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How to Become Exceptional – Success in 5 Simple Steps

A fall bull calf and his Mother, Side-saddleHow to Become Exceptional

…because all success isn’t average or normal. Those you see out in front, ahead of everyone, are truly exceptional.

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Finally had our last calf, who is an exceptional white-faced, white-striped bull calf. Survey of our walnut trees shows no crop this year, but I was able to get some persimmons and these look to be nice and fat. We looked up spice bushes (named because their leaves and berries can be used as an allspice substitute, kinda) and their fruit stays on almost all winter. There’s recipies for spice bush jelly online…


It’s true. All outstanding success is exceptional. It may be that any success is exceptional.

Interestingly, this business about being successful came from some very mundane study of marketing. The word success itself comes from two words which mean “after” and “to go, come.” It together they took the meaning “result.”

This then implies that you need to follow through to get success. And so, both focus and persistence play big parts in achieving anything. The Elon Musks, and Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett all personify this type of thinking and approach to life.

You can then make a little note somewhere (yet another post-it note around your monitor?) that says, “Success is the result of focused persistance.” And that of course, implies having and pursuing a goal. Small wonder that success is exceptional when some 98% of everyone out there don’t set a goal to begin with.


The whole study of how to organize is working out for yourself how to run a business. Otherwise, you’re organizing for the sake of organizing. Which is fine by itself as a hobby. Doing caricatures yesterday, and a fellow artist told me the story from last year, where a girl sat down next to him and watched him draw for awhile. After a bit, she started organizing his pencils by their colors and rubber-banding them. Eventually, she left. Never left her name or had much conversation, my artist friend was of course busy drawing and hardly saw her leave. But this year opened his art box and saw the neat bundles of pencils.

Yet what is this girl’s goals? She helps openhandedly, yet never leaves any way to get in touch with her. She likes art, like to organize, but didn’t give a way that artist could help her in return.

The short view of this is that she is no business person, although a very nice person indeed.

You have to have a goal. You have to be able to plan toward that success. But you also have to let other people help you back in return. This is the reason to have websites, emails, and even physical locations. So people around you don’t get frustrated from being stuck with no way to pay back your help.

Obviously, paying it forward in advance is a great promotional gesture. But you always have to let the steam you build up have an outlet. Otherwise, your readers and listeners may find that they are about to burst. Oddly, they may start to resent your help after awhile.

Logically, we are all here to help others help others better. Chew that sentence over for a bit and test it for yourself. Make some examples how it might or might not be that way. You’ll probably find that the most successful businesses are built on giving real value (help) and enabling people to give them money (help in return).

All your organizing steps are to channel your and their help toward achieveing that goal you’re pursuing, wanting success at.


So these are some actions you can take this week:

1. Verify your goal. Envision it as done. Get those cards made out if you haven’t already.
2. Plan out your steps to get the major actions laid out so they will wind up in success.
3. Write down the next six most important actions you need to take and number them in order of priority.
4. If you aren’t at work, then the next “work day” start working on number one and concentrate on getting this done successfully. Then take number 2 and so on. One at a time. (Forget this multi-tasking nonsense. Success is the result of being very focused and persistent.)
5. If you don’t get them all done, then you have your list for the next day. Add to this with anything else that came up and prioritize that list again.
This is described in “The $25,000 idea” as Earl Nightingale laid out years ago.

Have fun with this.
Again, hats off to you for all your help you’ve give out this week so openhandledly. You’re stacking up a mess of chips in this game, so you can cash in later. (Just make sure to leave your calling card as you do…)

See you next time.



  • The $25,000 Idea – Simple Ways to Effective Goal Achievement – links to all online book outlets
  • How to Completely Change Your Life in 30 Seconds – more essays from Earl Nightingale


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