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Keep Calm, It’s Always Been Fake News – Mindset Re-Stacking

Keep Calm, It's all Fake News - Make Yourself Great Again(Click here to download audio.)

Stay Calm and Enjoy the Fake News

…because it’s all fake and always has been.

The problem, as usual, isn’t you. It’s how you think about the world. So don’t take it personally.

This is really advanced Mindset Stacking techniques, where the Make Yourself Great Again (MYGA) book left off and the research continues…

It’s true that the world is an illusion.

Or rather, that’s a very workable truth. (Of course, test this for yourself and don’t take my or anyone’s word for it.)

The people who get very tied up in how this world is going either watch a lot of news, believe what they hear from neighbors and friends and social media, buy into “making a difference” or “changing the world”, or generally take everything they experience very seriously.

Sure, there is and always has been death and destruction. It’s part of how the Nature runs the world, and necessary to recycling things. But you don’t have to be afraid of it or fill your life with watching it on TV or in the movies.

The advanced part of this is to take Levenson/Ponder releasing, Silva remote-influencing, and Huna principles all into one basket and look for the similarities. I don’t cover these in this book much. You’d have to look earlier to my “Freedom Is” or my massive “Winning Your Infinite Freedom” in order to get a lot of these.

The short hand synopsis are these:

  1. Ponder points out in her Dynamic Laws of Prosperity book that we seem to be filled up to the brim with our own beliefs and mental habits, so you need to let go of some in order to make room for more prosperous ones to manifest.
  2. Levenson reached a high point from his releasing in just three months (after being told he was going to die) and then took 18 years to figure out what he had done. (My own research and summary of his data is in Freedom Is. His one book is out of print and his tapes are fragmentary.) He went back to both early Christianity and Eastern beliefs as part of his personal process. This is where the idea of “The World as an Illusion” first hit my own lines. (As a sidebar, Alan Watts also touches on this several times in his many recordings.)
  3. Jose Silva was researching into brain waves and mental healing about the same time as Levenson, and also in Arizona. His last research was into the delta wavelengths, those which occur just before sleep. At that level, you can communicate with anyone anywhere instantaneously, and with absolute truth. Originally named “UltraMind,” it’s been clinically re-titled “remote communication and influencing.”
  4. Huna comes in to explain how these all work. Their basic principles state, in part, that:
    “There are no limits. (We are all connected.)”
    “Energy flows where attention goes.” And,
    “Truth is as valuable as it is workable.”
    Below all of these is the Huna statement, “The world is what you think it is.” And that is very close to Nightingale’s “We become what we think about.”

Recently, I was working on my own mindset restacking and dug into this, finding that it was true that there was a very possible way to communicate with exactly the people you need through Silva’s remote communication techniques. And at that level, the “reality” we’ve accepted as “true” is really just an illusion, a metaphor. A metaphor is just a tool we use to make sense of things around us, to give a model we can use like a hat and coat rack. To have a place we can hang things on and organize them.

I should actually let you look these up for yourself and test them.

One thing that showed up after the Make Yourself Great Again book was out is a simple way to test things:

Ask yourself for any datum:

  • How can I use this?
  • How does this make me feel?
  • What does this mean to me?
  • How does this fit into what I already know? And,
  • What action does this inspire me to take?

Those are actually based on the Huna shaman techniques for understaning in four ways: Objective, Subjective, Symbolic, and Holistic.

The point of taking action comes from the core of MYGA, which is that to succeed better we need to re-learn to Observe, Understand, and Take Action.

By this time, you now see how all “news” is fake news.

One parting shot at these knuckleheads is to understand that they have built their corporate media empires on the false idea that we will pay more attention to a car wreck than anything else. They think that it’s all “pain versus pleasure.” And taken to it’s logical end: Masochism vs. Gluttony.

Of course, you look up Maslow and you see a wide variety of motivations. Read Gene Schwartz and you’ll  see that the desires we seek to fill with all our purchases are many, varied, and never use the same route twice. Meaning that the bulk of the marketing you are experiencing is also fake news, since it is mostly built on trite formulas that only ever worked once to any great degree.

It’s the point that we are really here to experience joy. Our best ideas come when we are inspired (and that usually is due to being in Silva’s Alpha or Delta levels.) But as Nap Hill pointed out in “Think and Grow Rich,” imagination takes practice to get your best results.

Here I suggest you start working at releasing that 95% wrong conventional wisdom that you’ve been accepting all your life.

Then explore this idea that the reality you’ve taken as rock-solid truth may actually be an illusion which has been keeping you from manifesting all the health, happiness, and prosperity that has been possible all this time.

Technically, you are unlimited in what you can have and be. Beyond your wildest dreams. The only reason you haven’t achieved, attained, or acquired anything and everything you’ve ever dreamed of has to do with the personal limits you’ve accepted for yourself.

Now, if all this is a bit too much, let me tell you about some tools I created for you:

They are called Mindset Stacking Journals and are available on Amazon and soon in bookstores both online and everywhere. (Also on Lulu, direct with discount.)

These will help you practice how to test datums for workability (truth) and also practice your imagination. They have 90 quotes in them.

  1. You read one quote a day and then write down answers to the five questions above on the opposite page.
  2. Then get another one the next day and fill it out.
  3. And another the next, and so on.

The quotes don’t duplicate across the 16 volumes, so you’ll have about four years of these. (By then, you could start all over again and get even more inspiration.) They are priced as inexpensively as possible for printed books as I could. (No, they aren’t ebooks, as the writing part is key to getting the most out of these.)

Real simple. Amazing by result. Try what you learned today for yourself. See if this works for you.

As Earl Nightingale said, “You have nothing to lose, but your whole life to gain.”

Make Yourself Great Again Available as ebook and audiobook.

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