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7 Strange Secrets to Your Amazing Life – Systems for Your Mindset

7 Strange Secrets to Winning Big: Get Happy, Money, and Health7 Strange Secrets to Your Amazing Life

…how many of these do you already know and use?

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Life is generally found to be a natural system that works in spite of our Sciences and our News Media and our Politicians and Celebrities.

That’s probably why we as a species have survived as long as we have. Because Nature wouldn’t let us quit.

For a fact, the few people who are outrageous success (as well as the many, many people who live lives of regular success) know part or all of the natural system which makes success possible.

Successful people tend to study successful people. This isn’t the same as finding yourself following followers. True successes find that certain principles (or Laws) continue to work regardless of the surrounding conditions. The people who hit onto these and use them consistently tend to have more success than those around them.

There are a lot of man-made deserts on this planet where civilizations once flourished. Italy, Greece, Egypt, and Iraq are some of these. Nation-states which were once the center of trade and the “civilized” world now are having a rough time simply keeping their national budgets balanced.

More recently, you can see the difference between North and South Korea. And how rapidly South Africa has changed with various administrations.

The point is that there aren’t a lot of people in those areas who have figured out what principles successful people know and then apply them to their own lives.

Not too surprising, all these principles aren’t secret. They’ve been written up time and time again. They trace back in our bestsellers over the ages to our oldest philosophies. And all those books are still in print, or can be found for free online.

It takes looking.

Do you want to be successful?

Then you need to study successful people and the books they studied.

Too simple.

If you’re happy with what you have and the conditions around you, then just keep doing what you are doing. If you aren’t happy with your results, or want to do better, then you need to change what you are  doing and thinking. Because what you’ve done and thought up to this point has gotten you where you are. Doing more of the same will give you more of the same.

There are systems at work. Most of these principles work together to create systems anyone can apply in their lives. As covered above, most of the successful people have figured out a few or quite a few of these. Steven Covey came up with his 7 Habits. Napoleon Hill published 13 in his Think and Grow Rich, but ended up with 17 principles as his system.

Earl Nightingale is a favorite study of mine. He had an outrageously successful set of careers in his life. And left a wealth of data for you and I to be inspired and motivated by. If you boil these down, you’ll find that he had really just 7 points that he kept going back to.

(And more about these is available in a short read called “7 Strange Secrets to Winning Big” that is linked in the show notes as a free download, as well as Amazon.)

Here’s his list:

1. “We become what we think about.” Change your thinking, and you change what you can become or have in your life.

2. Test all conventional wisdom or advice you receive, read, hear, or observe. Only accept that data conditionally until you can test it fully.

3. The Golden Rule is the rule of gold. As you give openhandedly (and in excess) so you will recieve. Cause and Effect. You can’t get without giving. You have to have something valuable to offer before you can get something valuable in return.

4. The reason 2% make far more than the rest of the 98% is because they decided and set goals. Too simple. Focus on just one thing and you’ll get it. Focus on nothing and you get nothing.

5. The Gold Mine is between your ears. Practice thinking and you’ll sharpen your imagination, inspiration, and intuition. The ideas you get in your daily “thinking time” are all free. But you can use the best of these ideas to get any amount of riches you want. The trick is to practice thinking daily.

6. Attitude determines result. Norman Vincent Peale said this was his greatest discovery. A positive attitude creates positive results. A negative attitude creates negative results. Spend more time with positive people than negative ones and your life will have better results. Practice action to improve your attitude and results.

7. You river of interest creates your body of work. Find that “sweet spot” where your training and your interests overlap. Work in this area and create your best work routinely. If there is something more interesting, use what you already know how to do to pay for the training you need to move into that field. Follow your bliss in everything you do.

Those seven points are a minimalist approach to living. And they can be fewer or more, depending on your preferences.

The point is to have a system at the base of your mindset. Then stack your training and additional systems on top of this, or extended from it, to build your belief-system that will carry you comfortably through life.

You can only become what you think about, and can only achieve what you want to be or have by getting and keeping in action.

These seven points are a start. Change them as you like, test each of them for yourself.

Good luck with this. And have fun.

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