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How to Build a Mindset that Doesn’t Blow (Up).

Building a Mindset That Doesn't Blow (Up)(Click here to download audio.)

How to Build a Mindset that Doesn’t Blow (Up) Your World.

You don t want to be walking along and when someone sets off a bomb under the sidewalk to send you flying to an uncertain landing.

Not comfortable.

That s the same with your belief system. The bombs ready to go off are the uninspected bits and pieces which don t add up and don t really make any sense.

But you ll only see them (and defuse them) when you look them over carefully.

Hopefully, by now, you ve gotten the message that you have to do this with everything you ve studied, heard, seen, or experienced.

The way to make a bomb-proof belief system is to take the exploding parts out of your existing system as you rebuild it from the ground up.

Next, you build on natural systems that always work. We ve covered how to make systems for yourself through your own analysis, and it s a system itself.

Your view of life has to be a tough-love approach. Does this really work? has to be your first question, followed by: Let s see if it actually does

As we ve covered, our culture pays homage to the God of Science. And that god is a fickle one, 50% full of falsehoods, fiction, and fantasy. The rest is dubious, as it s built in a rickety structure – on sand.

There is cause and effect. But a lot of what causes things are the way people think they want their lives to turn. It s more built on archetypes and the Hero’s Journey than it is some mechanical plot machine.

The trick is to build your life so you can causatively feel good, or feel better, any time you are experiencing something that feels a way you don t like.

The stuff that works for you will help you feel the way you want every time you put it to use.

The trick is always to Trust, but Verify all data coming into your life. And you have to keep track of your feelings (not your emotions) and look for inspiration on how you should be changing things so that you can and will feel better.

You can feel a calm, cheerful, expectant attitude all the time. Calmly viewing things as they are. Cheerful and optimistic about the situation you are in. Expectant that your goals are very close to being completed.

Recall that phrase W. Clement Stone used when anything happened around him, That s Good! And then he d get busy finding what was good about it and how he was able to use that situation as an opportunity for even more success.

And also recall his phrase, I feel healthy, I feel happy, I feel terrific! when starting his day. Just make sure you say it to your own reflection in the mirror. That s the power of it – charge up your own batteries first thing in the morning.

Similarly, surround yourself only with people who share your attitude and approach. Build your own mastermind group to accomplish a shared goal. Weed out the naysayers and critically-bent.

And you ll find yourself part of that automatically successful 5%.

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