more than one thought at a time because it is possible for us to switch our attention from one thing to another so rapidly that it seems like we’re thinking of three or four thoughts at a time, but basically, and this has been scientifically proved, one thinks only one thought at a time.

Next, it is important that one become keenly aware that he can control the one thought which he thinks at a time through will power.

He must be aware that nothing on the outside of himself has any power to control him unless he permits it. This establishes the seat of control within himself.

Next, it is important that he become keenly aware that he is, that everyone is what they are, because of the quality and the quantity of their past thoughts and experiences.

This basic truth is crystallized in the saying of wise old Solomon, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Now, if we are thinking being, if we think constantly, if we think only one thought at a time, if we can control our thoughts, if we are what we are because of what we have permitted ourselves to think throughout the entire past, then, in order to be anything we want to be and to have anything we want to have, we can exercise the privilege of control over our thoughts, and from this moment forward, direct all of our attention toward that which we want to be and have. It is obvious that the law of cause and effect will bring about the fulfillment of our dream.

It is important for us to choose our objectives or our goals.

Due to the peculiar nature of the mental processes, operating through the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, it is necessary to choose or definitize our thinking relative to an objective or a goal. Otherwise, thought concentration to the point of action toward our objective or goal is impossible. It is amazing to me that only 2 people out of 100, according to statistics, have made a definite decision relative to their goal in life.

In order for one to be happy, healthy and prosperous, one must have an objective.

If he does not, he will not be appropriating the great power within himself.

It is important that one develop self-confidence.

One must feel strongly that he is capable of doing the things which are necessary to reach his objective. The basic cause for a feeling of inferiority is that we’re making false comparisons constantly. We are inclined to compare ourselves with other people. There is really no basis for comparison between one person and another, because every person is an individual.

Everyone is especially and exclusively designed to do something well and possibly better than anyone else. Therefore, due to the fact that no two individuals are like or are designed for the same purpose, there is no intelligent basis for comparison of one individual with another.

  • Realize that you are important.
  • Realize that you are designed especially to do a great service to humanity and that you are different.
  • Realize that you are exclusive.
  • Realize that you have your own individuality.
  • Become keenly aware of your individuality, and your great purpose, and then dedicate yourself to fulfilling that great purpose, and you will develop self-confidence.

In order to get started on our dream, we need to know the proper concept of money, which is the medium of exchange used in our economic world today.

Money is a symbol of service. Money is deferred service. Money isn’t affected, service is cause.

So, when we get into the habit of giving most of our attention to the effect or a symbol, which is money, then we do not have very much money. However, when we learn to render a quality and a quantity of service to humanity, which is cause, like planting in the field of life, we know that we are compensated in proportion to the quality and quantity of service rendered, not only in the realm of joy and living, but in the realm of the finances as well. We will then have the proper concept of money and money will not be a power over us but we will be the power over money.

There is a great law in this universe, the law of habit.

It is sometimes referred to as the law of cosmic habit force. It is a basic universal law, which maintains that when we have a thought experience or a physical experience, which occurs over and over and over, it becomes established, and soon we think the thought or do the act. Therefore, we can learn to think, automatically or habitually, the thoughts which will cause us to be successful and we can learn to do the things, automatically or habitually, which will cause us to be successful.

There is a way for every individual to obtain the missing ingredients he needs in order to reach his dream or objective. I refer to the Mastermind Principle.

Through this mastermind principle, which means the friendly alliance of two or more people working toward a common objective, one can obtain every necessary ingredient, the experience, the skill, the prestige, the time, the energy and even the money which is necessary to reach an objective.

Discovering this great principle and learning how to use it, will eliminate all need for an excuse for not reaching any objective in life.

Consider, too, the will power, which every individual possesses.

This will power is not the creative power within ourselves, but it is the power to direct our attention and to control our attention, at any time we choose, toward that which we desire to be or desire to have.

Once we used this will power for a brief period of time, controlling our attentions and our thought processes along constructive and desirable lines, the power of habit takes over and becomes established, and then we automatically do the things or say the things and think the things which make it possible for us to reach our objectives.

Another very important factor in getting started on your dream and having the dream fulfilled is to become thoroughly acquainted with the marvelous imagination which every individual possesses.

It is the instrument or the faculty to design and experience a new idea. Our ability to definitize a new idea, is like planting the seed of life in the soil of life. When we imagine and definitize an idea and plant it in the subconscious, the great law of sowing and reaping will cause the idea to grow and become a reality.

So, accept the challenge to constantly learn to use this wonderful ability to imagine. It is an ability which gives us the power to us so that we already are what we want to be and that we already have what we want to have. It is the power which makes all desires obtainable.

The habit of going the second mile is one of the most important principles of success.

It is unfortunate, but the majority of people in the world today are not in the habit of going the second mile. Going the second mile means rendering more service than that which is usually expected in any situation and rendering that extra service with a positive attitude. Every great individual in history discovered this principle and made it a habit. They always looked for an opportunity to do more than that which was usually expected and perform that extra service with a positive mental attitude. One of the finest ways in the world for you to realize your dream fulfilled is to acquire this marvelous habit of going the second mile.

It is vitally important that one learn the power of the emotion or the power of feeling, because when the conscious mind uses the imagination, and definitizes an idea, that idea must be felt.

One must feel strongly about an idea, otherwise it will not be impressed upon the subconscious and consequently it will not express itself in one’s experience. So, if one believes in an idea of which he is designing with his imagination, the degree of belief and the degree of feeling determines the degree of power with which the subconscious will accept and express it in experience. Therefore, learn to feel strongly about the great need which you are trying to fill! Feel strongly about the answer to that need! Feel strongly that you are the one to take the answer to the need to humanity in quality and quantity.

Another important factor in attaining health, happiness and success, is constantly having peace of mind.

Harmony of soul. To have peace of mind, one must have a true concept of life, a true concept of the universe in which we live, a true concept of our relationship to ourselves and to our fellow men and to our Creator. There is just one great power in this universe, and it expresses itself at many levels of intelligence.

  • The lowest level is the mineral world.
  • The next level upward, or the second level, is the vegetable world.
  • The third level is the animal world.
  • The fourth level is where the human can express themselves through thought.

Thought with freedom of choice and decision. When we realize that this one power is within us, and realize that we have legislative and judicial and executive powers within ourselves, we know that we can refuse to react negatively to any life situation. We can choose to see the good, the true and the beautiful at all times. To know and firmly believe that all is good at all times, causes us to become invulnerable to in harmony or frustration, and we can always maintain a peaceful state of mind.

Now, give serious consideration of “How to Get Started on Your Dream.”

First, take inventory of your present situation, relative to the size and quality of your thinking. May I suggest that you obtain a notebook and write down an inventory of your present situation, fourth dimensionally and third of dimensionally. You may wonder how to take inventory fourth dimensionally. Write down, in your notebook, your concept of how much poise, how much charm, how much kindness, how much love, how much faith, how much gentleness, how much patience, how many good qualities which are desirable, and how many bad qualities which are undesirable you possess as a matter of habitual experience at the present time.

That will be your fourth dimensional inventory. Be frank with yourself. If you feel that you are unlovely to any degree, write it down. By the same token, if you feel that you are to a large degree a lovely person, write that down also. Be honest with yourself in this inventory.

Now, write down your third dimensional inventory. Your third dimensional inventory includes the type of house you live in, the type of car you drive, the type of clothes you wear, the type of income you habitually receive. Everything you have in your physical environment is in your third dimensional inventory. Get a clean-cut, distinct picture of your NOW, fourth dimensionally and third dimensionally. That is number one.

Then, turn the page in your notebook and write down what you would like to be fourth dimensionally. How lovely you would like to be, how charming you would like to be, how much confidence, how much faith, how much patience, how much love, how much joy, how much peace, how much gentleness, how much kindness you would like to experience habitually.

Describe it distinctly, and definitize it in words, so you will get a clean-cut mental concept of what you want to be fourth dimensionally. Make quite a study of this. If you can’t find any pictures, color pictures preferably, in magazines or newspapers, which seem to represent the kind of person you would like to be, clip those pictures out and paste them in your notebook.

Then, take inventory of the type of person you would like to be from the standpoint of the third dimension. What kind of house would you like to live in, what kind of a car would you really like to drive, what kind of clothes would you like to wear, what kind of a neighborhood would you like to live in, what kind of a country club would you like to join, what kind of friends would you like to socialize with, how much money would you like to have as a stable, basic income?

All of those things are your third dimensional desires. Write those down and definitize them in every way possible. Anything that you can do to cause you to become more keenly aware of what you want to be and what you want to have is very important in this regard.

Number three, have a little talk with yourself. You are constantly carrying on a conversation with yourself, within yourself.

Now, start talking from the position of your dreams fulfilled. Read the things you want to be and have, listed in your notebook, each night before you go to bed. Assume, through this wonderful power of your imagination, that you already are or what you want to be and you already have what you want to have.

Live in your dreams fulfilled as often as possible. It will take a little time for you to feel natural, emotionally, in your dream fulfilled, because each day, you must go about your usual life and usual work.

As soon as you learn to feel natural in your dream fulfilled, thinking from the position that you already are what you want to be and that you already have what you want to have, you will find that you have attained this new level of experience and you will be casually living in your dream fulfilled.

Actually, you will have detached yourself from the old inventory and will be making new inventories in your notebook. As you attain an objective, you will make up your new inventory fourth dimensionally and third dimensionally. You will fill out a new seat, with new objectives, new dreams and you will continue to do it time and time again. There is no end to the possibility of growth and expression. We continue to grow and expand and experience new dreams throughout our lives.

The way to get started on your dreams now, is to definitize them now. When you have attained the new level of your present dream fulfilled, you will be able to see further over the horizon of life and will be in a position to design a new dream of being and having. In turn, when you reach the attainment of new dreams fulfilled again and again you will be at a new vantage point and will live in a continually increasing abundance of living through all of your life. Isn’t it a joyful thought to know that there is no end to the attainment of our dreams?

So I close with this wonderful challenge, “Make large plans for they have magic to stir men’s blood.”

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