Friday, August 27, 2021

Building Your Mindset Success Habits – Over to You

Building Your Mindset Success Habits: Over to You(Click here to download audio.)

Building Your Mindset Success Habits –
Over to You

This book (and podcast) was created to bring you up to speed.

Most people have no clue how life is set up. I ve spent a lifetime sorting this out for myself.

Now I ve told you what I know and told you to test everything I said.

You may find that this will help you become successful. Maybe not.

Either way, it seems to be an entertaining way to invest your time.

The next thing I ll tell you to do is to get a course which will help you learn and internalize the books I ve mentioned here. And also the books and references they mention.

It s a 30-60-90 program.

The core idea is that it takes 30-40 days to develop a habit.

So you get onto that course and read and listen to only that material for 30 days. Then do another 30 days, then another.

At the end of 90 days, you ve developed a new set of mental habits which can help you become and stay successful at anything you want to do.

You then have a new life to create.

Really, you don t have to buy anything to do this. You can get all these books right off the Internet and then study them and only them for the next 90 days. Turn off the TV. Set aside time every single day to study these books. They are also all available as audiobooks.

Or, if you need more structure, buy a course where it s laid out for you and there is probably some nudging involved so you are prompted to get through it. (Paying money for something also tends to make you want to get your money s worth.)

It s all up to you.

Have fun with this. Really.

As Earl Nightingale said:

Try it today. You have nothing to lose – and your whole life to gain.


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