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The Power of Your Imagination – If You Can Count to Four – 03

CTF The Power of Your Imagination

(An excerpt from If You Can Count to Four available on Amazon)

The Power of your Imagination

If I told you that, by the proper use of your imagination, you can be anything you want to be in and you can have anything you want to have, would you be ready to receive that as a basic truth? In my research, I determined that it was a basic truth. I feel that how I began to appropriate this truth will be of interest to you. I assumed that it was true. I then figured that if it were true, what would be the first thing I would want to attain in the material realm? Would it be a new automobile or a new home, new clothes or a new income?

During my consideration of this phase of my research, I found myself driving along Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. I suddenly realized I was right in front of a mobile dealer’s showroom, where was displayed one of the loveliest automobiles in the world.

I pulled over to the curb and parked in front of the showroom. I sat there and thought over this wonderful discovery. I realize that, through the imagination, I could assume that I already had what I wanted to have, and that by the power of assumption, the power of feeling as I would feel if I already had the automobile or whatever I desired, some wonderful power within me would bring it to pass.

So I sat there, and my older model automobile, in which I had an investment of only a few hundred dollars, and I looked into the window. I saw exactly the make of car that I thought was the most wonderful car in the world. It was priced at almost $8000.

I visited with my wife along this line. She reminded me that I had maintained that the only thing I needed to be concerned with was the use of my imagination, that imagination was sufficient, that I need not be consciously concerned about how to pay for it, that as soon as I got this wonderful feeling from assuming it was already mine, all of the other things in the realm of the so-called “practical” would fit into place and rearrange themselves so the purchasing of the automobile would be no problem.

So, my wife and I Masterminded together. We wondered whether we should dare to make this marvelous experiment. Finally, we decided to assume that we were going to purchase the automobile that evening. We went into the showroom and went through the whole routine of sitting in the car and imagining that it was ours. We talked to the salesman on the assumption that we were going to buy it. He became thrilled over the idea that he was going to make a sale. He filled out the papers completely on the assumption that he had made a sale to the point of my signature on the contract. Well, I’ll never forget how close I came to buying this automobile that evening, even though when I walked down I was a million miles from buying it.

About two weeks later, I was down in the same territory of Los Angeles, and I went through the same routine. This time, however, I drove it for about an hour all around Los Angeles, getting the feel, using my imagination dynamically, assuming that it was already mine in every phase of feeling it. I came very close to purchasing the automobile that day, because in those two weeks something had happened in my business activity.

I found I had new zeal, new energy, new enthusiasm and new dreams, and I had increased the activity in my usual business almost enough during that two-week period to justify the purchasing of the automobile. Whereas, previously I had been unconsciously loafing too much. I didn’t buy the automobile on that second visit, but an appointment was set up for the next day. I went in at 6:00 P.M. the next evening and by 7:30, I drove this brand-new $8000 automobile off the showroom floor and into another part of Los Angeles to attend a sales training meeting. It was the first new automobile in my life.

It was an amazing experience. I had proved to myself that through the use of the imagination, the subconscious provides all of the missing ingredients you need. From day to day, I have proved to myself that this wonderful imagination has indescribable power because, as we all know, the imagination is the ability, the mechanism and the instrument that makes it possible for us to assume a new idea or a new state of beingness. In other words, it is the ability of the mind to design and experience, in the form of an idea, something new, something different than we have ever experienced before.

Through the proper use of the imagination, any person on the face of the earth can immediately assume that he is the person he would like to be. He can also assume that he has what he would like to have. But we must dare to imagine these things.

Otherwise, we do not appropriate the great law of creation, because the first step in creating anything is to plant a seed. Now we all understand how to plant the seed in the field or in the garden. We know if we plant a good seed in the garden, when harvest time arrives, we will have a harvest in the proportion to the quality and quantity of the seed planted, which we all understand.

But let us dwell a little on the subconscious mind. What is the seed of life? The seed of life, which must be planted in the soil of the subconscious mind, is a well-defined idea. A well-defined idea can only be experienced through the mechanism of the imagination. Let us think of the imagination as a very practical thing, something which we shall use constantly and intelligently.

Let us begin to design the type of ideas which we would like to experience. Once we have designed the type of life we would like to live, with all of the things in our lives we would like to possess, it is for us to assume that we already are the type of person we would want to be and that we already have the things we want to have.

Then we continually ask ourselves the questions, how would I feel, what would I say, what would I do, what types of clothes would I wear, what kind of a car would I drive, what would all of the things in my life be like if I already were the type of person that I want to be and if I already had all of the things I want to have? That is the technique of planting the seed in the soil of the subconscious mind.

I know that some skeptical person is going to ask, “Well, how do I get from where I am now to where I want to be merely by using my imagination?” That is very simple. What happens after the farmer plants the seed in the spring of the year, until this seed germinates and grows and expands and renders him a giant harvest? What happens in the soil? What takes place? Where does the increase come from? Out of the neighbor’s crib? No, it comes out of the abundance of this great universe. We do not know what goes on in the soil of the vegetable world, we merely know when we plant the seed that this wonderful infinite power of the universe makes it grow and increase and we accept the harvest with gratitude.

And so it is when we plant in the soil of life or the subconscious. Our only conscious responsibility is to design the type of seed we want to plant into the subconscious in the form of good ideas. It was a tremendous discovery a number of years ago for me to learn that every idea has quality as well as quantity.

Every idea has design. It has form. It has color. In other words, everything we see in the outer world was first an idea in some designer’s mind. But each of us has the ability, through this wonderful imagination, to design the size, color, form, quantity and the quality which we desire to experience later in the harvest.

Our only conscious responsibility is to design, in the form of an idea, the type of life that we want to live and the types of things we want to possess and experience. It is our responsibility to design them and to plant them in the soil of the subconscious.

By assuming that we already are what we want to be, and that we have what we want to have, this wonderful seed is planted in the soil, and in due season, the crops are harvested in this dimension as well as a vegetable dimension. And in ways which we know little about, this wonderful seed will germinate and grow and increase and become, in the outer world, exactly the same size and color and design as the idea contained. I don’t know exactly, in detail, where you are going to get the money and how you can afford it and how all this is going to come to pass, but in a general sense, I know that you will get the money, you will get all the necessary ingredients which are indispensable in order for you to experience your dream fulfilled, as all the necessary ingredients provided which caused one grain of corn, having fallen into the soil to come up and grow into a large stalk with two or three large ears, with hundreds of grains on each ear.

Where did this little grain of corn get all of the additional material, the additional ingredients, the additional power to become a large stalk of corn with three large ears on it, with hundreds of additional grains equal or greater than itself? The great master teacher said, “We live by faith and not by sight.”

Too many people in the world today have to see everything with the natural eye before they can believe it, yet we believe in the usual routine from spring until fall in the agricultural world. We believe that, in the animal world, there must be a time period before a little offspring can be born. We understand, in the human family, that it takes a period of time before a child can be conceived and then be born.

We don’t know how the increase comes exactly, but we know, by faith, that the power is there to fulfill every ingredient. It has been said, by great men of old, that every idea contained, within itself, all of the necessary ingredients for its fulfillment.

It has been my privilege to experiment with this great idea of the imagination, to test it out in the realm of things and in the realm of states of beingness. Let me assure you, from experience, that this great imagination works and scientifically as electricity or mathematics or chemistry. We can depend upon it. All we have to do is to use this wonderful imagination to dare to design and to dream the things we want to experience, the type of life we want to live, and in ways which we know very little about, our dreams will be fulfilled through the magic power of the infinite intelligence which we can contact with the proper use of the conscious and subconscious mind.

What do you want to be? What do you want to have? I’ll continue to ask that question until you will dare to begin to use these wonderful principles. It always has amazed me that 98 people out of every 100 have not discovered how to use the imagination.

I know many hundreds of people who have attended lectures and read books by the hundreds and they still do not consciously use the imagination. They do not dare dream or assume that they are something which they are not at this moment. They do not realize that the subconscious mind does not know anything about the past or the future. It only knows about the present.

They do not realize that in order for them to become something which they are not at the present time, they must assume that they already are it. They must start acting as though they are already what they want to be. In other words, if you want to be truly successful, you must say constantly to yourself, “I am truly successful,” not “I am going to be truly successful,” because when you say you are going to be truly successful, you are confessing that you were not truly successful.

Then, the subconscious picks up the inference that you are not successful and brings that type of harvest into your life. But, dare to believe this principle and start saying to yourself that you are successful. Say to yourself, “I am successful, I am happy, I am prosperous, I am poised, I am very healthy, I am a person of wisdom, I am a person of peace and happiness and joy and gentleness and faith and meekness, I am a person of enthusiasm and conviction.”

Put everything you want to be in the form of the present and start making statements to yourself and the attitude of ability and prayer. That is the way the subconscious will receive it and will bring it to pass, in due season, when you do not lose your faith. As long as you have this well-defined idea of what you want to be and have, you are practicing scientific faith. But, if you have an ounce of doubt in this principle, you will destroy the mental mold. You will destroy the design, and you will not experience, in perfection, that which you desire.

So, let me challenge you to study this great principle. Learn how to use the imagination. Practice using the imagination and dare to dream largely. It doesn’t cost a penny to dream largely and since we live in an inexhaustible universe, there is no reason why we should dream limited dreams. It is just as easy for this great power to answer this principle when you appropriate it largely as it is when you appropriate it in a small way.

Let us make large plans, for they have magic to stir men’s blood.

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