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Open The Door – Claude Bristol Magic of Believing

2Open The Door Claude Bristol Magic of Believing3

(An excerpt from “The Strangest Secret Library” – available on Amazon.)

Open The Door – Claude Bristol Magic of Believing

Before closing I should tell you that the conscious mind must be placed in a receptive condition to get the ideas from the subjective or subconscious. Of course, we all know it is the conscious mind which reasons, which weighs, which calculates – the subconscious mind does not do any of these things – it simply passes on ideas to the conscious mind.

Relax And Tap

You have heard a lot of people say; “play your hunches” – what are those hunches? Where do they come from? They come from the workings of the subconscious mind. Psychologists tell us – you will soon understand the reason – that to put the human mind in a receptive condition you must relax.

If you have ever laid on the massage table and been told by the masseur to relax then you know what I mean. Let the body go limp. If you have trouble at first, try it with your arm – both arms – both legs, until the whole body is relaxed and the mind automatically will relax.

When that is accomplished concentrate on what you want – then hunches come. Grab them, execute them as the little voice tells you. Do not reason or argue, but do as you are told and do it immediately.

You will understand what psychologists, mystics and students mean when they tell you to stop, relax – Think of nothing – when you wish to draw on the subconscious and have the little inner voice speak. As you further progress you will also begin to realize what the seers of the East had in mind when they said: “Become at ease, meditate, go into the great silence, continue to meditate and your problems will fade into nothingness.”

The road ahead will become illuminated and your burdens will fall away one by one. Is there anything clearer than “Pilgrim’s Progress?” My message is no different than that which was conveyed there – only, as I said before – I put it to you in perhaps different words.

The Mysterious Nothingness

The late Thomas A. Edison explaining his success of inventing said: “I begin by using my accumulated knowledge but most of my inventions are completed with Ideas which flash into my mind out of thin air.”

Fred Ott and Charles Dally, associated with Mr. Edison for more than 50 years, solved the secret of making synthetic rubber. I quote from a newspaper story dated October 21, 1931: “On Monday, he (Mr. Edison), started to sink into a stupor. But Dally and Ott were still pounding doggedly (determinedly, concentrating, tap, tap, tap) at their experiments. And on Tuesday night the solution flashed out of the mysterious nothingness.”

The little voice spoke – just like it always does when you make up your mind what you want and when you go after it.

If your own little inner voice suggests that you ask for something, do not be backward about asking. You have nothing to fear. The other person will never help unless he knows your wishes so you must ask.

Accept the theory advanced herein and practice intelligently and the voice will speak just like it did for Edison, Ott, Dally and thousands of others, and you will get results – all will be yours.

In Julius Caesar, Cassius, he of the lean and hungry look, talking to Brutus, of the Roman Emperor’s power, said:

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in Ourselves that we are underlings.”

As you know, William Shakespeare wrote that, and he himself arose above the commonplace by using this Power.

Who Is To Blame?

If you are timid, backward, in a rut and an underling, it is because of yourself. Blame not the stars. Blame not society.

Blame not the world. Blame Yourself. Again I say, change gears. Put them in High and Begin to Move.

Grip Tightly

Some people not thoroughly understanding may say that you are conceited, self-centered, or selfish but care not what they say.

Those are the scoffers – those who would put rocks in your road and otherwise impede your progress. Those who understand will be helpful – they will be eager to serve you. The intelligent ones will begin to study you to determine what you have that they haven’t and try to learn your secret.

I have given you a grip on it; hold it to you tightly and start moving forward.

George Jean Nathan, one of America’s foremost critics, in a compilation of “Living Philosophies” declares he has never known a man who succeeded in life in a material way who did not think of himself first, last and all the time.

Naturally I don’t know just how Nathan meant that but I am sure he did not mean that a successful man is selfish to the point where he isn’t helpful to others because if you follow the theme as I have outlined it and get on the road to success you will not be led to act ruthlessly.

Service Pays Dividends

As a matter of fact, the exact opposite is true because you will find that you will wish to do charitable things, good things for other people, performing services involving the throwing out of crumbs as it were, and your willingness to do something for the other fellow will bring about a willingness on his part to do something for you. There is nothing selfish about this – it’s just a matter of cause and effect. Remember Ampere’s laws of attraction.

Like begets like. When you perform a service you will be paid huge dividends.

There is no mystery about it, it’s just so.

“I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” – HENLEY

“As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.” – JESUS

I know it, I believe it and it’s so.

Practice Tap Tap

If this has registered with you in any particular, then I’ve accomplished something. Read it again carefully and read it again a week from now and keep it to read again. If you’ll put into practice the ideas offered you’ll soon learn I’ve given you truths as old as man himself. They’ve always worked and they always will. Use the mechanics of my system. Make them a part of your daily life and you’ll succeed. If you’re in earnest with yourself you’ll find the whole scheme very simple. Practice, practice – tap, tap, tap – Believe, have Faith and you’ll get the golden key to all – yourself.

If you have read this book understandingly you will appreciate the tremendous power which lies in the science of thought repetition and positive action. You can, by the repetition of the same thought, “tap” yourself upward or downward – dependent on whether you have depressed or constructive thoughts. By voicing your thoughts intelligently and convincingly you can, by suggestion, “tap” others up or down, so it behooves you to exercise great care that you do not misuse your POWER. Fill your mind with creative thoughts and then act as the ideas come to you. Remember: Every thought, kept ever constant leads to action. So keep this book and reread it as frequently as possible. Tap-tap-tap.

  • Here, there – everywhere.
  • Wenn Sie es glauben – ist es so.
  • Si vous le croyez – alors c’est vrai.
  • Om Man tror det – ar det sa.
  • Se voi Credete è – co si.
  • Si creyo is V – es asi.
  • If you believe it, It is so.

“The more you spread it (your message) the greater will become the service you are rendering to your fellow men.” –  PAUL R. KELTY, Editor, THE OREGONIAN. Portland, Or

Many others, believing that great good must follow, urged me to get my message circulated and this little book is the result. I know what it has done; I know what it will do when passed on to others.

You have friends and acquaintances who are depressed, despondent, in ill health, worried over financial affairs, whose worlds are topsy-turvy; dissatisfied with their lot in life – lost in the wilderness. You may perform a great service by having them read T.N.T. and they need never know that you were responsible for their receiving it.

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