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Mindset Quote: “We Have Met The Enemy and They is Us.”

Mindset quote: We Have Met the Enemy and They is Us(Click here to download audio.)

Mindset Quote: “We Have Met The Enemy and They is Us.”

Walt Kelly had an excellent cartoon called Pogo, which had stinging commentary about the times.

In one panel, he summed up where humanity s problems were coming from. As the lead character was polling his skiff across a polluted swamp, he said simply:

We have met the enemy and they is us.

This sums up all problems humankind has. We long went past the point where there were any environmental threats we couldn t solve. The United States has been exporting excess grain since around World War I, and has continued to improve production almost every year since.

Famine is now created by governments, as more than sufficient aid is available to any nation that is suffering from a local drought. Only where the government itself is limiting food and trade does any starvation continue. (Again, compare North and South Korea.)

Currently, peace is breaking out worldwide, as there are more areas which are peacefully existing than ever before. Crime and killings have been down-trending for decades in the U.S. One report points out that the number of fatalities due to terrorism is very small compared to the world-wide wars this planet has experienced.

Commerce may be to blame for this. One study mentioned that no two countries with a MacDonald s franchise in them had ever gone to war. One economist pointed to the Dell factor of outsourced electronics manufacture and assembly as being key to peace across wide areas, as if any of these nations went to war, they would instantly lose those jobs and income.

Russia tended to prove this out in their local conflicts on it s borders. Every time they exerted military efforts to resolve issues, investments dried up and their economy suffered.

This is seen in local areas where the crime rate is high or spikes. Tourism to that city slumps. A local college had an extremist group protesting, which they gave in to instead of enforcing local ordinances about permits for protests, etc. For the next two years, enrollments dropped and millions in operating budget were lost.

People want to be safe. They want laws enforced fairly.

Money follows safety. To have peace, you need to have an equitable rule of law which keeps tourists and visitors safe. Otherwise, they ll stay home or go someplace else to spend their money.

Safety and peace is established and held by the individuals within that country. It is up to individuals to make their local area safe for commerce.

If the local area cannot create a peaceful, commerce-ready environment, then the remote areas will withhold their funds until it can be created and maintained.

The doom-sayers tend to lose listeners. We ve covered this with the broadcast news media. They are making it unsafe through their reporting as they possibly can.

It s what you believe that creates the world around you.

Every device you have, any vehicle you drive, and even the very roads you travel on are the results of ideas. Individuals thought these ideas up.

The companies that employed those people or bought those patents were also created by the ideas and actions of individuals.

And whatever someone truly believes, they can achieve They can make any goal they want. They can be and have anything they ve ever dreamed of. They can have abundant life, health, income, everything they set their mind to.

Or they can slog along until they can t work anymore and get a government paycheck and public housing that everyone else pays for.

It s really a question of how much fun do you want to have in your life? How much success do you want to aim for? How routinely happy do you want to be?

95% choose to slog along. 5% choose success.

Your life results consist of your choices and their results.

Always has been, always will be.

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