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MYGA: How to Win at the Game of Life

How to Win the Game of Life

Is it possible to be successful at anything in Life?

How about happiness, peace of mind, security – all in addition to sufficient income?

Even though no one gets out of this alive, and you can’t take anything with you – there’s a simple approach to having and being whatever you want.

That’s called Winning.

The trick is to play at Life as a game.

Most people think of living as a deadly serious activity. To some degree, they are right. Because, as Earl Nightingale said, “We become what we think about.”

But just consider that this whole earnest activity we are all involved in is nothing more than a game. High stakes, perhaps. Again, we all wind up at the same place, taking nothing with us. Or that’s at least what most believe today.

So, maybe we might as well “play” at this and look to have some fun while we’re here?

Considering Life as a game – means rules.

What would be the elements for a game of Life?

  • Playing board
  • Pieces to move around, trinkets to acquire
  • Goals to achieve
  • A non-serious attitude
  • Opponents

That’s like any board game or sports we play at.

What’s different in life is that most people fear the final outcome. Most people are afraid of death, and this is their underlying primary motivation.

The problem is that running around being afraid of things won’t win you any game. Ask any sports coach.

The trick is that most religions and philosophies have addressed this situation and solved it. Of course, you have to have faith in their solutions, but that’s a fair trade-off to getting that fear out of your life-approach.

Our playing board is fairly simple – it’s Planet Earth. Bigger or smaller parts of it. Maybe your home, whether you own it or are renting. Maybe running your own business, or having a career in someone else’s. Some people run for political office. Or work as part of their staff. Farming, ranching, those are different – but can still be viewed as a playing board for the game of Life.

Pieces to move around, trinkets to acquire. Those are things money can buy. Cars, clothes, furnishings. For some governmental and corporate higher-ups, this means being able to order people around.

Goals to achieve. For 98% of humanity, people just adopt the goals their job wants them to achive, or those of their parents or other relatives who influence their lives. In any sports game, it’s scoring points against the time-clock. The 2% who do set goals for themselves tend to live a fuller, richer life than those who don’t.

A non-serious attitude – usually found in those who believe in “good sportsmanship”. Because they know games are temporary things, and there’s another game in the near future – or next season.

Opponents are those who have goals that either oppose or at least diverge from your own. In any business, this can be competitors. Governments usually compete against other governments. In the near past, this meant warfare to acquire neighboring land. Russia’s Crimea fiasco, for instance. Another is Communist China’s efforts to “dispute” borders and build islands. Opponents usually believe differently than you do – such as Amazon and Walmart founders and executives believing you should shop with them instead of local stores or other nationwide chains.

To this point of this essay, we’ve outlined that the key ways to win at the game of life are:

  • Treating it as a game
  • Keeping a non-serious attitude
  • Having goals in mind

Now, on a broader scale, there are two types of opponents on this planet.

I had the fortune of discovering a hundred-year-old book that told of the Bolshevik rise to power in Russia. The tactics they used are the same that Communist China is currently using to try to conquer the U. S.


  • Use of violent mobs – ridiculing law and order.
  • Ridiculing patriotism and national spirit while seeking to eliminate national borders, national sovereignty.
  • Raising unemployment and lowering wages.
  • Ridiculing and attacking religions and worship.
  • Negating family, particularly through looser morals toward sex and raising children – including legalizing abortion.
  • Railing against racism while emphasizing identity politics, the opposite of a color-neutral society.
  • Use of deception to persuade, lack of transparency.

Those seven points are the key differences between Communist/Socialist governments and those of the United States and Western nations.

Currently there is a culture “war” ongoing where these seven points are being widely disputed in the Press and in the “social” media (which is hardly social). And in that side, there are those who are conservative, and those who are anything but. The key dividing points of view are those seven.

The key one is the negation of religion and worship. Because “those who don’t study history are condemned to repeat it.” And our religious texts are recordings of what has proved useful over untold centuries in solving interactions with each other and between nations. It doesn’t particularly matter which religion. Christianity, Buddhism, and Taoism have been the most civilizing of the religious systems in the last 10,000 years. Islam, too – until recent extremists incorporated those seven points, as well as crossing their religion into running their government. (The pure text Mohammod wrote does not contain those flaws – those were added much later by others.)

The opposite is held as values by freedom-loving Americans:

  1. Respect for law and order, trial by peers.
  2. Respectful patriotism and defense of the borders and legal immigration.
  3. Defense of the right to start and run businesses that create and sustain viable jobs.
  4. Respect for all religions and worship, providing they maintain the sanctity of life and peaceful co-existence with others.
  5. Promotion of the family and responsible child-bearing and raising.
  6. Respectful treatment of each other regardless of physical attributes.
  7. Truthful speech and integrity of action.

While Communism and Socialism have their ideological roots in Marxism, this is nothing new for our planet. Every great civilization before our current ones has gone the route of destruction from within. They gave up their beliefs to get greater ease. They forgot that freedom is not without a price. We may have received God-given rights, but we can gradually be lulled into giving these away to people in power.

Though actions, you can tell the measure of a man or woman. By how they treat others is how they train others to treat them, as Dr. Wayne Dyer said. And so, you can tell the value a person places on their own freedom and rights. If they are content to discourage others from standing up for those seven principles above, then perhaps you do not need to support any effort of theirs. Because they won’t “have your back” when it’s up against a wall.

So the way to win at the game of life is simple:

  1. Have and support a religion.
  2. Have and support your family, and your extended family, as well as the rights of the yet unborn.
  3. Perform well at your job so that the business you work for prospers and can afford to raise your pay – and will insist on it.
  4. Respect and treat everyone you meet with respect.
  5. Speak only truth and let your actions be defined by the truths you express.
  6. Support law and order, prevent violence in word and deed.
  7. Be patriotic and support the nation you are part of. And ensure that your representatives, regardless of whether you voted for them, know and represent your values.

And then your children – our upcoming generations – will inherit the same rights and freedoms you have enjoyed. Teach them these seven points and see that they understand them.

Then when your own final days approach, you’ll rest easy that you won at this game of life – as you leave everything you value to those who follow.

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