Friday, January 22, 2021

There are No Right or Wrong Beliefs, Just Some That Work

Beliefs Aren't Right Or Wrong, Just Workable - Mindset(Download this audio – Click Here.)

Your Beliefs Create Your Success or Failure, Depending on What You Think.

We can fall on both sides of this issue. And that point is exactly where this book and its research initially started.

It s too easy to consider that only fanatics have weird beliefs. And that miracles are somehow unobtainable by the ordinary person on the street.

The truth to these two statements may be shocking.

Beliefs become weird when the environment outside doesn’t match up with their facts. This is evident where the bi-coastal blue state residents don’t understand the flyover red state residents and vice-versa.

Meanwhile, we daily perform what would seem miracles just a few decades ago, because we believe in the technology we use. Cell phones were the stuff of Star Trek in the late ’60’s. We have the Apple watch today, but the first Dick Tracy 2-way radio appeared by cartoon in 1952. Meanwhile, we are in the era of self-driving cars and on the verge of seeing flying ones.

For now, just take these ideas and plant them on your mental back-burner for consideration.

Your mind is filled with beliefs. You believe all sorts of things, not just your political or religious (or even sexual) preferences. Anything that ever makes it into the broadcast news is based on someone’s belief they want you to share.

As a test, sit down with a notepad one night in front of the TV (as long as you can stand it) and study what passes for news, or even entertainment. Start noting down the beliefs they assume you have as well as the ones they are pushing on you now.

It starts with the idea that the persons behind the TV images you see actually exist somewhere, that the events they are talking about actually occurred the way they are telling you.

In between, you can study the advertisements, which are telling you what they believe about you and what your needs and wants are, and how much you are willing to buy something to get them.

Their beliefs. Your beliefs.

And your beliefs create your success or lack of it.

This book is to lay out the ground rules so that you can start improving your own progress toward those needs and wants you ve been seeking.

The basic: Beliefs aren t permanent. They change all the time. Their only power is the faith you put behind them. And you can and do change them anytime you feel like it.

Everything on this planet runs on beliefs.

It can be said that the world around us is that way because we believed it into existence and continue to believe it that that way.

It is, then: change your beliefs, change your world.

If that s really what you want out of life, anyway.


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