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Does Faith Create Miracles by Thought Alone? Mindset Tricks

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Does Faith Create Miracles by Thought Alone?

This may be the most incredible part to tell you about.

In fact, though I ve read or listened to these books at least a dozen times each (many more for some) this one datum I glossed over completely until I started writing the short biographic sketches of each author.

Let s cut to the chase:

There is evidence that belief will create the fact if it doesn t exist.


Believe something, and it will come into existence.

No, I m not kidding. William James first pointed the idea out, as published in his lecture called The Will to Believe in 1847. James point was mentioned in Claude M. Bristol s Magic of Believing, and he gave several examples of it.

However, if you re not looking for something, you may never find it. The trick is to re-learn how to look, as I ve covered earlier.

I only bring this up to you now that we are into the heaviest part of this book. Hopefully I ve chased off the lookie-loo s who are skeptical of everyone and everything.

Because this particular datum, if you believe it to be true, can change your world literally beyond your wildest dreams. It also explains many things that our best Science boys have not been able to figure out.

Bristol said this short statement in his book:

William James, father of modern psychology in America, declared that often our faith in advance of a doubtful undertaking is the only thing that can assure its successful conclusion. Man’s faith, according to James, acts on the powers above him as a claim and creates its own verification. In other words, the thought becomes literally father to the fact. For further illumination of faith and its power, I suggest that you read the General Epistle of James in the New Testament.

This is the point, after a form, that Earl Nightingale was making with his Strangest Secret recording. His phrase became, We become what we think about.

Of course, that simply doesn t have the power of the first statements, but his recording and transcripts of it continue to sell well, as the truth is there to read and hear.

If you trace this idea back earlier and earlier, the statements become more powerful. And more easily rejected.

The oldest statement of this can be found in the Polynesian language itself. The way they taught their culture in the time before written books was to have the meanings in the words they used to describe things and ideas.

While Serge Kahili King listed this as one of the the seven principles in his books, Tad James also got this same definition from Daddy Bray, a respected Kahuna who lived in the Hawaiian Islands:

Ike (Ee-Kay) – The world is what you think it is.

Of course, you can immediately jump into all sorts of ideas about that meaning.

What you are reading now has to do with whether this ties into William James idea or not.

In Bristol s earlier work, TNT: It Rocks the Earth, he had a phrase that came to him and he used often: I know it. I believe it, and it is so.

Literally this means that your thoughts cause that belief to exist. Otherwise, it s just a nice affirmation.

I m not going to force you to believe this, only to present it as something for consideration.

If true, this means you can have any success in life you want, only limited by your own thoughts and beliefs.

All we ve covered here about Bucket Crabs, and Golden Rule, and Cosmic Habitforce, then take on a completely new meaning.

As well, the classic point which is also found through our philosophies, that you should always consider goals as already accomplished, already achieved.

This James datum explains how that works.

Of course, you also see how potentially dangerous this is – if you believe it to be dangerous.

For what you believe occurs.

If you disagree with what is manifesting in the universe around you, change your beliefs.

As usual, I tell you here and now to test everything for yourself, especially if it’s from me. It isn t true unless you can prove it to be true for yourself.

Unless you only have to believe it to make it happen

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