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The Count to Four System – Dr. J B Jones – 03

CTF The Count to Four System

(An excerpt from If You Can Count to Four available on Amazon)

The Count to Four System

The Count to Four System is a simple set of rules which will unlock the treasures of the universe on all dimensions. Millions of people have been taught to believe that the rules of success are indeed so very difficult and complicated that surely they could never learn them.

The average person is perfectly willing to accept the fact that several hundred families in most any community are successful. They, at the same time, know that there are hundreds of communities in our own country and, of course, and all the other countries too.

If they would stop and think for a moment, they would also know that when you add up the hundreds in each community, and then multiply by the thousands of communities all over the world, that it would add up to hundreds of thousands of people who are very successful.

For example, not long ago it was my pleasure to visit Mexico City. I was surprised to learn that there are approximately 10,000 millionaires in Mexico City. We hear of the millions of extremely poor people in the country of Mexico. But, at the same time, there are 10,000 millionaires in just one city in Mexico. How could there be that many rich people and millions of poor people unless there is a basic system of rules that 10,000 of them are using and the millions are not using?

I too, wondered about these perplexing problems for many years. I was born into a family of 14 children down in the hills of Tennessee and the first 18 years of my life I was what was considered a poor boy. I observed hundreds of families who obviously were not poor. They had poise, culture, a feeling of well-being, self-confidence, a measure of health, and they had plenty of money to express life abundantly. I wondered why my wonderful parents did not have those things in abundance too. I was stirred to investigate and find out, if possible, the answer to this problem.

I found out that anyone can be genuinely successful if he will learn the exact same “rules” that the successful people learned and use them.

To be genuinely successful, to me, is to enjoy a large measure of happiness, health and prosperity. It is a balanced type of life; Harmonious living with good physical health and also plenty of money.

So, it was my privilege to start out as a poor, unhappy person and to make the same observations that the millions are now making. It was my privilege to learn these basic rules and to take them out into the hard-boiled business world and to challenge every one of them. And to discover, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that there not only is a system of rules, but that anyone, not just a few, can learn them and use them and become just as successful as he wants to be.

The title of this book, “If You Can Count to Four” is designed to tell you that regardless of your background, your lack of education, your lack of knowing anyone who is supposed to be important, your lack of funds, or any other seeming lack, you can still be what you want to be and have what you want to have.

Yes, you can start right now without funds, without education, without friends or influence, without an idea, without anything but a sincere desire to be somebody expressing life, and you can be that person you have secretly always wanted to be, and you can have all the money you want to express yourself within every field of your own choosing.

Are you ready to put The Count to Four System into action? I am sure that you are. I know that you are because I know that you have many desires which you have never realized.

It has been said that 98 people out of every 100 have never decided just exactly what they want to be in life. That is, they have never come to any decision regarding a “life’s goal” like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison or Andrew Carnegie. But here is the most important thing as far as I am concerned. It is understood that 98 out of every hundred haven’t made that big decision, but I happen to know, and you do too, that you and I and every other person living at this moment has some desire, right at this moment, that we want to realize as soon as possible.

Ask yourself the question, “What do I want to be next?” “What do I want to attain next?” List all the things you want to be next and all the things you want to have next. Let’s not worry too much about what we want next year or five years from now or 20 years from now, at this point. If you have just one little desire right now that you wish fulfilled and you don’t know exactly how to go about it, then you are ready to learn how to use “The Count to Four System.”

Let’s begin by looking at Phase One which is to identify what you want.

Write it down.

Define it.

Describe it.

There are several ways of helping your subconscious mind to become deeply impressed with exactly what you want. For example, you can cut pictures out of magazines and paste them in a scrapbook. If you can draw well, or if you know a friend who is an artist, you can create drawings or pictures of your idea of what you want.

By going through this simple mental process, your subconscious mind is impressed with exactly what you want. I want to point out, right at this point, that what I am asking you to do does not cost you one red penny. I merely want you to do it so that we can cause your mind to go through certain “thoughts.”

You see your thoughts as size and color and texture. One of the reasons a person is living a small, limited type of life now is that he is in the habit of thinking small, limited thoughts. So, for Phase One, let’s not ask the price.

Let’s just identify what we really want. It can be any size and color and texture and design. At this point, all we are concerned with is “a mental process” which does not cost a cent. So, do what I am asking you to do, because if you will, I guarantee you that you will realize your desire in every case.

So, with the humility of a little child, get yourself a notebook and write down everything that you want to be next and everything that you want to have next. First of all, just write them down in your own words so that you can read them and they will cause you to know what you want next.

Then, after you have written these things down, start cutting out the pictures which represent what you want and paste them in the notebook. For example, I have done this in regard to automobiles, and I have known many of my students to do the same. I decide that I want a certain automobile, then I write it down in my notebook. I go down to the dealer and obtain as many color pictures as possible and then I paste one of them in my notebook, on the wall by my bed, in the bathroom by the mirror and in my desk, so that every time I open the drawer I see the picture of what I want.

By doing all these things I accomplish the purpose of the ONE phase of The Count to Four System. I developed a keen, clear, distinct mental picture of exactly what I want. The subconscious will help us obtain exactly what we want or if we give it a hazy, unclear, smeared concept or mental picture, it will help us obtain that.

Which would you rather have, just exactly what you want or a smeared, unclear approximation of what you want? I can tell you from hundreds of experiences that this works right down to a “T.”

I might say here, that of the thousands of successful people whom I have studied, every one of them had either consciously or unconsciously developed the ability to think distinctly and clearly, and to define and identify the things which they wanted.

The millions of people who do not have the things they want, at the same time, have not developed their ability to think clearly. Yes, they had the same basic ability to learn to think distinctly as anybody, but they did not realize that it was important or that it had anything to do with him getting what they wanted, so they just continued to think in a blurred, indistinct manner.

When I found this out in my research I was deeply impressed and immediately started trying to think more clearly. I began to identify exactly what I wanted to be and have. I noticed right away, a change in my life. I had more of a feeling of harmony and peace as soon as I took charge of my thoughts and started to define distinctly what I wanted to be and have. Also, my financial situation began to get better and better.

Most of you will say at this point, “Well, I can certainly accomplish Phase One.” As long as it doesn’t cost anything, what have I got to lose? You say to yourself, “If there is just one remote possibility that this will work, even though I do not quite understand just how it works, I am certainly going to get started right away and obtain a nice notebook, and write down my secret dreams of what I have always wanted to be and I am making a complete list of everything I want of a material nature.

Since all he is asking me to do at this point, is to go through the mental activity, the least I can do is cooperate with him, as he promises me that I can be what I want to be and that I can have what I want to have. I am approaching this with just simple childlike faith as he has tested in his own life and many thousands of others and it has never failed.

I don’t have to understand just how it works, anymore than I have to understand the way my television set works in order to enjoy it fully; or anymore than I have to be an electrician in order to enjoy all the fine things which I enjoy through electricity. I must assume that there are ‘laws’ about which Dr. Jones is familiar, and he is sharing with me a simple little,one, two, three, four routine, which, if I follow, I can enjoy the full benefit of as though I understood it fully.

I know that even little child can just turn on a light switch and not know anything about how it works, and all the lights will burn just as well for the child as if an expert electrician had turned on the light switch.

I must say just one more thing before I take you into the next phase which is Phase Two. I know that most of you will believe in this enough to try it. I congratulate you, because when you try it, you will find that it works.

And, of course, you will become what you want to be and you will have what you want to have. But there will be a few who think that they are so smart, that they will say, “Ah, that Jones guy is crazy.” I would like to challenge you, if you should fall into this type.

Go ahead and prove me wrong. You can never honestly say that it won’t work unless you try it and see whether it works or not. Go ahead, try it and prove me wrong. I have a pleasant surprise for you. You will end up being what you want to be in having what you want to have.

Now, let’s move to Phase Two.

Phase Two is also just a mental exercise, and it doesn’t cost you one red penny. Phase Two is as follows: “Pretend” that you already are what you want to be, and that you already have what you want to have.

Ask yourself, “How would I feel if I were already the person I want to be? If I already had the things that I have written down on my Phase One list, how would I feel? What would I do? Where would I be right now?” In other words, assume the fulfilled dream.

Assume the feeling of the dream fulfilled. When a farmer plants a field of corn, he cultivates it, rains fall on it and the sun shines on it and it grows and grows until one day it is ready for the harvest. You see, Phase One of this formula is like planting the seed. Phase Two is like watering, cultivating and warming the soil by the sun shining on it. When you “pretend” that you are the person you want to be, you go through special mental activities or mental exercises which are like plowing the corn, or cultivating it.

When you assume the warm, deep emotional feeling of the person you want to be, it is like the warm sunshine shining on the growing corn. I can tell you many details of what actually takes place inside you and what happens in the whole universe, when you “pretend” but believe me, I know that if you will do it in simple childlike faith your dreams will come true. Is that fair enough at this point?

Later on, for those of you who are interested, I will be happy to go into the deeper aspects of the laws involved.

Someone will ask, “How do I comfortably go through these mental exercises of pretending that I am a certain person in my dreams?”

One of the best ways that I have ever used is as follows:

1. I first assume that I have already attained my desire.

2. Then I ask myself what event would normally take place after I had attained my desire but would never take place other than if I had attained my desire.

3. Then I make arrangements to live that event as though I had already attained my desire.

For example, I went on the air on my first television program on June 19, 1955. I had my desire to be on television written down for several months before June, 1955. So, in March, 1955, I arranged an occasion to dramatize an event which would normally only take place after my first appearance on television. I arranged to have a debut party at my house, and the time was, as we pretend, the evening after I had debuted on TV that afternoon.

Each guest was invited and given a script, which told him exactly what to say at the party. So each guest arrived with great joy and enthusiasm congratulating me on having done a fine job that afternoon on my first telecast. All evening, our discussions were regarding how happy we all were that the program had been launched so well in the great good that would be done by the principles of genuine success being taken to so many hundreds of thousands of people, etc.

We pretend that we were celebrating the start of a television program in March, but the actual program did not start until June or about three months later. But we all assumed the mental attitude, the excited feeling, the tones of reality, of having already started the program. I happen to know that by doing this very thing it played a very important part in bringing my dream into fulfillment so soon.

You don’t have to do anything great in order to use this one, two, three, four technique.

Let’s suppose that your little girl wants a new tricycle. One day you see her riding an old broom around in the backyard. You ask her what she is doing and she says, “I’m riding my new red tricycle.” She is using the same technique. She, first of all, did Phase One, which is to decide that she wanted a new red tricycle; then she was doing Phase Two by riding the broom and pretending that it was already her actual new red tricycle. It’s just that simple. It doesn’t cost a penny so far, and it’s just a mental activity which you go through like a little child.

Let’s suppose that you want to be a person who has great poise so that you can meet all life situations without fear or feeling of nervousness. You would even like to be able to stand up and speak before groups with poison comfort. Then, if that is what you want, you have your Phase One part already.

What about Phase Two? You would do several things. Every time you attend a group meeting in the person of poise gets up and gives a really good speech, you see yourself as being the person giving that speech. Get that feeling of giving that speech by pretending that you are the person giving it. Also, give a party and coach your guests and celebrate your having given a great speech the day before. Also, line up some chairs in your living room, and one day when no one is there but you, assume that all those chairs are full of people.

Stand up and talk to them as long as you can think of anything to say. It doesn’t matter at this point, just keep standing there and keep talking about anything whatsoever, and after a while you will get a feeling of comfort and you will then begin to control your thoughts. Then, after awhile, you will find yourself taking advantage of every opportunity of accepting appointments to speak before groups and you will one day find that you are a person of poise and confidence.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to be the President of the United States, and Ambassador to a foreign country, a Congressman, a Senator, a movie star, a great singer, a great industrialist, a great attorney, a great salesman, a great farmer, a great housewife and mother, a great secretary, or a great whittler, you can become anything you want to be, big or little, by applying this one, two, three, four technique.

Can you fulfill Phase Two? Sure you can. All you need is the desire and humility of a little child.

But Phase Three is very important.

Phase Three is, “That ability within you to say, Yes and No.”

Many people have not learned that it is their individual prerogative to evaluate any life situation or event or proposition and then down deep inside say, “Yes” if they believe it should be yes, and to say “No” if it should be no. I am not advising you whether, in certain circumstances, you should say “yes” or “no”, but in order to emphasize this point, I would like to say that you have the power, and the right, and the ability, if you choose, to use it; and the God of Heaven gave you that power, right, and ability to use it.

Yes, you have within you the power, the right and the ability to look your father and mother right in the face and say “yes” or “no.” You can look your minister right in the face and say “yes” or “no.” You can look your husband, or your wife, right in the face and say “yes” or “no.” You can look your friend, or your so-called enemy in the face and say “yes” or “no.” Yes, you can look even God in the face and say “yes” or “no”, because he gave you “dominion” and that means that you can say “yes” or “no” to every source of suggestion, even your God, and face the possibility of enjoying the results of having made the right decision, or of suffering from having made the wrong decision.

But the point I am making is that you were given the right, the power, and the intelligence, and the ability to learn to say, “yes” or “no.”

Now, you have followed the suggestions made in Phase One and Phase Two very closely. But, one day you will happen to mention what you are doing, to a friend, your husband or your wife, your mother or father, your minister, and one or more of them immediately begins to make fun of you or discourage you. They tell you, “You mean that you fell for that!”; “Don’t be silly”; “I don’t believe that stuff, and I think that you are nuts”; or some sort of discouragement.

Well, Phase Three of this technique is “down deep inside you.” Pay no attention to them whatsoever, but keep your thoughts on Phase One and Phase Two. Keep identifying your desires, and keep “living in the feeling of having already attained them.” Yes, you can control your attention units. You can learn to say “no” to anything which will hinder the fulfillment of your dreams. You are the master of your fate, the captain of your soul!

Again, let me stress that so far it doesn’t cost anything. When I lecture on the subject around the country I consistently have people ask me, “How much does it cost me to quit being what I am now and become what I want to be? How much does it cost me to get the things I want now?”

Well, I tell them that I had discovered and have proved a simple little technique that really works every time. It is called the “The Count to Four System.” Phase One doesn’t cost one cent. Phase Two doesn’t cost a cent. And Phase Three doesn’t cost a cent either. And now, let me tell you that Phase Four doesn’t cost a cent either. Is that fair enough?

Phase Four is the HOW!

How do you get from here and now, to there, and what you want to be, and have what you want to have and not cost you anything?

Well, I am going to give you the answer in several ways so that you will be sure to trust it. First, let me say, that I am aware of certain facts, laws, rules, powers which are all natural, and which, if you will do certain things with the simple faith of a child, will all work for you and bring your dreams all fulfilled to you.

How many of you have ever had an idea come to you for “out of the blue?” All of you have, I am absolutely sure. Well, how many of you know just where the “blue” is located? I don’t exactly know where it is located myself, but I know the name we give it.

The “blue” is your subconscious mind.

Now, your subconscious mind is like the “soil” into which the farmer plants seeds. The farmer plants for example, wheat. What grain does he expect to one day harvest? “Wheat, of course” you say. May I ask you “How does the farmer take one bushel of wheat, plant it in good soil and a few months later harvest, say 40 bushels? Where does the extra 39 bushels come from?” “Oh,” you say, “Nature did it.”

Well, the farmer has learned by experience that there is something, some power which he calls nature and that if he plants good seed in good soil in good season he can depend on this power in some manner or means which he does not completely understand to take his one bushel of wheat and increase it to 40 bushels.

At the same time, he knows this power does not steal this extra 39 bushels from the neighbor’s granary. This power, in some fashion not fully understood takes just one bushel of seed, about an acre of soil, and about three or four months time.

The faith of the farmer, the warmth of the sun, the moisture of the rain, and other invisible elements, are combined and out of what appears to be “Nothingness” produces 40 new bushels of wheat. The farmer is pleased with the whole affair and his neighbor is not angry with him.

  • Well, Phase One is the seed.
  • Phase Two is the watering, cultivating, sunshine and faith.
  • Phase Three is keeping the weeds out and not letting the enemy destroy your seed which has been well planted and is being cultivated until the harvest.
  • Phase Four is the Subconscious Mind, which has the same quality in the field of LIFE as the soil has for the farmer.

In this way, the same as the soil takes one bushel of wheat and gives you forty fresh, new bushels of wheat, the subconscious takes one good idea,and through laws only known to itself, makes it into your dream fulfilled.

But you ask, “Just how are some of the ways that this all develops, or comes about in my daily life?”

I am glad to give you several examples.

Remember that you have done what it says to do in Phase One. Also, Phase Two and Phase Three. Now, there is a “period of time”  that it takes the seed to germinate and the harvest to arrive in the form of your dream fulfilled. This all takes place quite naturally from day to day in your life. But each day you will have ideas come into your mind and you will do what these ideas suggest as they have to do with the progress toward the attainment of your desires.

For example, suppose that you want to enjoy the standard of living which requires an income of one thousand dollars per month. But right now, your income is only three hundred seventy-five dollars per month.

  • Phase One, you identify your desire of an income of one thousand dollars per month.
  • Phase Two, you pretend and feel as you think you would feel if you already had an income of a thousand per month.
  • Phase Three, you would insist on maintaining that feeling regardless of any suggestion which would disagree with you.
  • Phase Four, you would listen for an idea from your subconscious mind which will help you to actually earn and receive the thousand per month. One day, you ask a friend of yours, “How many ways are there in the world, which pay at least a thousand per month income?”

He tells you of over one hundred ways that pay at least that much. Your Subconscious Mind begins to function in a manner that it never has before. It begins to add things up for you. It tells you in the form of ideas, out of the “blue” and in the form of feelings and urges that you should begin to study in a certain field, perhaps attend a series of lectures, or read certain books, or attain the necessary training to qualify for this new method which will permit you to earn and receive at least a thousand dollars per month. Of course, you not only listen to the subconscious, you do what it tells you to do.

You then, one day, find yourself in a new position that you enjoy very much and you are happier than you have ever been in your life. You are earning and receiving a thousand per month and your dream is a reality. The Count to Four System has worked for you and made it possible for you to almost triple your standard of living. It will help you to be anything you want to be and have anything you want to have.

Another example: A friend of mine is a man who, prior to three years ago, had never been in the direct selling field. He had been operating a modest dry cleaning business.

When I met him three years ago, he was a presser in a department store earning and receiving exactly $100 per week. He had never been before a group to make a talk at the time I met him. He had a 10th grade education, but like so many of us had not learned how to use the best of grammar as far as so-called correct speech was concerned. This man attended one of my lectures about three years ago, and he decided to do everything I asked him to do as I promised that he could be anything he wanted to be and that he could have anything he wanted to have.

In just three short years, he is a top sales executive of one of the most outstanding sales organizations in the world. His duties take him on lecture tours all over the United States, Canada, Hawaii and Alaska and soon he will go to Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Africa. He interviews the biggest people wherever he goes and his income is very substantial and is going up each year. He has everything he could desire. He lives in the finest suites at the finest hotels all over the world. He can do anything he desires because he has self confidence and an adequate amount of money.

Another example: About two years ago, I was lecturing along this line to a group of about 60 people near Los Angeles. Most of this small group were middle aged and older women in the selling field. I told them about the principles behind The Count to Four System. It was, as some of them told me later, just too good to be true. They wanted to believe it, but just found it impossible.

I felt this feeling among these very fine woman and I stopped right there on the spot and used The Count to Four System to help me to help them believe. I got the answer on the spot. I asked if there was at least one lady present, who is never, at any time, even secretly considered the idea of owning and casually driving a late model Cadillac automobile.

A charming lady raised her hand. In fact, several raised their hands, but I picked this one out as an example. I also asked her if she had an expensive dress. She said no, but that she would like one since I mentioned that she can have anything she wanted. Also, she said she was living in an apartment, which was very modest, that cost her about $30 per month. She was driving a used compact car, which at the time was worth about three-hundred and seventy-five dollars. I think that you all can get the picture.

Now, I told the group that in six months or less, this lady would own and be driving a late model Cadillac, be wearing a new expensive knit dress, and would be living in a new and expensive apartment comparable to her new way of life. They all looked goggle-eyed at me as though to say, “Can this really be true or is he a fool?”

Not six months later, but just 5 and one-half weeks later, this lady had her late model Cadillac, her knit dress and her new apartment. And all that she did was use what I have asked you to do in The Count to Four System.

She got well long into the plan, and after a week or so her subconscious mind began asking, “How can I earn and receive more money, because now I am a Cadillac girl and not a second-hand compact car girl. I’m a knit dress girl now, and I am a girl who lives in a new expensive apartment with period furniture. I want to find a way so I can be of greater service to humanity so that I can receive more compensation so I can comfortably live by my new standard.”

Well, this lady’s self-confidence and her sales increased so that she jumped from where she was at the time of the first lecture, to where she was just 5 and one-half weeks later. That has been a little less than two years ago, and now, I still know this very nice lady and at this time she is looking at a brand-new Cadillac. By the way, along with all the things which I mentioned, she also grew in poise, self-confidence, charm, patience, love of service, generosity, and many other very desirable mental attributes.

Her income today is at least three times what it was two years ago. Her self-confidence is 10 times what it was two years ago, and all because she decided to let me experiment in her case. She did not know exactly how it was going to happen, but she had confidence in me and did just exactly what I asked her to do. You say, “Yeah, he tells us these things, but he doesn’t give us their names and addresses.” If all you need, to believe this enough to try it, is to be able to contact this lady and ask her if I am telling you the truth, I’ll be happy to give you names and addresses.

The way to state the Phase Four principle is this:

The size and color of your thoughts are cause. Your experiences are effect.

Each thought has size and color or quality and quantity. Your thought regarding income is cause. Your income is effect.

If you could go through some sort of mental exercise and thereby increase the quality and quantity of your thought, which is cause, soon the income, which is effect, would be increased accordingly.

The Count to Four System is a mental exercise, which expands our thoughts regarding our desires and the law of cause and effect brings our desires to pass.

You ask Mr. A. how much his income is at present, and he tells you that it is $400 per month. You ask him what kind of a house he lives in, and he tells you he lives in a $75 per month house. You ask him why he doesn’t live in a $200 per month house, on a $400 per month income.

Let’s assume that he wants, very much, to live in a certain house which he can obtain for $200 per month. Let’s now further assume that he goes to night school and gets a new job, where his services are now worth $650 per month instead of $400 per month. Now he obtains the $200 per month house and lives in it.

How much does it cost him? We will all have to admit that all he did was to increase the quality and quantity of his “thoughts” and this resulted in his 40 hours per week being worth $650 per month instead of the $400 earned previously. So, it didn’t cost him anything to move into the $200 per month house from the $75 per month house.

Please try to think this through until it really means something to you. I know men who used to work very hard for $400 per month.

They worked hard for over 40 hours per week. Now they have so increased the value of their services per hour, that they work fewer hours, expand less energy and they are earning and receiving $4000 per month. I can take any man or woman, regardless of station in life, and if they will follow The Count to Four System, they can increase the quality and quantity of their “thoughts” and thereby increase the value of their services.

In turn, they will increase the amount of their income, and they can then obtain what they want. The Count to Four System will work for you regardless of whether your present income is $20 per week or $2000 per week. It is a principle which will make it possible for anyone, in any station in life, to merely decide what he wants to be and to have and then become it and have it.

It is now time that every person in the whole world should be told that success is just as simple as one, two, three, four. It is not as complicated as we have been told for centuries. It is good to get a formal education and to know as much as you can.

We have been told, however, that an education is indispensable and absolutely necessary before one can be successful. That is not so.

“If you can count to four”, you can be anything you want to be and can have anything you want to have.

I know this to be true, and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong!

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