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The Power of your Emotions – If You Can Count to Four – 02

CTF The Power of your Emotions

(An excerpt from If You Can Count to Four available on Amazon)

The Power of your Emotions

When I was a youngster, down in the hills of Tennessee, a man visited our house one day and said he was going to put in a saw mill down the creek on our farm, so he could saw lumber for the people of the community who had surplus timber. I remember how excited I was the day they moved the saw mill in because it was pulled by a steam engine. This marvelous piece of machinery was so designed that, when the wood fire was burning at full capacity, it would turn the water into steam. It would then channel this steam into a cylinder, where it would move a piston, creating motive power.

This power would not only pull the steam engine and the saw mill along the road, but it would turn a large flywheel on which was attached a belt. This led to a pulley on which was a circular saw. Through the power created by this fire they were able to saw large logs in to lumber. All of that was a rather intriguing operation for a youngster 8 to 10 years old.

I remember how amazed I was that steam, compressed into a small chamber and directed where it would cause a small piston to move up and down, could create enough power to move this mighty steam engine. I remember they used just “snake” logs from the hills with this steam engine, and I was amazed at the power that it had in pulling these great logs. One morning, I went down to the mill early, before the crew arrived, and observed how cold this engine was and how powerless it was. I got up in the driver’s seat and pulled all the levers, pushed all the brakes and clutches, turned everything, and nothing happened because the source of power was not present. The machine had not generated any steam.

The steam in this great big engine compares with the emotion in the human being. I learned a long time ago, before I understood the law of motion, that people around me who seemed to be very successful were those who had the capacity to feel strongly about life. They felt strongly about their business, in fact, they felt strongly about everything in which they were engaged. Thus, I have come to believe, that in order for anyone to be successful, they must develop the capacity to feel strongly about a great human need, and the capacity to feel strongly that they have the ability to take the answer to the need in quality and quantity.

Every time we discuss any phase of success, relative to the human family, we must revert back to the study and a brief review of the conscious and the subconscious mind. Yes, the study of the conscious and the subconscious mind always enters into any consideration of personal success.

All thoughts originate in the conscious mind. The conscious mind is personal and selective. It has the power of choice. It is the male principle of the fourth dimension or the realm of mental action and reaction. The subconscious is impersonal and non- selective. It has unlimited power to take any order from the conscious mind and to bring it into fulfillment.

When we consider the power of the emotions or the power of feeling, we must become keenly aware of the intimate functions of the conscious and subconscious. The subconscious is impressed with every thought expressed by the conscious mind. It is impressed to the degree that the conscious expresses itself with feeling or a emotion, and every impression made with feeling or emotion, in the subconscious, must express itself outwardly in our environment.

Consequently, we must be very careful indeed regarding the types of thoughts, feelings and reactions we experience consciously. If we react with emotion or feeling to any negative situation in life, that impression will be made on the subconscious and then it must express itself in our lives.

That is the reason why we have so much frustration, unhappiness, in harmonies and trouble in the world today. The majority of the people in the world do not realize this relationship between the conscious and the subconscious mind and the importance of controlling their emotions.

Thus they have developed the habit of reacting to negative situations constantly.

Making these impressions in the subconscious is like the thorns and thistle seeds which come up in ones garden. Every thought is a seed. As it falls into the subconscious with a feeling, it germinates immediately and we must reap the harvests in our experience.

The challenge is for each one of us to become aware of the power of our emotions, and the fact that we can control our emotions, that we can experience only the desirable type of feelings, and that when we impresses the subconscious with desirable feelings, we can have only desirable experiences.

Previously, we discussed the importance of becoming aware of the fact that we are thinking beings and we’re thinking constantly. All of our waking hours we are thinking consciously and all of our sleeping hours we are thinking subconsciously. The conscious mind is the father principle and has the capacity to design the type of lives that we would desire to experience.

It is through the conscious mind that we design what we want to be and what we want to have. The subconscious mind is the soil of life, or the female principle of the universe, into which must fall the seed of life. The seed will germinate and grow and become an outer experience for each of us.

Thus we must become aware of the fact that we are constantly sowing seeds in our waking moments, and we are constantly causing the seeds to germinate in our sleeping moments, and that everything we are at present time, every experience we experience as a matter of habit from day to day is the result of seeds we have sown with feeling sometime in the past.

We are the designers of the type of lives and the type of situations which we experience from day to day. There isn’t anything on the outside of us in the form of climate, politics, friends or enemies, which causes us to be what we are today. If we are not satisfied with what we are at this time, if we are honest enough to admit that this basic principle is true, we will be able to see that we are in a position to do something about it.

All we have to do is define the type of situation we would like to experience and then began immediately to plant that kind of seed with feeling and emotion into our subconscious mind and make these impressions which will, according to the law as tangible as gravity, electricity or chemistry, develop into an experience.

If we desire to experience these desirable things as a matter of habit, we must entertain these thoughts until they become well-established and then the law of habit will come into play and, from that point on, we will experience them without any conscious effort.

I am thinking of a few examples of the power of the emotion. Did you ever wonder why some people can say a group of words and they will not receive even $100 a week for saying the lines, and a great actor or actress can say the same lines receive many thousands of dollars per week? The basic difference is in the depth of emotion, and in the control of emotion involved in saying the lines.

Did you ever wonder why one minister can give a message from the Bible and can hardly find a place to preach? They may pay him from $50-$75 per week for his services when he does preach, while another minister can give the same message and he is in demand all over the world and his income runs into the hundreds of dollars per week? This difference is in the depth of conviction, the feeling, the emotion, the expression, which all springs from an intensity of emotion well controlled.

Did you ever wonder why some sales people can say the same words, make the same approach, give the same presentation, give the same close, word for word, as another salesman and the prospect fails to react, while another person can come along and give that same approach, that same presentation, that same close and make many sales? The difference is in the depth of emotion, feeling and conviction.

Did you ever wonder why it was said of The Great Master, in the New Testament, that he spoke with authority and not as the Scribes? The Scribes were a group of people who were like a stenographer who transcribes exactly what is dictated. The Scribes did not do the thinking, but merely reported the thinking of others, and hence, they had not developed the capacity to express a depth of feeling in any of their experiences.

The Master Teacher, on the other hand, had a message in which he believed very strongly. With great conviction, he expressed it casually, but with the authority and with a feeling of knowingness. The multitudes followed him because of his great quality.

It is a great challenge for each person to learn to feel strongly about something. Unless one makes a decision and says within himself, “This I believe, with all of my being” he cannot express life effectively. Each person not only must find something that is good, true and beautiful, but which expresses itself with the depth of conviction. Each person must take inventory of all of his present habit patterns and gradually as they come up and try to express himself to neutralize them if they are negative and replace them with a positive track or habit pattern.

One day, all the negative patterns will be eliminated or neutralized and all of his being will come from habit patterns which are positive and manifested in terms of the good, the true and the beautiful. Then, every thought, which comes from one’s being will come with sincerity and with a depth of feeling. This great indescribable emotional power will express itself effectively and one’s life will become a beautiful thing, a happy thing, a desirable thing.

So, realize that what we think consciously, with feeling, or with the emotion, is impressed upon the very sensitive plate of the subconscious and these thoughts must express themselves. I challenge you to design good, true and beautiful ideas, and express them with the emotion. They will be impressed upon your subconscious mind and immediately you will begin to realize good and true and beautiful experiences.

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