Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Success Starts From Your Choice of Beliefs – Mindset Tactics

Success Starts With Belief Choice - Mindset Tactics(Click here to download audio.)

Choose Your Beliefs Wisely – Your Success is Always Your Choice.

You won t see me telling you specifically what to believe here. Only that you do believe already.

All I repeatedly ask you to do is to test everything for yourself. Test things with your own trials to see if they work for you.

Like choice, you always believe. Just like you can t choose not to choose, you always believe in something.

Those beliefs create the world around you, for good or bad.

The other point I suggest is that you compare your choices and beliefs against how they make you feel. I prefer feeling good, but that is your option.

If something is Political or Religious (note the capitals) I ve generally left them alone. (Although there are many tempting examples, this being written in an election year.) You can vote the way you want or not vote at all. You can join any Church you want and practice however you want, or not believe in God.

You re beliefs are your choice.

All I tell you is to test your beliefs against what works for you.

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